Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Open Thread: August 2015

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation to the monthly 'Open Thread'.

In short, it you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.


  1. I recently found this old PUAhate thread.

    User "Abou Diaby" made me literally laugh out loud lol,

    "DC is awesome if you like hot, educated women. Unfortunately for Roosh, these are the type of chicks who would never have anything with a loser like him."

  2. Ok, I need to testify something. I have a girlfriend and we are looking for another girl for a threesome. So we went online and guess what. OMG, she was extremely picky !! Some girls I thought were 8s and I said to my gf "this one ?", she was : "no, she's ugly, you have strange tastes !"

    My god... Out of 200 profiles (I already screened out the fat girls by checking a box about body shape), she only liked 4 profiles !! And guess what : the girls were model-looking like. The kind of girls that only hang out with rich guys, etc.

    My god... Women are crazy. They really have crazy standards.

    At least it means she's really into me.

    1. Let me guess: you suggested the threesome, and she went along with it at first to pretend to let you have your way, and now she is extremely picky because she secretly does not want to have a threesome? Imagine what happened if one of those super-hot girls, for whatever reason, agreed to join you guys. Your girl would get pissed beyond belief.

      From my limited experience with threesomes, the usual scenario is as follows: she's adventurous, bi-curious or secretly plays around with her best girlfriend anyway, so she brings her along. Or: your girl is extremely low self-esteem and let's you walk all over her, meaning that she will play along more or less unwillingly. That's not too dissimilar to some of the "open relationships" I know about: beta chump with ageing hottie who tells him that they are in an open relationship, which means that she's still fucking any hot guy who comes after her, while he gets sex every few weeks from her to keep him quiet. He doesn't have the skills and looks to get laid anyway, and that's exactly why she picked him.

    2. @ anonymous: By far the best modus operandi for hassle-free and satisfying 3somes, is to employ the service of two HOT prostitutes, who already fool around with each other regularly. Many agencies, brothels, clubs etc. do offer such arrangements as part of their regular round up of girl candy. Granted, this will cost you some ca$h, but it will spare you the headaches you're currently dealing with and you'll be able to leave the crime scene as a free man with some really nice memories to indulge in at age 80.
      Of course, you could find to entirely new girls out there in the wild, but — as Sleazy correctly pointed out — they REALLY need to be of low self-esteem and will most likely be a bit dumb as well. If that suits you, then go ahead. I had such an experience once and do not really intend to repeat it again. Now, I don't know in which country you live in, but in a city like Berlin/Germany you could get such an experience as detailed above starting at € 150 and higher (of course). If you are attractive and the girls like you, they might cut you some slack price-wise, but don't press them as a newbie.

  3. Hi all

    I'd like some opinions.

    Situation: I live Switzerland and have been living in central Europe for all my life, but have an eastern European background and speak the country's relevant language free of accent, so if I go there I am no stranger.

    After almost a decade of absence I was there for summer vacation 1 week ago. During that absence I discovered PUA and all the related BS and came to the saner approach advocated by Aaron and Alek (thank you for this, both of you), so I have trained my senses.

    My observation, to put it simple: Local girls are easy.

    They very clearly (relative to central Europe) show interest, i.e. the eye-contact is very long in comparison, and they are very inviting once you react on those green signals. They let me escalate fairly quickly even under imperfect circumstances (we are not alone, in company, with friends, in public). When alone it's fire on...
    The other extreme (girl not interested) is clear, too: Little to no eye-contact, shruggs me off, acts bitchy, sort of "I don't need you"-attitude (maybe just playing hard to get, but since there are reactions as mentioned above from enough other girls, I did not bother)

    If I had to come up with a number do quantify the clearness of the signals (I mean a really realistic number, not "'s thousand times clearer signals from them eastern european chicks") relative to central Europe I would say that I the multiplier is somewhere from 5-8. So, Signal (German girl) times 5 = Signal (Rumanian/Bulgarian/Serbain/ Russian/Ukranian) girl.

    Now, my question: Is the relatively clear projection of signals I am experiencing due to the fact that I am physically more like their type as I stand out (all local girls that talk to me say I don't look like a local) and that I am generally sort of their type?

    Or, is is that generally girls in that geographical zone communicate interest in a clearer way?

