Monday, November 30, 2015

Mass Migration, Divorce Courts, and the Systematic Subjugation of Betas (Part I)

This is a post highly critical of Western society. I will draw a parallel between a systematic abuse targeting both entire nations, namely unrestrained and illegal mass immigration in Western Europe, which will destroy one society after another, and the destruction of the economic livelihood of men who get raped in divorce courts. Some of my points may seem far-fetched, but if you want to engage in a debate with me in the comment section, I at the very least expect you to put a modicum of thought into contribution.

In the first part I will discuss the disastrous contemporary political realities in Western Europe, focusing on Germany, but, to varying degrees, the same applies to other European countries as well. Part II will be on the alimony and child support racket.

Gimmegration = Illegal Mass Migration due to Economic Motives

Those of you who know about what has been happening in Europe with regards to unrestrained and illegal mass migration, and are able to think for themselves probably realize that Europe is going down fast. Frankly, I think the situation is beyond hope. Just to briefly summarize the situation in Germany: this year, about two million illegal immigrants are expected. In fact, nobody even knows how many have arrived.

Now, you may wonder why I dare to call those people illegals. This is simply due to laws such as the Dublin Regulations. In short, an asylum seeker has to apply for asylum in the first safe county he enters. These days we are mostly dealing with men, so I can skip the female pronoun. Should Muhammad Gimmegrant decide that Greece is not safe enough and head off to safer, i.e. wealthier countries in the North, he is, as a matter of fact illegally entering foreign territory. In saner times, this would be a serious crime. In fact, it is still a crime, and there are countries where you will be shot if you dare to enter illegally and don’t heed the warning of the border police.

A Woman Invited them All In

However, German chancellor Angela Merkel invited them all in. I really have no idea what she is snorting, but it must be some really potent stuff, which made her utter that she does not care whether she is responsible on gimmegrants flooding the country, "because now they are there" [source in German]”. What kind of logic is this? Just claim you’re from Syria, and you’ll get food, shelter, clothing, and some pocket money on top as well. Go ahead and rape native women — the police and press will do their best to cover it up, in order to not incite racist sentiments.

Let’s talk about numbers! Consider that on some days over 10,000 gimmegrants illegally entered Germany. Just slowly digest the number: ten-fucking-thousand, basically a small town, day after day for weeks on end. Note that we are not talking about “doctors and engineers”, unlike the elites tried to tell the people, but largely poorly educated people, with a significant number of illiterates. There is very little hope that more than an insignificant percentage of them will be able to make a positive economic contribution to this country. Besides, let’s not forget that there are millions of unemployed or underemployed Germans who would certainly like to take all the allegedly available jobs this flood of illegal migrants is supposed to take up. Of course you'd be called a racist if you pointed out that those people then to have dramatically lower IQs. For instance, a recent study found that the best guess for the African median IQ is 75. In case you are not familiar with IQ values: 100 is "normal", even with 105 you're seen as noticeably smarter. On the other hand, an IQ of 75 is close to mental retardation. [The source is the study "African cognitive ability: Research, results, divergences and recommendations" by the renowned psychologist R. Rindermann.]

Beta men of Germany, bend over!

What will be the result of all of this? Frankly, it does not take much to predict a dramatic lowering of living standards, dramatic increase of crime rates, and ever-larger parallel societies. In 10 to 15 years most of Germany will look like Berlin-Kreuzberg or Duisburg-Marxloh. Given that the majority of taxes are paid by men, all those German betas will have to bend over to finance shelter, food, clothing, and pocket money for their occupiers. At the same time, German boys and girls will have to share class rooms with a large number of people from societies in which education is not quite so highly valued. Sweden provides an excellent example of what happens if you let in large numbers of people who eagerly procreate, but who are not so eager to adopt Western values. In fact, Sweden steadily worked its way towards the bottom of the entire OECD in the PISA survey, which measures high school student performance.

