Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roosh V gets beer thrown in his face and followed by a mob in Montreal

I haven't written about Roosh V in quite a while. We've had a laugh at the Great Manosphere Invasion to Russia that never happened. In addition, I wrote a few posts that were critical of his kind of "game". Going abroad and hoping to make economic inequalities count in my favor is just nothing I consider particularly masculine to begin with.

Anyway, it seems that Roosh V has played up his PUA and anti-feminism angle a bit too much. Even though the claim is that there is no such thing as bad publicity, I'm tempted to believe that things are pretty bad if you need a bodyguard to protect you against an angry mob, which is exactly the situation Roosh V found himself in in Montreal some days ago.

Here's a video:

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  1. It makes me sympathize with him.

    What kind of pieces of shit are these people ? I find any notion of "justice" to be pretty silly and stupid anyway. Who do these people think they are ? Do they think there is some god, force or entity that will reward them because they fought for "the good" ? Let me laugh.

    The only logical and useful thing to do is to fight for your (direct and indirect) interests. Anybody that goes against this is really dumb.

    "Hey, there is Roosh V, let's throw beer at him and insult him and threaten him. I'm sure some entity will reward me because I fought for The Good (TM)." What did Roosh V do against their interests ? Nothing. Why bothering then ?

    1. This kind of 'activism' causes a rush, probably endorphins or adrenaline. (Same as being very mad at people also does).

      Normally people feel ashamed when they attack people randomly, but when it is justified (because the target is 'bad') you don't feel that way. Then it feels pretty good.

      At least that is my experience. I was active in student protests ages ago, never been in a fight about that, but it was still a rush, and you felt justified. Esp as your friends all agreed with you.

      Seems basic mob mentality.

  2. Funny what their conception of democracy is.

    "Everybody should be free to claim their own opinion, but only if I agree with them. If I disagree, I will fucking follow you and physically harm you to make sure you don't open your mouth."

    Angry mobs are crazy. They should be put in jail.

  3. I don't agree with most of Roosh views, or the way he makes money, but the fact that feminists and SJW craziness has gotten to a point where people who don't agree with SJW and can be an easy target must fear for their own safety, says a lot about how far they have gotten and the state of leftist socities like Canada.

    Some could be tempted to say that this is a clash between two idiotic cultures. Maybe this is true, but only one of the two want to enforce laws to censor those who don't agree with them and also extra laws to gain more privileged positions in the economy (anti-discriminatory work laws, marriage laws, etc).

  4. I really hate to be the one defending Roosh. I really, really hate it.

    That being said, having public officials telling him to stay away, having women accuse him of rape, and having mobs try and hunt him down and assault him is insane. A lot of what he says is stupid and misogynistic, but aside from expressing boorish opinions, I don't think there is anything criminal here. Freedom of expression does not mean only allowing only the expressions you agree with, but also expression you can find hurtful or offensive. Sadly, a lot of people cannot comprehend this principle. If you think Roosh says nasty things, try reading some of things Germaine Greer has said.

    Roosh's speech would have been a non event with pretty modest attendance and I am pretty darned sure it will be hard to tie it later to a bunch of sexual assaults or violence directed at women. The fact that there is veritable mob frenzy around him has given him a load of publicity, as he himself admits.

  5. I wonder if Roosh's Montreal speech even happened? Doesn't sound like it!


    Roosh may have thought he was cool with this loser pals, but no way could feel good walking St. Laurent with all those 9's and 10's absolutely disgusted by him!

  6. I guess General Sun-Tzi once stated the law, that: "If you don't know the enemy and you don't know yourself you will get defeated in every battle."

    Roosh's bad for foolheartedly entering the Lion's den of (supposedly) feminist Montreal.

  7. Hey Aaron!

    Did you by any chance, watch Roosh's appearance on the dr.oz?

  8. To be honest, I don't know who I'm more disgusted with. That angry mob who would have beaten him without his bodyguard or the guy himself.

    Off course, you don't see how the video actually starts, as you only see the beginning of the turmoil.

    I really find roosh to be an enormous loser, but when I see such a mob hunting down someone in the street, I can only feel sorry for them. I agree with the above poster about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech also means allowing opinions that you may not necessarily like.

    But that's how it always goes in the West, we're so full of ourselves that we don't even see our own mistakes anymore. Take Charlie Hebdo for example, all these western leaders were disgusted by it, but later, when they were attacks on mosques, you didn't hear any of them anymore.

    1. I agree about Roosh being an enormous loser. I never heard of him until I found this site and knew right away why he wasn't getting laid.