    Note, that the effort is also there once you get the signal, you still have to play a bit, but it's doable without all too much hustle. I got two lays in 10 days, one ONS and one after a prolonged improvised date.

    Maybe you add your own observations, maybe Alek could add something, I believe he has a similar background origins wise.

    Thank you for your contributions guys.

    1. "all local girls that talk to me say I don't look like a local"

      Did you tell them you are from Switzerland? Eastern Europe is five times poorer than Switzerland, so maybe they think you are rich. Maybe this is the reason.

    2. As farcas I know, Master Alek's backround is Croatian. Part of my own background is Serbian/Hungarian, but I don't look Balkan at all, so feel I can sympathize with your situation. You not looking like a local native despite having the background certainly does make you stand out as long as you don't appear to be utterly broke.
      In general, Slavic women tend to be more feminine and thus more reactive and welcoming towards male interest. But they are interested in strong, masculine guys, since this is the predominant male ideal in those societies (as you might already know yourself). The "new man" or anything perceived as effeminate and/or gay is frowned upon and gets you only ridicule. From my own experiences in the Balkans, people are more "romantic" and more "passionate" in general, than in the colder parts of central Europe (i. e. Tschörmäny). Goodlooking Hungarian women are HOTTT in the sack. The girls from the post-Yugoslav republics will also be more willing to indulge in an adventure, because for them it is a means of escapism from their bleak everyday life. In Croatia for instance, even after introducing the € currency, the situation hasn't improved and they're still below the GDP they had as a Yugoslav republic in the 1980s. So it's hard for young people to emancipate themselves from the economic clutch of their families. Add to that a predominantly rural society and the sexually controlling plague of deeply rooted catholicism and you have a situation which cries for liberating escapist outlets.
      Of course the signals of interest you will get, will be mostly from girls of your social strata and below. A hot model, who is engaged to a Belgrade mafia boss, will treat you with the same cold contempt as some wannabe princesses in a Munich or Zurich high end venue.

    3. I have same experience with Eastern Europe. And I'm from Central Europe too.

      In EE : More girls are interested in me + when the girl is interested in me she plays almost no games.

      I guess it's a mix of :
      - EE culture
      - exoticism

      Because in order of easiness :
      1. Girls NOT from the West
      2. Western girls from other country than mine
      3. Girls from the same country as mine

    4. @The Plague Doctor:
      Yes I mentioned it. Gotta play out my cards hehe. Also when I say this it means that I'm here for holiday i.e. limited time i.e. let's get it on.

      @Lucretius Carus

      +1000 on everything

      "From my own experiences in the Balkans, people are more "romantic" and more "passionate" in general, than in the colder parts of central Europe (i. e. Tschörmäny). Goodlooking Hungarian women are HOTTT in the sack."

      Damn right. Full program including busting her anal cherry on the first night. Took me a month to talk an ex Norwegian gf into anal. Verrückte Welt...

      "A hot model, who is engaged to a Belgrade mafia boss, will treat you with the same cold contempt as some wannabe princesses in a Munich or Zurich high end venue."
      This is spot on! But somehow there is no need to care, because there is material EVERYWHERE. Ok, I can't get the 10 with Mafia Boss. I'll get the 9 working for a minimum wage in a supermarket, no big deal^^
      Btw, when I came back and saw theses "princesses" again it kinda makes go like "bitch please, your pussy ain't no different, act normal".

      Good to hear that I'm not alone on this one

      Well it's not that I'm depressed, but when I think how easy it can be and how unnecessarily complicated the larger part of women make it for themselves here, I ask myself if they have forgotten that they also just want some dick to fuck hem hard all night...

      Thanks for the comments guys :)

  4. I read only a handful of blogs in the manosphere and one blog in particular, therationalmale, has been touting a principle that I don't believe is true. The guy who runs the site is correct about a few number of things when it comes to intersexual relationships but he has a saying that reeks of utter bullshit.

    One of his principles is: "Alpha is a state of mind, not a demographic."

    I argued that from an evolutionary standpoint, in accordance to the sex limiting gender(females), for them, Alpha is a demographic. When you really think about it, it has to be. Women don't go spreading their legs for men who simply "believe" themselves to be top dog. I do get that an alpha does have to follow "alpha behavior" but above all, he also has to have the alpha phenotype (think: tall, handsome, robust, etc...) This is because women subconsciously follow a runaway type of selection which is made even more evident by their appraisal of "honest signalling" in a mate.