Do you think there is a pattern? I would say there is, namely an utter disregard for reality, which manifests itself by happily taking actions without considering their long term consequences. Countries like Sweden and Germany let in an inordinate amount of illegals, seemingly just because they “feel like it”, completely ignoring the long-term costs. It’s the equivalent of some semi-decently looking chick getting tattoos, doing porn to fund her drug habit, and hoping that she’ll be able to settle down with a millionaire in her early 40s, in order to start a family. Of course this sounds absurd, but it sounds a lot less absurd than inviting two million illegals into your country in 2015 alone, and funding a comparably comfortable life for them. In the end, the obedient betas will have to pay for the multicultural fever dreams of the elites, at least until the demographic shift has happened that is due to having more adolescent muslim men than adolescent Germans in the country. What could possibly go wrong?

In the second part, I will discuss how society tries to break the back of men with alimony and child support, and draw some parallels to the greater political scene, since there is a common theme.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. New Sleazy Commenter!November 30, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    As you, AS, like to say, "I wish I'd make this up..."

    In case you don't waste time on FB, here's the intro paragraph:

    "This December 2015, the Canadian government will bring in the first group of Syrian refugees fleeing the crisis to Toronto. Please join us in throwing them a welcome party at Pearson International Airport!"

    In Ontario (Toronto), there is a broken health care system, broken education system, homelessness,

    Did they have this in Berlin or Germany??

    1. All of this applies to Germany as well. We have a few hundred thousand homeless Germans, but the government gives a rats ass about them. Meanwhile, illegals get shelter, clothing, food, and pocket money.

    2. We used to have "refugees welcome" celebrations, but the brainwashed lefties who attended must have thought there are a few dozen families arriving, not 10,000 a day. Thus, the following happened:

    3. Hi Aaron, as you're German, do you see any kind of anger building up in the German society due to all that or everybody pretends that everything is fine and there's no problem? Is there any serious political force in Germany that can oppose what Merkel is doing?
      For me the interesting thing is that the media and politicians seem to be condemning Orban for what he did and keeps on doing when it comes to illigal immigrants (this morning I've heard there's an initiative in the European Commission to suspend Hungary as an EU-member for that) but on the other hand Merkel behaves like a dictator not only for Germany but for the entire EU and it seems nobody notices it.

    4. People are getting pissed. The media do their best to distract from this, but there are plenty of 'investigative' videos on YouTube, for instance interviewing people from small towns and villages about their opinion of, er, enriching their nice, homogeneous area with an asylum shelter housing more people than natives. Occasionally, the big newspapers and magazines run a story, though, like this one on a 100-people strong village that has to house 1,000 illegals:

      Also, the government has been confiscating schools and gymnasiums, in order to house illegals. There have even been cases where long-term German renters have had their contracts terminated so that illegals can be housed:

      If you run those posts through Google Translate, you'll at least get the gist of it. Saying that there is no problem with illegals in Germany would be absurd. I'd say that we are sitting on a powder keg. Sadly, there is no significant political force that could provide an opposition, since the fringe parties like Alternative Fuer Deutschland are and will be marginalized. I predict that there will be attempts to change the situation once the country starts to really break apart, but this will then be like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, as the saying goes.

      The former East block will survive the longest. I'm in particular thinking of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Hungary. There will be a time when Germans will want to migrate to those countries in large numbers. This might take ten to fifteen years, but we will get there.

    5. Yes, the Western Europe due to the comfortable lifestyle lost the survival instinct. This resembles the Roman Empire and the savage tribes.
      I thought that the US would be the next "empire" to fall but as always the obvious may not be the case.
      It takes a few muslims with guns to paralyse the entire cities like Paris or Brussels.

    6. Whenever I read anything about the Syrian crisis, and how other countries are letting illegal immigrants in by the thousands, the whole thing just surprises me to no end. Why would they do this?

      It's literally taking decades and centuries of socio-economic work by previous governments and societies and throwing it down the toilet. Or like a trust fund kid who inherits a large sum of money and since he's never had to work in his life, doesn't know what to do, and just parties all of it away.

    7. Also, let's not forget that there have been wars in the Middle East and Africa for decades --- and now, all of a sudden, we do away with the anarchic concept of borders and let them all in. It's utter madness. The comparison with the trust fund kid is apt.