      I don't think those women/mob were justified in doing what they did, but Roosh was threatening women on his twitter so he's equally as immature. As a Canadian, I can personally say that he doesn't know what he's talking about. I've NEVER heard anyone in Canada talk about feminism before. I'm still not even entirely sure what it consists of. I don't particularly like everything about Canada, but for him to say Toronto doesn't have hot women is stupid. The place is LOADED with them. As with any other place he travels to, they're just not into him!

    2. SIMPleguyskills,

      That's hilarious. You must be clueless: it is well-known that Toronto/Canada is the global epicenter of the ugly man-hating tumblr feminist epidemic:

      Toronto Men Unite
      Feminist protest Warren Farrell
      MRAs and Feminists arguing at UofT MRA event

      It is thus no surprise that, Canada has the greatest amount of MGTOW searches, and, as the MGTOW FAQ states, Toronto has the greatest concentration of MGTOW in the world.

    3. The "tomenunite.blogspot.de"-blog was run by Anti-PUA-Johnny. I liked his posts a lot because they were so truthful and cutting through the B.S.
      His descriptions of the supposed feminist desert that is Toronto are impressive.
      But I've never been to Toronto myself, so I cannot verify those observations myself...

    4. @ Plague Doctor

      You're also quoting an article by Roosh.....

      I've never lived in Toronto, but have been there before and all I'm saying is that Roosh doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't have to do handstands, juggling, and tame wild animals to meet women in Toronto. Roosh and his "minions" have now deemed Montreal the "feminist capital" of Canada. I was there in May and did NOT hear one person talk about feminism. I'm not saying Canada is perfect, but for him to say there's no hot women in Toronto is dumb as hell. Roosh also says Washington, D.C. is the worst place in the world to meet women and Tucker Max says it's the BEST! Again, Roosh is just a loser and will complain about any place women don't dig "the cube" or his "fake palm reads."

      He's entitled to his free speech, but I don't get what kind of a "movement" he's making? I would guess the 40 men he held the speech with were bitter, overweight, middle aged men? He's acting like he's some kind of "savior" for men nowadays.

    5. @ simpleguyskills: OK, well… this proves even further what a moron & loser RooshV is. ;)

    6. Lucretius Carus, the Johnny that posts here and whose ebook Arron posted?
      I don't recall him ever mentioning Toronto, only New York.
      Arron, can you or anybody confirm this? Thanks.

    7. It's not the same.

      And btw, it's John, not Johnny.

      His blog :

      And I don't remember where but you can download his "crazy dating stories". By reading them, you see clearly it's not Johnny.

    8. Our resident White Knight, SimpGuyKills, valiantly comes to the rescue to defend the honor of the fair maidens of Toronto! May they reward you greatly for your efforts!

    9. Buddy, how am I "white knighting?" I said Toronto has hot women and, yes, you can get laid there, contrary to what "Chewbacca" says. I don't even recall him mention anything about feminism in his 2012 visit when he struck out (as with any place he goes) For some reason, feminism and the smartphone have really fucked this guy over. If feminism and the smartphone disappeared, this guy's dick would fall off from all the pussy he'd be getting.

      From what I've seen, feminists tend to be women 250+ lbs with purple and pink hair who shout, "Yeah, go girl power." Are these the kinds of women Roosh hits on? I bet there's all kinds of men who haven't even heard of feminism who have great sex lives/relationships. I don't buy his feminism angle one bit. He would do just as shitty with women anywhere if feminism vanished tomorrow. If he were to go Vancouver or Calgary and do shiity with women (which I expect he would....playing the odds from his history) it would be the same thing. "Vancouver has the most feminists in the Canada. Every woman was a feminist at the bar last night". While in reality, he could have just approached 20 women who had no ties to feminism whatsoever and could just see him for the loser he is lol.

    10. Roosh is a loser by any standard you measure him by. Including his own. He sucks so much with women he could do gay porn. On top of that he is so whiney, they could name a river after him. And on a side note i strongly believe he is in the closet.

      Neither feminism nor smart phones are Roosh's Problem. No [name of city] is Roosh's problem. Roosh is Roosh's problem.

    11. Princess syndrome/pedestalization of women is the core of the feminism and plenty of attractive girls have this syndrome. So even if they are not feminist "für sich", they are feminist "an sich".

      Majority of girls in the western world are feminist.

    12. Mitchel, you don't know how bad Toronto is unless you live here. Feminism runs through the core of this city. It's infiltrated all of the major news outlets (every other article/story on the cbc is about rape/sexual assault/women making less money/how tough it is for women/etc). I know it's like this in most anglo countries, but Toronto seems to be a little more indoctrinated. Women make more money than men here, in the exact same jobs as men (I will try to find the stats). They have access to more services. Every man is looked at as a potential rapist. There's been a few talks over the years (warren farrel and some other guy who just wanted to have a group where men get together and talk about issues, etc - like women do every day) and the feminists successfully shut them down.