    There was an OkCupid study which showed that the majority of women found 80% of men unattractive. They only seriously considered the top 20% of males (at least in terms of looks) for any "romantic" involvement. If we make the assumption that an alpha is a man who most women will want to have sex with, then it becomes quite clear that alpha is a demographic and not some "mind state".

    What are your thoughts Aaron(and others)?

  5. Explain the creeping racism of Roosh, Krauser, and Heartiste. I understand hating feminism and political correctness. I am disappointed at fat women. But these guys hate women, gays, trans, fatties, ethnic/racial minorities, immigrants, and sometimes Muslims and Jews. They see a vast conspiracy to deny them their white male birthright of easy pussy.

    1. I do not know Krauser and only briefly glanced at Heartiste's blog, but here is my guess. They identify themselves as womanizers of great renown, but their actual results with women are usually quite dismal. So, they have two choices: 1. Take a hard look in the mirror at themselves and their assumptions; or 2. Blame the world. Option 2 tends to be less painful, at least in the short term.

    2. They are anti feminist.

      Feminists are super inclusive, so naturally as they hate everything feminists stand for they become super racist/anti gay etc.

      Add in the internet echochamber, and people get extremer and extremer.

  6. This seems to be popping up in the news here in Canada more and more.

    Not only is cold approaching mostly useless, too much of it will get you noticed by all the wrong people.

    1. I'm surprised the West Edmonton Mall isn't on the map for PUA's.

      I don't particularly believe cold approaching is useless as I've had a lot of success with it, but I think the way most guys teach it is stupid. Most of these guys tell you to approach 50 women a week, whereas you may have better success if you only approached 1 or 2 a week. I find if you're looking good that women can't help but be attracted to you. If you can spot the strong eyes women give, it's not bad to do once in a while. This guy sounds like a fucking idiot!

      While reading the article I thought about all these false rape cases too. I think those are having a very negative effect on dating as well. Men are likely becoming more and more scared to approach women because the fear of getting charged for rape. Even when give clear indicators of interest from women, I think guys are more timid nowadays.

    2. I hate it to (indirectly) defend PUA, but the problems are the women (feminism).

      "- Boo hoo hoo, Mr. Policemen, this (unattractive) guy came talking to me.
      - Sure, Ma'am, 10 years in jail for this man."

      "- Boo hoo hoo, Mr. Policeman, this guy texted me 'you're dead to me'. Boo hoo hoo. Protect me from him, Mr. Policeman.
      - Sure, Ma'am, death penalty for this man because no man has the right to be angry (except you Ma'am because you're a woman)."

      So what ? Fucking beggars are approaching me every day, it makes me angry but I don't complain to the State. "Boo hoo hoo, Mr. Policeman, this guy dared talking to me and asked for money. I feel threatened."

      Whiny bitches.

      (I don't condone cold approaching.)

    3. Sorry, no, indefensible. From my experience you have to do a lot of shit before girls call the police on your ass. Being a total weirdo and writing shit to her, contrary to her stating to never effing ever contacting her again, will be such shit.

      This "PUA" says shit like "your life will be a string of used condoms and abortions".
      a) totally non-committed alpha as fuck!
      b) dude, seriously???

  7. First of all: thank you Aaron.
    Two years ago thanks to your writings and those linked in this blog I finally got out of the PUA bullshit.
    I don't agree with everything you write, but I'm really happy that you write it and try to help people. You really give a push in the right direction, so now I have a life that isn't as terrible as it was (not only due to PUA, but I don't want to digress further).

    Anyway, I always wondered, how would a person with money use them to get more girls? This is something I have an hard time understanding. I mean, I know that there are some rich, but not famous, people that get a lot of girls, but I can't even begin to imagine the interaction.

    Maybe you or some of the readers could give me some idea of how it happens?


    1. Here is how money helps in no particular order, please anyone add feedback:

      1)Can take of yourself better: better clothes, healthier food, afford a trainer, etc..
      2)Money can buy you TIME: simply more time to not work and be with people
      3)Money is Status: The more money you have and women know it, I'm sure the funnier your jokes are...
      4)Money can buy you access: money to go to events, get into exclusive clubs, etc...