  2. What insipid, delusional, racist tripe. Go climb your way back to Stormfront, where the rest of you slack-jawed, pea-brained, white-nationalist monkeys belong. I'm disgusted at your extreme ignorance and stupidity. Since you mentioned studies, recent studies have shown that people with racist beliefs such as yours have low intelligence! Haha! That explains that laughably cliched idiotic rant of yours.

    1. Didn't I mention that you should make an effort if you want to engage in conversation with me? Of course, there are always ad hominems if you can't refute someone's arguments.

    2. Stay mad anon! Your time will come :)

    3. "Since you mentioned studies, recent studies have shown that people with racist beliefs such as yours have low intelligence!"

      That is not how research works.

      Studies have probably shown that people with racist beliefs have more likely low intelligence. Likely being the key word here. Doesn't mean there are no smart racists. So yeah, the stupid person is most likely you.

      And being against immigration does not mean you are a racist.

      So two strikes. You are the stupid one.

      But keep calling people who disagree with you Stormfront people. But don't be surprised if they find allies at that side. Keep disenfranchising the poor and stupid, and keep being surprised they suddenly all join the far right nazi people. And the smart leadership of any nazi group will not turn any support down.

    4. Well, certainly I'm not a white man, nor an european, but I agree with Sleazy.
      Besides, no one seemed to complain about the migration policy of Singapore. They only let in anyone willing to work, learn the language and obey the law. Letting your borders open to anyone is just a way to ask for trouble.

  3. A very interesting article I was reading the other day, which briefly talks about this. I believe there was another article or two on the website about this as well.

  4. Minor gripe, the 2 million number, that is for Europe in total. (Numbers I heard, 1,5 in Europe right now, 2,5 waiting in Turkey, 8 million total displaced in Syria).

    (Of course as each immigrant gets to bring in their wife+kids, you can expect the total of the 1,5 + 2,5 to double. Which means, they all end up here in Europe).

    1. It seems I have been a bit too alarmist. However, note that Germany has been continually revised their figures upward. In spring, it was 400k, then 800k, then one million, and in October 1.5 million:
      Note that some people who were concerned about 500 or 600k in spring were shut down as "fear mongers".

      We're talking about almost a rounding error, considering, as you rightly point out, that they can get their families in as well. A mere doubling would be a rather conservative estimate. The former mayor of Berlin-Neukoelln, which is predominantly a migrant district, recently stated that he expects 10 million migrants until 2020, i.e. within the next five years. This does not seem outrageous at all. Let's say we really just get 1.5 million this year, then they bring their "families" (remember, you can just throw away your passport and the authorities won't mind), and of course you can expect more refugees flooding into the country next year.

    2. OP here.

      You are right to be scared. I know more people who are scared. And people who are in the "let them all in, poor people" camp.

      But yeah, the numbers keep increasing. And don't forget, these numbers are only about the Syrians. Suddenly the previous immigration crisis from Africans crossing into Italy. Are all but forgotten. (Africa has said they kill/let them die if we send them back so humanists we are, we are keeping them).

      So yeah, minor gripe.

      My bigger issue is that according to official numbers, people joining up with their families (don't know the correct English term) are not counted as refugees.

      Some SJW like types I know even were mad about people counting them as refugees. (imho that is just fucking with terminology).

      And another gripe I have. The Saudies do nothing. They have a tent camp which can house 3,5 million people for a Muslim pilgrimage. But they don't let in any refugees for ... dunno reasons.

      We are expected to take in any afghan refugees (how they managed to get past ISIS nobody knows), but Pakistan is not doing shit. The white mans burden is real.

    3. Anon, the Saudis don't accept the refugees because they know the truth about those "refugees".
      Also, most of the migrants of this crisis aren't even syrian, some are from Africa, others from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries.