      Yes, there are beautiful women in toronto, a lot of them, but their attitudes/expectations are not rooted in reality. 6's expect to be treated like 9's.
      You live out east. You live in an area where there are more women than men, and the men that are left are probably more blue collar. It's been shown that women want to date men more successful than they are (both educationally and financially). I'm assuming you work in a professional field. Everything about your surroundings gives you a leg up. Toronto is full of educated professionals. You have a lot of competition from the guys and the girls are right there with you. Add in the wasp culture of being cold, not talking to strangers and being obsessed with status and it really is a miserable place to try to date. I've been to a lot of places in the world. I've done better in cities where I never thought I would (nyc, stockholm, los angeles, etc) than in toronto (although, I recently started using Tinder here and that has proven fruitful and I've noticed that I get quite a few matches with girls who are east coast transplants - and I'm not that great looking at all).
      Mitchel, move to Toronto for a few years. You'll realise what everybody is talking about, very quickly.

      Roosh is in the "first stage" of living in Toronto. I see this with guys who just move here. It doesn't make sense why even mediocre girls are stuck up and bitchy. Women, if they actually make eye contact, look at you like you are a rapist or worse. The guys get angry, not being able to understand why things are the way they are. After a bit of trying, thinking it will get better, they just give up. The returns are not worth the time/effort invested. Then they either just stay single, leave the city or get into a relationship with the first boring chubby girl who they meet through a friend/work/etc.

      P.S. I'm no Roosh or pua supporter in the least. One of the things they have right is that there is something out of whack in Toronto.

    13. @annon

      Seems to be a lot of generalizations. You're right, I've never lived in Toronto. It's expensive and shitty winters like the majority of Canada. It's a GREAT place to visit for sure. You can go to a Jay's, Leafs, or Raptors game. Lots of good shopping, nice restaurants, clubs, and the CN tower. I got together with some friends last weekend who were on vacation and we all talked about potentially going to a Jay's playoff game this year. Everyone mentioned how much they liked Toronto and listed things as I did above. Not ONE person mentioned the "feminism." My cousin lives there and loves it. Roosh says the EXACT same shit about Washington, D.C. and I've heard quite the opposite of it. Tucker Max even mentions Washington as one of, if not the BEST place to meet women in the ENTIRE US.

      You hit the nail on the head by mentioning women are hot and educated in Toronto. That's one of the main reasons Roosh struck out so badly. They're too smart to fall for his "game". If you want any proof how big of a retard Roosh is (like anyone needs anymore), sign up for his newsletter. He recommends the stupidest shit. He's the problem! I don't buy the "feminism angle" one bit. All these manosphere babies are acting like it's the only reason they do poorly with women and have to move to Asia. Here's a member of the "manosphere elite" that constantly blames feminism. Surely it's the ONLY reason why he doesn't get laid?


    14. I think the indoctrinated feminism is insidious. No one is going to outright say, "Yes, Toronto is a feminist hotbed". It's deeply ingrained which is what makes it powerful. You don't have power by revealing your power. You keep it secret so to speak, by acting as if you are the victim.

      If you want to see examples of Toronto/Ontario has 'female first', here are some examples:

      TL;DR: the above is proposed legislation about 'sexual violence' and guess who will be the assumed as the victims and the perps?

      Continued "academic" discourse on the wage gap, this time in the legal profession.

      Synopsis here: http://lawandstyle.ca/career/on-the-record-even-among-second-year-lawyers-women-earn-less-than-men/

      Report here: http://individual.utoronto.ca/dinovitzer/images/LABReport.pdf

      TL;DR: Same pseudo-science research showing women make less in law due to the patriarchy. Magazines report this because it's click-baiting. Discussing real reasons (perhaps women work less, choose less lucrative areas in law, etc) is verboten.

      Merry xmas all! This blog is a gift to us men to prove we are not crazy. Folie-a-deux...

  9. PUA beaten to death by cops while doing some PUA drills:


    1. That page is not accessible. It's either on a private board or was taken down. Could you please quote a few things? (This would be 'fair use', so there are no legal issues.)