    2. Johnny here.

      I have some experience with this personally, and I also know a few rich guys. They all fall in the category of rich (I know people who range from making a few hundred thousand / year to those having 8 figure net worths) but not famous.

      Some examples of how I have seen people do it. This btw is me spilling some serious beans on how rich guys do it, so enjoy :)

      - A guy I know rents a yacht in NYC in the summer. It actually ain't that expensive (relatively speaking). A figure around 10,000 dollars will give you timeshare on a solid boat. You can split with a couple of guys, and you have a great party spot. Cost per guy on a night out on this boat comes to ~300-400 dollars. Just saying boat usually attracts a lot of people. Once this becomes a thing, where people know you throw a party, they just feel more interested in getting friends along. So the first time you rent a yacht, it may not be all that awesome, but done over a period of time, along with a general high maintenance lifestyle, you could get a solid circle in a year or so.

      - Being rich allows you to go to other expensive places, and most importantly, this lets you become friends with other rich guys (the most important part actually) or other guys who have access to a lot of girls. So you could be a guy who rents a yacht. You make friends with a guy who has an awesome rooftop at his place. Another guy is not rich, but say is a club promoter. 3-4 such guys get together, and you start organizing crazy night outs which girls just go crazy for. I had a group like this for a very brief period of time, and a night might involve starting at the yacht, and ending up at the rooftop. Or say, starting with a rooftop with sexy view of the city, and going to a fancy club with the promoter

      - You can literally pay to get the attention and make friends with cool and interesting people. Some of this won't even be that expensive. For instance, go to a cool bar / lounge regularly, and just tip the bartender solidly on a regular basis. Do this regularly, and they will start regularly introducing you to cool people, cute girls, invite you to parties, and most importantly, you invite them to parties you host with the above group of guys, and they will get lots of cute girls

      - On similar lines, get a table regularly at a decent club in the city. After a few times, you will get to know the people there, and will hit it off with a few. Invite them to your other fancy parties.

      - One friend of mine was a semi regular at a couple of strip clubs, and again, he tipped very generously and is a fairly cool guy. Over a period of time, he got to know a few girls pretty well, and was casually hooking up with them. The girls loved it too, as it was an opportunity to experience things which only money can buy.

      I can share a lot of other trade secrets of how to use money effectively, but am gonna keep some of them to myself :) But hope this gives you the picture. The core idea is simply, you don't use money to get girls directly. You leverage money to get to know cool people and especially lots of cool guys, and all this will automatically put you in front of lots of girls. And very importantly, when you meet girls this way, it'll be in a really cool environment where everyone will already know you are cool and / or at least rich.

      Hope this helps!

    3. Anonymous August 5, 2015 at 6:36 PM,

      Do the Dan Bilzerian method:

      1. Create an Instagram account.
      2. Hire a crowd of whores to do photoshoots with you.
      3. ???
      4. Profit!

    4. Bilzerian is the son of a billionaire. I'm sure that has given him quite a leg up in life.

    5. It is worthy to note, that the whores Dan B. is fucking are young and goodlooking (as they should be). And even his current or former (?) GF Jessa was a Playmate or so, aka. nothing but a high-class whore with a set of really niice juggs. And they surely all just love to experience all the hot things which only money can buy.
      Now, if one, as an attractive man, wanted to find and purely regularly bang women of this beauty caliber (I'm deliberately leaving out character and/or intelligence as factors) out there in the real world, over time it would become a terribly time-consuming AND stultifying AND hassle-plagued endeavour. In this regard D. B. is just doing the most sensible thing. Sure, $$$ talks. It's always more or less been this way. Who ever said the world was a fair place? Haters better just oughta deal with it like a man.

  8. I would not be surprised if Metrotown was this guy's "lair".

    If you are out and about and some woman gives an indication of interest, then by all means engage in conversation. Most cold approaching as taught is basically spam approaching using some stupid idea like the 5 second rule or something, which when combined with all the other crap they stuff in your skull, results in you acting like an automaton in a social interaction.