  5. Master Sleaze, are you able to read my mind? I've been talking about the exact same topic & repercussions at length just recently with a bunch of ignorant friends over dinner. ;)

    Just to elaborate on the "A Woman Invited them All In"-aspect:
    it is not just Angela Merkel alone, but an entire ilk of women being in charge of important posts within the German government and the Kanzleramt in particular: Merkel's personal assistant & closest aid BEATE BAUMANN (a ghastingly unattractive and secretive woman) and Merkel's "media advisor" and head of her speech writers team (the White House pendant would probably be "chief of staff") EVA CHRISTIANSEN. The three woman are commonly referred to by German media outlets as "Girlscamp". And boy, they have been highjacking German politics big time!

    As I have been told by German CDU-insiders (Merkel's party) her aides have built a closely knit and unforgiving surveillance system covering the ruling party and government posts, so that any criticism or opposition is getting destroyed while still "in the crib". This is one major reason why Merkel has been able to "sedate" the German public political discourse, completely destroy any (mostly male) competitors, which would be very much in need now to topple her from within the government and turn the tide around.

    And as a little addendum to you "Beta men of Germany, bend over!"-point:
    Some Germans fear that one consequence of Muslim-arabic mass-migration into Germany might be an upcoming civil war. Apart form the kind of slum-like, violent no-go-areas you mentioned as well, I tend to disagree to that notion. Most of the men who are and have protesting Merkel's policy for quite some time are mid-30s and (mostly) older. The majority of younger males have been completely brainwashed by Merkel's media propaganda and wouldn't fight back, even if they felt the need or if somebody told them to. So the younger migrating Muslim men (and in many cases trained at weapons) are not facing a significant male German opposition, which would be a physical match for them. The country and its population’s productivity are ready to get sucked dry by these „gimmegrants“.

    The new Muslim "immigrants" will mostly rely on social security payments funded by the state – just as feminists and "gender mainstreaming" social-justice warriors. Both sub-groups already have been and in the future will be even more heavily depleting the state budget, without contributing anything productive to society AT ALL.
    [to be continued in part #2]

  6. [cont’d from previous part]
    So the actual breaking point in all of this will be the German MALE middle- and higher middle-class, since they're the one who are supplying the lion's share of tax payments. The Germans are an incredibly "angst"-ridden population, they will only very rarely (as comrade Stalin already knew too well) actively and violently revolt against their authorities. Thinking for oneself is not a particularly traditional German character trait. Thus, if the castrated male middle class of "beta men" can be continually brainwashed into believing that this dilution of the German population with predominantly Arab muslim parasites is "favourable" to them, then they will continue to fund that project (even if they secretly curse at their tax payments). The German men have been fucked over already so many times and to such a ridicolous extent, that at the end of the day it doesn’t even matter, if this collective abuse gets steeped up a few more notches. ;) But those Germans who'd rather love to disagree, they will most likely live the country (I certainly will btw.).

    Unfortunately, Muslims never ever in history have really contributed anything productive within a country or society which they set their feet on (and please don’t give me this „Cordoba“ and/or Arab mathematics bullshit). So unless something completely unforseeable is going to happen, Germany has been firmly set on a steady course of becoming a predominantly Muslim country in the future time of 1 - 2 generations. At that stage even secular muslims might wanna leave the country for more bearable pastures. What a shame. And what a waste of an otherwise quite great country!

    Still: looking forward to the second installment of this article! Always a pleasure reading your stuff… ;)

    1. "Unfortunately, Muslims never ever in history have really contributed anything productive within a country or society which they set their feet on (and please don’t give me this „Cordoba“ and/or Arab mathematics bullshit)."

      Would you please say a bit more about this and why it's BS?
      I have been feed this "the arabs invented algebra" narrative too. Having gone to school in Munich with many muslims I can safely that the majority of them shows an attitude very disruptive to productivity in the class room and NO, THEY DO NOT INTEGRATE. Want to see the beginning of parallel societies? Go to a public school and look around who hangs out with whom.

      On a related note. Integration is an illusion. COMPLETE ILLUSION. For any one. I have lived in two countries other than the one I was born in. You NEVER integrate. NEVER. At best, you learn to respect the thinking of the other society as a collective. I you try hard, you can make some friends. But you are always a stranger. Your kids might integrate, if you show a good example of respect and acceptance towards the country that has hosted you. YOU ARE A GUEST! The country has given you safety and shelter. You owe some respect.
      I start to have some Swiss friends. But I never expect them to see me as one of them. And that's why we are cool with each other. At point we can speak of enrichment. But that requires education as a background and an open mind. None of that is present with the current people entering Europe en masse.