    2. OK, so that post was made by someone who knew "PUA Scifen", who apparently was a regular on GLL.


      Someone apparently called the cops on him for causing a public disturbance (pretty typical for some of the VERY very aggresive persistent guys if you do this everyday). Cops showed up and tried to arrest him and he resisted and then almost 10 cops proceeded to beat him to death. I am so distraught over this as he was literally my closest friend on this board and I hope you guys don't take this as a lesson to not push the envelope with this stuff, but to do it within reason. There are some extreme drills discussed on here that I sincerely don't approve of and even a week ago we were out downtown and I had to tell him to check himself a few times because I noticed he was starting to go a bit overboard. There's a fine line between hitting on a girl and harassment, and unfortunately while one girl could be stoked with what you are doing, another girl may find it completely socially unacceptable and call the cops on you. Please be careful guys, I sincerely don't know what else to say.

    3. OMG, why do guys repeatedly and willingly commit social suicide with this stuff… I just don't get it…

    4. Shouldn't this go under an open thread?

    5. Sleazy you're a big supporter of Goodlookingloser aren't you? GLL has links to your site on his. Why are you ok with him but not others? He's probably the biggest fraud there is with actual evidence that he is a fraud. http://sluthate.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1000850
      Even his partner Scotty left his business because Goodlookingloser is a fraud. Yet you have never said one thing negative about him and his site that has caused someone to die.

    6. Ok, reading Chris's reply to this on sluthate, it certainly sounds like Chris himself is verifying it is true. He says he won't discuss it in public, and he deleted every post on his forum by both Scifen and the user who posted that thread.

      I'm not sure where or when this went down, but it certainly seems like he's covering his ass.

  10. This is what you PUAs get for spending the last 15 years throwing around your poor advice to newbies and every club guy of "listen to the girls value and use her own values to get her to give you sex later". Meanwhile femi nist pass on this advice to every girl "#kill allmen, women should be in charge, no more male leaders, female leaders only (dumb as shit)" all the while being surrounded by muscular beta white knights looking to get lucky in the bedroom. So all these young girls go around thinking they are should and can hurt guys, while young boys still hear the advice of appeasing the opposite at every turn so you can maybe get some action because disagreeing with her views will end up with zero pussy. Females have a wayyyyyy stronger frame now than you puas with your appease the girl frame. Back in Mystery's and Ross Jeffries days this femi nist frame was unheard of, and will only get worse and worse in the future.

    1. … hey, talking about Ross Jeffries, what's Mr. Ross J. recently been up to? ;)

  11. change.org started a campaign...

  12. It would be nice to see some sort of additional documentation on this beating death. Having a guy causing a disturbance being beat to death by ten police would make the news, I would think.

    With respect to Toronto, while I have not lived there, I have visited it a lot and the people can be reserved, cool and even unfriendly, but it is after all a pretty big city. If a game practitioner like Roosh trolled the night spots for a week or more and got nowhere, I am wondering what the hell he was doing?

    Based on what I have seen and read, a lot of guys there follow some sort of RSD spam approach method, so it is not a huge shock that women who get hit with this continuously are likely to be rude or unpleasant. I even read a news article about a bunch of supposed PUAs hitting the Eaton centre and doing "beast mode" aka aggressive cold approaches in such numbers that security and police got involved. So, a lot of this seems to follow the line that guys do insane things, get nowhere, and blame the environment.

  13. Why do you support Good Looking Loser? http://sluthate.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1001956

    He's trying to sue Kenny (read comments in the contact us section - latest ones) http://kennyspuathoughts.com/contact-info/

    He hires models https://allpua.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/is-good-looking-loser-hiring-models/

    What is your financial partnership with him that you have remained quiet on him? You expose everyone but you are unwilling to discuss him.

    1. I do not remember that Aaron explicitly "supports" or endorses GLL. He once visited Scotty in NYC and personally found him legit. Besides: turning this Pick-Up thing into a business or "profession" should make everyone wary. It is a hobby, at best. Nothing more. GLL himself is certainly more legit than your average WASP guy, but that doesn't mean that he found the sorcerer's stone to turn this thing into a "business".

    2. Why in your opinion GLL had to use actresses in his pick-up videos?

    3. I don't really get why puahate people are trying to rope sleazy into hating on others? Sleazy has not even posted in a month. I think he has real things to do. No time to participate in third grade drama.

    4. This is getting weird. Apparently StrengthBySonny is ilovelamp who is promoting this thing about his blackhat SEO. Chris is indeed sending Social fucking Kenny emails threatening to sue him, lol wtf?

      So basically, all of the "anti-puas" are getting into a huge pissing match, just like the old school PUAs used to be.

      Meanwhile Roosh is busy getting into a war with the red pill/manosphere community.

      And I've recently seen people trying to get D&P to engage in some crossfire as well.

      I think Aaron is right to stay out of this mess. I don't know what's going on, but there seems to be a semi-coordinated effort to get all of these people in the "I want to get hot women" communities, in-fighting.


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