    Pick up in general is now more or less cryptonite in public consciousness in that anyone teaching it or learning it as viewed as a practitioner of sexual harassment. It is interesting that now just approaching lots of women can generate social media attention, and the default response is to view it as predatory. Regrettably, based on what I have seen, some women are very quick to label any undesired attention as criminal, even if the interaction only proceeds well below the level of "make the ho say no".

    This fellow in particular kind of fits the stereotype in that he seems tall, athletic and fashionable looking, and purports to teach others how to be successful with women. It is odd that his clients, if he has any, don't realize this.

  9. Sometimes guys don't realize how they are already part of the top 1% and how "easy" it is to be part of it.

    Look at this :

    Pages 79 and 80

    If you fuck 20+ girls per year, you are already part of the 0.2% (1 out of 500)
    10+ girls, you are part of the 0.6% (1 out of 165)
    5+ girls, you are part of the 2% (1 out of 50)

    Now, look at the 5 last years

    Only 1.3% of people had 20+ partners in the last 5 YEARS !!
    Only 2.5% of people had 10+ partners in the last 5 YEARS !!

    (I realize they counted women as well in the stats, but if you make the worst supposition that every woman had absolutely no partners [which is illogical and impossible of course], then you only have to double the stats so instead of being part of the 0.6% you are part of the 1.2%, etc. which changes absolutely nothing)

  10. My buddy Roosh is getting more publicity for visiting!

  11. Weirdly fascinating!

    L.A. busnessmen held an international "Vagina Beauty Contest". And got flooded with pics. But in my opinion, paying $ 5000 just for a pussy photo which you could also find online for free, is a terribly bad deal. ;)


    1. The statistics page is interesting. If I recall correctly the majority of the votes go for the young looking pussies. First place does not look like the pussy of a "mature" woman that is oh-so good according to feminists.
      Can't argue with visual choice I guess.

      "Because you know I love it young, fresh and green. With no hair in between, know what I mean?" (Notorious BIG).

  12. Vanity Fair is featuring a brand new damning article about TINDER and how it's supposedly the "death of dating". Haha, it's a GREAT read:

    Now, as for myself I'm not a fan of all this online stuff, so I don't have a dog in that hunt. But the article is quite evocative and telling (probably contrary the original intentions of its female author), that I must say it was exhilarating to read it! Especially with regard to the facetious fact, that women nowadays can easily act like sluts, still don't want men to get that and instead mask their openly acted out schemes by blaming TINDER (!) for killing "dating" and "romance", cuz they cannot exploit male ressource$ as ea$ily as they used to do in the oh-so-romantic past.

    With most guys it's a no-brainer: we've always sort of hated the paradime of traditional "dating". And "romance" – is actually for losers…

    Shit, if I had more time, I'd even write an analysis of this article my own blog…

  13. Your Debunking the Seduction Community book and blog is pure gold! I bite my ass, that I had your book in my hands some time ago and did not read it until yesterday. Its really good! You changed my mind! I agree, PU is full of retards and frightened men following them!

    It somehow amazes me how people can be so easily lured into false-promising schemes to extract money from them. And even there is tons of evidence publicly available, that these schemes are not working. And I do not mean PU specifically: look at the finance industry, food industry, diet & sport industry and political agendas made by small interest groups... Seems like humans prefer a false scheme over no scheme. Humans seem to need some kind of cover to cover up the uncertainty of live. Like sheep lured to the butcher instead of being free all their life, with the only risk of being hunted by wolfs. Its so absurd, thinking about it, that people choose certain death as a slave over uncertain death as a free man.

    How the scheme works:
    1. The underlying process is pretty simple but has some harsh realities which are taboos in our society - so nobody speaks truthfully. For example: Looks, Money & Status attract women; Women love to have sex with (many) men; Men are attracted to slim, good looking girls; Rich have better investment opportunities; Rich can easier bypass taxes; Having a high pay allows to eat good food;

    2. Create lots of misinformation so that only a few elites understand how the process actually works. This misinformation is easily spread, if there is no authority which can evaluate the statements objectively and penalize cheaters and every player in the industry has an (money) interest in the misinformation. Than bullshit websites, books and press articles will spread like wild fire. Like shaman 1000s of years ago, who had calendars and therefore could calculate seasons, but talked to their tribe that their religious believe, all the animal sacrifices (which had to be eaten by someone after the ritual), is responsible for the seasons.

