Saturday, January 9, 2010

The "Smelling Opener"

My girlfriend provides me with plenty of interesting stories about the courting behaviour of other men. Usually it's pretty lame stuff and, yes, she can recite a couple of "community lines" from way back, but what she experienced earlier this week recently was in an entirely different league.

Many guys apparently have no idea how socially awkward and creepy they come across, which is something "balls" don't really overcome. Now that guy at first sat down in the metro, looked at her and then quickly took a seat right next to her --- and tried to smell her cheekbone. This happened on a weekday afternoon. Maybe he was still drunk from last night.

In any case, if you think you aren't creepy enough yet and want to bring your "game" to a new level, here is something to play around with.


  1. I would bet that some girls got "creeped out" by your style of game... of course, it's more appropriate to be that way in the club rather than the metro. And I'm sure your experience has taught you how to be less creepy. Honestly I wish you would write more about this topic, because you and your partner 60 often DIRECTLY tell people to "risk creepy" and to touch girls right off the bat and stuff. I wish you'd write some more about it to help people walk the line between correct and creepy.

    Maybe the guy was just messing around, though. People often do strange things for the hell of it, to confuse a stranger :)

  2. and of course, I know smelling her cheekbone makes no sense, and would probably remind people of Hannibal the Cannibal, not Casanova!! =P

    I was referring just to the overall message, not that incident.

  3. Thanks for that comment, Ryan!

    Smelling her cheekbone has a place in an advanced stage of seduction, that is foreplay and sex. For instance, this move leads up to gently rubbing your nose against her cheek and moving on toward softly nibbling on her earlobe.

    Regarding question: you become less creepy by taking her feedback into account ("calibration"). However, it is impossible to play the game completely safe. Well, you can, but then you end up having sex after seven hours like in Mystery Method, and if it doesn't work out, you waste hours on interactions that were lost from the beginning where the girl was just tolerating you and meeting up with you out of complete boredom.

    In order to avoid such a scenario, you touch her very early to make clear what kind of guy you are (answer: a sexual guy!). Some girls don't like guys like that and get creeped out, but you weren't interested in this kind of girl to begin with. You just saved yourself hours of your life. Isn't this great?

    Also, your early touch doesn't have to be something outrageous like grabbing her ass or boobs, going for the kiss or fingering her (yes, I have done all of this in the first seconds of an interaction). Just do something borderline innocent like touching her elbow.

  4. You have fingerd a girl within the first seconds of the interaction?

    So you were that good, you could see/sense her wanting to be fingered?

    That is pretty damn amazing!

    1. Well, if they look at you as if they want to jump your bone right away, you can do that. I'd say it requires quite a lot of experience, though.


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