Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: Organic Seduction (ebook) by Jonathan Green aka LondonPaladin

Some time ago LondonPaladin, a member of the London Seduction Society, sent me a complementary copy of his ebook “Organic Seduction: Seduce and Girl in 7 Days” and asked for a review in return.

First of all, a book with a subtitle as pompous as this one raises a huge red flag for me. Anybody claiming to be able to seduce any (!) girl is either a charlatan or setting incredibly low standards for himself. But maybe I am wrong and Jonathan Green is able to teach me something I didn’t know in this 35 pages -- yes, thirty-five pages! -- long piece of work. If you subtract the cover, legal images and space for “notes” you get less than thirty pages of content. This might not be bad if the quality was top-notch (to spoil the surprise: it isn’t). However, what I find especially fishy is that on his web site he doesn’t even mention how little this ebook contains.

But onto the actual content: the book begins with standard mainstream advice, some of which is completely irrelevant. In fact, having no candles in my room in an apartment that is rarely absolutely clean, as my girls can confirm, has never prevented me from getting laid. Other points are either vague or irrelevant. How should a piece of advice like “wear clothes that make you feel sexy” help anybody who is completely clueless about fashion?

Things get creepy soon enough: “Over the next year you will talk to 1000s of women. I talked to over 7000 last year.” Personally, anybody who really has his act together does not have to talk to a plethora of women to get laid. Before I entered a committed relationship last summer, I rarely had to approach more than three girls a night -- and I got laid plenty. The same is true for the handful of friends of mine I consider evolved seducers (as opposed to “pickup artists”). Some pages later he writes that you should have standards, but how can anybody claim to have standards if he has to approach thousands of women? Further, I don’t quite see how “seducing any girl” and the author admitting or claiming to need having to approach over 7000 to have sex with a very small fraction of them go together.

What further annoyed me that Jonathan Green spreads some negativity about women: “I honestly believe any woman who rejects me is a fool.” Sorry, buddy, but if she doesn’t want you she doesn’t want you. If this makes you resent her, then you should work on your attitude first. A passive-aggressive mindset will affect your life negatively in every area, so this point alone is enough to question this ebook. There are many more questionable things, though, but not everything is bad.

Unfortunately, the "good" parts of the book don't amount to much more than basic conversational skills with some bad pickup advice scattered in between. I do appreciate that he has a chapter on honesty, especially since a lot of mainstream pickup advice is the exact opposite. Overall, though, I get the impression that he doesn’t get to the point. His writing style simply leaves too much to be desired. Throwing in some anecdotes that don’t even get to the main issues doesn’t do it at all.
Case in point:

“I went snowboarding in Austria last month, which is very difficult for me. You go fast and you are out of control. On top of a mountain. All things that are really hard for me. But I love it. There is something pure about being alone on a mountain and just staring nature in the eye. All of these things help me to develop my inner sense of self.”

Too much of this book is like this paragraph: vague and superfluous, and badly written. This section was taken from a chapter on confidence. How this description relates to confidence is not entirely clear, though. It's flowery, poetic language, where some specific hints for the reader would have been the better choice.

The worst comes at the end, though.

Surely some of you remember this cartoon panel by Gary Larson:


...at the most important piece, the researcher writes: “Then a miracle occurs!” The colleague says "You should be more explicit here in step two!" This is also how I feel when Jonathan Green finally approaches seduction. Indeed, he should have been a bit less vague on how it goes from kissing a girl to having sex. Too bad this book leaves out this most important part. So, I talk to a girl, chit chat a bit, kiss her -- and then I take her home to have sex with her. Sure, this is how it eventually looks like, but what about the specifics? It's like your math teacher telling you before the test: you pick up the pencil, answer those questions, and get an A, without having you taught the required knowledge. But nothing can go wrong since you've sharpened your pencil. Good luck on that exam!


  1. Haha -

    Your brutal honesty is as refreshing as it is amusing.

    Coincidentally I was ranting the other day about the abysmal writing in these poo-ah books which are characterised by garbled syntax and turgid prose.
    This is latest in a long, lame and farcical line to join the canon.

    "I struggle to express myself coherently, I understand very little about human sexuality and I have a perfunctory grasp of rudimentary social skills............ but I have been in "the game" for a year now, that's it, by Jove, I shall write an EBook and charge an absurd amount of money for it"
    (because no editor or publisher in control of their mental faculties would dream of printing it)

    The reason why such charlatans as this have the audacity to write ebooks is that the standard entering the community is comically low so it is easy to impress and delude the gullible, the naive and the easily impressionable with your killer seductive skills.

  2. Yes, these days everyone believes to be destined to spread knowledge. Even worse, there is a whole industry catering to those people who try to "make money on the internet." One of the most ridiculous I recently came across was a guy who claimed that his "method" will help you to write your own ebook within seven days. You can only imagine what the end result will look like. Just filling pages doesn't amount to writing something worthwhile.

    Earlier today I received a newsletter from one of the more reputable internet marketing gurus, but the theme of it almost made me puke: "Find a Land of the Blind where you can be King." Blog post forthcoming!


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