    3. Proof the mightiness of elites, gurus and shamans. The shamans build Stonehenge to proof the mightiness of their work. PUAs make staged & cut "in-field" videos. Finance industry creates their investment gurus who made by chance +100% in a single year and then go broke 2-3 years later - but 2-3 years later another guru is "in". In diet & sport industry there are these "I weighted 200kg and now I am slim" sales people, because of this pill and that sports device.

    4. Optional: Apply this scheme to another market & get rich!

  14. I want to test / verify your statements about good looks. I am 1,87m and already get some attention by 8-10HB girls - I am in their grey zone. I want to max that out. I weight 110kg, around 15kg too much. I want to get primarily a better definition of my muscles. Building muscles is easy for me but I always get a strong man body but not a nice definition. I think my diet is not right, but I do not find any helpful guide for my problem on google - too much bull shit out there! I tried less protein but then I get hungry all the time. Do you have any recommendation?

    One girl (9 HB) last weekend crushed the rests of my old nice guy reality. I had a nice conversation and shifted the conversation to sex. Went ok, but the girl did not get wet. I introduced my friend and she liked him more, so she throws her attention at him. As I do not care about a single girl too much, I gave my friend a chance and went of for other chicks. An hour later, I met her again and then she wanted to dance with me and I got her. I thought: "Aha! Talking / being sexual with her is totally fine!", "AHA! Girls go for the sexual guys!" and "Do not mess it up mid way, like my friend did.".

  15. Top comedy material:

    Master PUA gets delirious over mLTRs with all his power:

    "So monogamy made sense for a while there. But now? Not so much.

    Now for a couple paragraphs I’m going to MENTION oLTRs."

    -Oh God here we go.

    "I just want to mention that a dynamic people who don’t understand Hypergamy don’t realize about oLTRs is that if you TELL a girl she can see other guys, if you’re doing it from abundance (ie – I hope some other guy keeps you busy so you don’t annoy me so much being around all the time) instead of scarcity (ie – I’m a chode and my wife wants to cuckold me so I’m letting her sleep around even tho it kills me inside) then the very ACT of “trying to pawn her off on other guys” MAKES you higher value than them, triggering her Hypergamous instincts just like this article Rollo wrote about post-selection."

    -You just don't understand hypergamy.

    "it’s an illusionary offer because her chick-brain will end up making her say “no that’s okay I just want YOU” while you’re still in an “oLTR” so you can fuck around with other girls. So the end result is a one-sided oLTR where she’s monogamous to you and you can fuck around."


    "So then what’s an alternative relationship style that men in 2015, from MGTOWs to MRAs to PUAs to TRPers etc. CAN do? And can theoretically lead to raising kids as well?

    The way of the future as society continues down this path is what I like to call Primary LTR, or pLTR.

    It’s the Hugh Hefner system"


    "You start by learning pickup and then you build a harem of quality casual fuckbuddies you enjoy being around."

    "Over time one of those girls stands out above the others and you allow her to be your Primary."

    "As time goes on and the low-quality girls weed themselves out, you end up making 2-4 other girls your Secondaries depending on your sex drive."

    -You are a PUA, you can do everything.

    "The rest of the girls are casual fuckbuddies (sex ONLY) and below their level are the one-night stands etc."

    Hell yeah!

    "BUT if you DO have to move in with your Primary because you want to raise a kid, you budget to afford a tiny studio apartment somewhere in the city. This is going to be your “office”.
    You have everything you need for a nice long comfortable stay, and conveniently it’s a place to fuck the rest of your harem."

    "I think Blackdragon has experimented with this"


    "Tyler from RSD"

    -oh shit

    "Gene Simmons"


    "A lot of the reason guys will shut it out is because they think “I can’t even get ONE girlfriend, how am I going to get a HAREM that’s some hollywood fantasy or rich 6-pack shit"

    no shit!

    "but it all comes down to game. Classic Mystery Method was designed to trigger girls falling in LOVE with you not just getting laid."

    That's how we roll.

  16. Muscle definition = just losing bodyfat. There are several way to go about this. It depends on your genetics, your nutrition and your training regime. With discipline you can get quite shredded in 3 to 5 months, but such quick changes may backfire and you are quickly back at your original bf. I'd recommend a longterm permanent solution to retain your fitness & bf results — but this may require discipline & lifestyle changes.

