Monday, January 25, 2010

When talk faces action

I took a trip to Philadelphia on Saturday. Because I had arrived at the bus stop a bit too early, I idled some time away at the closest Starbucks, treating myself to some nice orange blossom tea. I sat down on a bench. Next to me were two Asian girls, one of which did all the talking. When she saw me, she shut up, looked up and gave me a coy smile. I smiled back, only to continue reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

It wasn’t that easy to focus on the reading, because that girl was unstoppable. She was talking about guys, boasting about going to Harvard, what a guy should be in her eyes, and all that stuff. Some minutes later she had to leave, though, and dragged a trolley behind her. She was still talking excitedly to her girlfriend. Then she almost bumped into a guy while walking backwards, getting her heavy trolley out of the corner. He didn’t want her to bump into him, so he put a hand on her shoulder. She stopped. He walked past. He was walking upright, was unshaven and certainly did not look like the kind of guy that would fit the alleged bill of that talkative Harvard girl. But guess what happened!

The moment that guy touched her and she saw him, she completely shut up, in mid-sentence and was looking after him. Her eyes were wide open and she hectically groomed her hair with her other hand. This went on for about ten seconds. Then she left Starbucks as well, still not saying anything to her friend and seemingly looking after this guy.

What does this tell you about what girls subconsciously want and what they say they want?

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