      Further, as much as lefties don't want to hear this, racism is a normal trait in humans. If you look deep down yourself, you prefer the people that have the same genetic background as you do to be around you. I'd say it's related to egoism, which makes perfect sense from an evolutional point of view.

      Bottom line: Integration (whatever that means) is not the host's task. NEVER.

  7. Watching the west self destruct is painful to experience. We have plenty of unemployed and poor people as is. I am not sure how adding a large number of unemployed, poor people to the mix is going to help. Particularly as the bulk of the newcomers are poorly educated and enjoy a world view that is comfortably rooted in the medieval period.

  8. It's the Dark Side unleashed. It's horrifying to watch how white women instinctively parasitize and paralyze the white men who protect and fund them.

    This also looks like intergenerational hate, from older directed toward younger. I'm sure they don't say so, but this has the effect of making life more difficult for young indigenous Europeans.

    As if the status posturing of helping 'refugees' matters more than helping your own youth or the poor of the nation. How ludicrous.

    I just sat beside an older couple who were arranging to fundraise for refugees. They were typical - very white people, blonde hair, blue eyes, all yacking on to feel good about themselves.

    Meanwhile people are begging for money at intersections...

    It's time for something new to arise.

  9. Sleazy what's your opinion on a leftist nationalist party?

    I really feel that there's an enormous potential for such a party. They basically have leftist economic ideas, but when it comes to immigration and integration they have nationalist ideas.

    Right now, the left is so delusional, preaching things like "diversity is reality" and "we are all humans, there are no borders". Quite frankly, this is bullshit, when people are too different, they simply don't like each other and there needs to be enough common ground for people to be able to interact in a positive way with each other.

    Yesterday, I saw a documentary on Hitler and I think it's very well possible that such a figure might rise again. You can just feel that people feel that they themselves are being treated well less then the refugees. This is quite literally a powder keg.

    1. "Yesterday, I saw a documentary on Hitler and I think it's very well possible that such a figure might rise again."

      Actually the answer as to if such a figure might rise again lies in your sentence already.
      Why did you watch the documentary in the first place?
      I am convinced the material presented in it was/is available before (most likely on youtube). You watched it although you could have turned it off. Also you could have watched similar content before, but most likely didn't do so. Maybe people get more and more drawn into this persona. You are not the only one to watch this material. Me too I have watched Hitler's speeches recently. I consider reading two things out of pure interest in near the future. One is the koran and "mein kampf".
      Maybe the Germans need to re-evaluate their past. Too much of the last century is covered with guilt and one may not take an objective point of view. Before the migration problem one couldn't and now even less.
      I seriously doubt that anybody in good mental health would want a second Holocaust or World at War scenario like 75 years ago. BUT I also think that nobody really wants what we have now. The situation is totally irresponsible.
      These so called democraticly chosen leaders in Germany do not represent the people. Although the sole task of a politician is to represent the will of the people and act in his/her best faith. Morals and honesty are a pre requisite for such behaviour. I fail to see those in Merkel's persona. Also the current system might be called democracy, but it certainly does not follow a democratic process. Direct democracy is the only form of democracy.

    2. Regarding your last paragraph: Colin Crouch coined the term post-democracy about a decade ago. It is worth reading up on this concept, as you will most likely agree that his diagnosis is a most fitting one:

  10. Very depressing article. Even more depressing considering it's all true.
    So Aaron, do you believe there's some plan at work here? That maybe importing so many illiterate immigrants from other countries is a retext to create a favourable condition for some civil war? I am no conspiracy nut, but the whole thing is just suicidal. It's like Germans WANT to bankrupt themselves.

    Also, as you are German and know ins-and-outs of it, is it worth coming to Germany from former FSU country to find (legal) work and thus study German too? Or is it just a waste of time?