  17. For those of you in Britain:

    What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?

    I just read about him and he was compared to Bernie Sanders. Is that accurate?

  18. Hi Aaron, I think you will find this interesting:

    1. the "dissention"-blog is actually a great read all around!

  19. @Lucretius Carus

    As farcas I know, Master Alek's backround is Croatian

    Please please please please please please don't refer to me as "master". That implies I'm much better than I am. I'm nowhere near as good as Aaron for example.

    I'm barely in the top 5% of men, master implies i'm a "1%er" or "0.1%er". The thing I am amazing at though, is explaining and breaking this stuff down. So I'm probably in the top 0.1% in terms of being able to dismantle illogical bs, myths, and explain things etc... but not in terms of actual lays. In that i'm only top 5%.

    I have friends (naturals) in real life who are literally 10x better than me. So I do have friends who are in the top 0.1%

    Also funnily enough, because I'm so good at explaining things, friends I help out in real life get BETTER results than me, faster. It's annoying even.

    Now here's an irony

    In the middle of writing this comment i saw the comment by anonymous about percentages. Ironically enough, it seems I am in the top 1-2%... if those numbers are correct. And my friends would then be top 0.001%... Still, I'm at best an "expert" not a master... which is a label I'd keep for someone at Aaron Sleazy's level.

    My friends aren't "master" either, as they can't explain crap what they do, it's not a concious skill. So you need both a 0.1% results and at least a 1% explanatory ability to be a master, which is where I'd put Aaaron.

    Tyler Dyrden from RSD for example would not be master anything, EVEN IF he did get 0.001% type results... Because he really really really really sucks at teaching. In fact he's the world's grandmaster at creating KJs and confused followers with all his illogical inconsistent mambo-jumbo filler. Contrast that to Aaron's latest book and it's Occham's razor clarity.

    Further irony about the statistics

    We've always known how absurd the feminist trolls we get are... but these stats make things even clearer.

    We often get feminist trolls on here who pretend to be "just your average joe who's gotten 800 lays by just leaving the house"... Apparently (these feminists tell us)... All you have to do in order to get in the top 0.001% is leave the house, notice all the women STARING AT YOU with huge grins, and go up to them, experience no games, no difficulty, no ambiguity, just straightforward "let's go bang" communication on her part, and then you go home... SIMPLE! And this happens every day in every club, to every average joe...

    Yet the official stats say only 0.001% of men can get anywhere near the numbers made possible by such a reality. I guess average joes are for some mysterious reason deciding to waste all their money and time on porn and prostitution, even though they can just pop off to the local club and pick any of the many women staring him down and inviting him (unambigiously) for a bang...

    Mysteriously though they don't...

    1. I always liked your rants a lot. That's why I addressed you as "masta". But since you demand it, I won't continue to. ;) Still enjoying your rants, though…

  20. LOL. Is this for real?

    1. This is so absurd, but it's apparently meant to be serious. The "Torero Toe", it "projects sexual chemistry and tension" … I'm literally laughing my as off. BTW. am I the only one who gets the impression that Mr. Toms face looks as flat as he had been hit by a frying pan? ;) (… or maybe he worked as a prize fighter in his former life, hence the flattened out nose)

  21. Aaron, what is the reason why men are such pussies nowadays ? Why most of the time the guy is a doormat in the relationship ? Why women initiate divorce (and break-up when not married) so much compared to men ? What is the reason of this pedestalization of women ? Why guys are so easy to manipulate and deceive ?

    Why ?

    Everywhere I go, everybody I talk to, it's always the same story : the girl has all the power in the relationship, even if it's an ugly whale. I'm totally baffled by the level of "pussiness"/submission/pridelessness of the men. Guys are always walked over. I hardly ever meet an "alpha".

    I want to understand why.

  22. Absolutely hilarious!! 29 Horrible Feminist Tattoos (by The Amazing Atheist)

    1. Mislabeling a link to get views? what is this scam amateur hour?

    2. (same anon here) Seems the link was also posted by others above. So could be it was just a miss copy paste.

      This is the real link:

    3. I believe this is the correct link:

  23. So. Ryan Babel, an ex Liverpool football player, responds a tweet with his thoughts about Rafa Benitez, an ex Liverpool manager.

