Thursday, January 28, 2010 moved to a new server

The server issues of the last few days should now be solved for good. My former host Host Media UK messed up a few things while performing a standard update. Dealing with their customer support turned out to be a rather frustrating affair. With the help of one of my friends, my website is now hosted by Just Host.

The issue with Host Media UK was that their customer support, which apparently got farmed out to an Indian call center, was not up to the task of restoring a .htaccess file. My conversation with those people ended up looking like a parody. The highlight was them restoring my old Wordpress blog, which I told them (in capitals!) to leave untouched and removing the redirection to my Drupal installation -- after I told them to do the exact opposite.

Maybe my experience was unique, but if you are looking for hosting with competent customer support, I would think twice before even considering Host Media UK.

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