    1. Everyone of your questions deserves its own blog post. Just give it some time. Your last one is arguably the one that is most relevant for your current personal situation, so I'll openly say that it is, in my opinion, absolutely not worth it to move to Germany and bother learning the language. I'll give you a proper justification of this statement in a separate article.

  11. @as

    don't you think that merkel follows someone's strategy in matters of mass integration (e. g. georg soros, usa)?

    1. There certainly is a "globalist agenda". People who verbalize this are often ridiculed for their alleged tinfoil hats, but the European Union, as a matter of fact, was founded in order to undermine the sovereignty of nation states. They just chose a different wording. Soros and his NGOs promote mass migration, and the USA certainly would welcome a weakened European Union as well. Also, keep in mind that there are still about 40,000 US soldiers stationed in Germany. If you look at the politics of the last few years, if not decades, you could make a very good argument that German politics have not had the well-being of the population in mind. Merkel may not directly execute someone else's strategy, but she certainly seems eager to demonstrate to Obama and other high-ranking politicians what a well-behaved puppy she is.

  12. "Beta men of Germany, bend over!"

    I can only encourage everyone to check out on occasion. You will get some truly unique inputs that the mass media wouldn't even think about telling the general public. In addition, you will learn how to best defend yourself in an active shooter situation.

    It's really depressing, though, that the laws in Germany prevent one from carrying a knife for self-defense. You can take one into an airplaine, but don't dare to keep a knife in your car in order to cut your belt in an accident. You will be locked up. No excuses!

  13. As a half-German, half-East Asian mutt residing in Australia, I have to ask, who in their right mind would want to move to Europe? It's cold, it's miserable, it's the graveyard of two World Wars and the Holocaust, and its politics seem to gyrate from one extreme (communism) to another (fascism). Not to mention that most European women are tall, masculine and feminist. I feel sorry for these migrants who have been misled.

    1. I presume Australia is a popular emigration destination for precisely that reason: the weather is a lot better, an the women have a reputation of being hot and easygoing. Feminism and censorship are widespread Down Under as well, though.

    2. Europe is definitely not perfect, but you can not honestly suggest Australia is any better. If you want sun, you can easily go to Italy, Greece or Spain. Australia is sunny and has some great scenery but as far as I know it is a ridiculously expensive half-socialist state where women are the rudest, most obnoxious feminist bitches on the planet. Many are fat too (third highest obesity rate in the world) and the hot ones are pretty much untouchable. So how the hell is it better than Europe?!

  14. it's happening

  15. Lol, this is a pretty silly article with no data backing up anything and shows why the manosphere isn't taken seriously. First off, Germany has an ageing population due declining fertility rates. So they need new people to maintain GDP and social order. The bit about IQ scores is really old time thinking (I'm guessing you're pushing 50) since we now know IQ isn't fixed. Meaning you can go from 90 IQ to 180 IQ with the proper training of course the elite are aware of this and dismiss countryside idiocy like this :)

    1. Ah thanks for explaining. So what we really need now is mass intelligence training for immigrants. Perhaps we should start vacating schools so training can take place there as soon as possible.

  16. Someone seems to forget the History his own land, almost some decades ago millions of Europeans landed in American and Australia looking for refuge.

    The problem is not fact that the people go to live to Europe, the problem us the failed Walfare State that segregates the foreign people.

  17. Ateche,
    you are a moron. The Germans who migrated to Australia or the US played a very important role in building those countries. Recall that those Germans were middle or even upper class. For instance, Werner von Braun made tremendous contributions at NASA. Those Germans were also from a very similar cultural background and were able to speak the language. Further, they did not leave their families behind. The deluge of muslims coming into Germany, though, is largely illiterate, largely male, an from an incompatible cultural background. Most of them will never make a positive contribution to Germany.

    1. Your numbers seemed fishy, so I did some research. As it turned out in the 1930s, only about 100,000 Germans emigrated from the German Reich to the US. If you are mathematically challenged: that's about 10,000 per year. Further, from 1950 to 1970, about 750,000 migrated -- in two decades! In comparison, a million "refugees" came to Germany last year alone. So, let me repeat what I said above: you are an idiot.


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