    And then receives this tweet as response from this woman

    "why you hate him so much �� hes manager of Real Madrid while you beg your Twitter followers to add you on Whatsapp ��☕️

    And then Babel responds the girl with this tweet

    "i think u should concentrate on growing some tits instead of speaking about football... Ur a girl.. Stay in ur lane.."

    I'm not defending or advocating for Ryan Babel. His response to this chick was not the right thing to do, but, how does this girl claim to be a victim when she essentially called Babel a nobody?

    Does she think she can call names and expect a nice response? Notice the emojis and she is clearly scoffing at Babel. It was not an naive response. The intention was to hurt.


    Some hackers looked at the cheaters site data. Seems no real women were in there at all.

    Sad. No idea how other online dating sites are, but assume it isn't that much better.

    1. Holy shit !!

      What a huge scam ! I hope Ashley Madison get sued.

      Tinder is full of bots too, but you spot them easily (only after messaging tho ; they became really smart at hiding their bot status in the profile).

      I never tried but it seems like Adult friends finder is full of fake profiles too and no actual woman is on the website.

      It seems like this for every "casual sex" dating websites.

      As for the rest of websites ("classic" dating), I meet enough women to tell you that yes there are actual women on these. I'm pretty sure nonetheless that some hotties profiles are just fake account to lure guys into the website.

  25. Apparently roosh was publically revealed to have used fake stories and fake images about "lays" - this was done on national tv in ukraine.

    1. I recall somebody already did the money/lays calculation about his trips to the eu before. Ended up way more expensive than going for a hooker.

      So this does not surprise me. Especially not after all his return of kings anti feminism shit. (And the re-branding from pua to neomasculinity). Always seemed he was more mad about feminism than actually trying to get laid.

  26. Speaker goes to PUA 21 convention and proceeds to bash the community, guys are pissed in the comments.

  27. I was in Kiev twice for a weekend. Both times i got ONS with girls from Tinder. Roosh is not awful looking chap so he must have scored at least a few times

  28. I thought I had posted this already on here, but just realized I didn't. I figured some guys would find this funny.

    Last week I sitting in the cafeteria at work with a male co-worker having lunch. I looked over and noticed one of the managers from a department looking real slim. I looked at him and said, "Did she lose a lot of weight?" He said, "Yeah, about 50 lbs I think." I said, "Yeah, I figured about that much." He then says, "Well, she did get separated about 6 months ago." "She's on the prowl again", he said with a chuckle. I literally burst out laughing as soon as he said that. It clued in to me right away. Basically, she started eating like a rabbit and couldn't stay off the treadmill as soon as she got separated. Losing 50 lbs in 6 months sounds just right. I also find this hilarious because she obviously KNOWS men are attracted to slimmer men but she basically didn't give a shit about being overweight when she was married lol.

  29. I just found this as someone liked it on my Facebook.

    Why are people pushing this shit so hard nowadays? It's unattractive to be overweight and VERY unhealthy! Fat shaming is obviously immature, but people need to get a dose of reality.

    1. It isn't that unhealthy. It can be pretty healthy to be fat. (Not obese just fat). But only in very specific cases:

      - You are old. (When you don't eat as often and as well, and your digestive system is fucked, reserves help).
      - You are starving. (When you don't have access to food, reserves help).
      - You are recovering from physical trauma. (Again reserves).

      You can make up your own jokes about fat people preparing to win old homes fight clubs.

  30. Hi Aaron, Marco, maybe you guys can comment on this article by the German magazine c't about fake dating profiles on Lovoo:

  31. Holy shit, I just discovered this man and I already love him :

    1. He's pretty cool. He's also been interview by Sargon of Akkad (a prominent leftist anti-feminist youtuber). Academics (and leftists) are slowly growing balls and starting to pushback against feminists/progressives.

      Here's a cool one:

    2. I was pleasantly surprised sargon of akkad isn't a raging white supremacist right wing conspiracy loon for once.

    3. @Anonymous. This is a trend I'm very happy about.

      It used to be that anti-feminism (and even simply not agreeing with feminism) was a "right-wing" thing, and that allowed feminism to grow.

      But now leftists are getting growingly as critical, and no longer staying silent about feminism BS simply because "they're in our camp, so we have to turn a blind eye".


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