Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Dirty Secret of the "Community"

Alek Novy recently made an excellent statement on my forum in a thread on the real success rate of game. I thought it should be shared with a wider audience. It should make some of you guys think.

There's this mentality in the community that it's not "real game" unless you worked your ass off. That if you used something that makes it easier - that it's like "cheating"

I've actually fucking seen guys being lambasted for getting too ripped, coz if they have a sixpack and get laid, then it's "not real game".

I've actually seen a guy who will like meet a super hot lingerie model, like his cousin sets him up with a lingerie model -> and the PUAs will be like "IT DOESN'T COUNT!"

I'm like wtf do you mean it doesn't count. Dick in hot pussy. "IT DOESNT COUNT!! she was given to him by a friend" loooool

Here's the dirty secret about community -> It's never ever been about getting laid

If the community were about getting laid, it would include discussions on how to get a career that gets you laid like... If the community were about getting laid, it would teach leverage and crutches itself...

- Fashion Photographer Method
- Club Promoter Method
- Fitness Modelling and Male Stripper Method
- Becoming a minor celebrity in a niche with a crappy band Method

The community has always hated crutches/leverage, because it never WAS about "the most efficient way to get laid". It was always about feeling like you "control and create attraction"


  1. I always find it odd when community bros reject the idea that women make themselves look sexy to impress other women.

    Because community bros will crawl across a mile of dog shit and roofing tacks to impress other men.

  2. Eventhough Alek is a friggin troll on most Pick-up blogs,he does make a decent point in his forum post.

    1. SocialKenny I believe you owe me an apology. I have posted a GRAND total of 10 (maybe 20) comments on pua blogs* in the past DECADE combined. That is decade with a D.

      *_ and maybe 10-20 more on game neutral sites (which are general manisphere, not pua sites)

      Strongly and rudely disagreeing with a cult does not make one a "troll" - maybe "forceful" at best, especially if said person only responds in the most infrequent of circumstances. (I only accidentally stumble on a pua blog once a month and usually exit without commenting).

      To qualify as troll one must visit these places with intent and regularity. I've made all those 10 comments only when I couldn't take the cult-like idiocy spouted on said blog post, after I randomly stumbled upon one (following some link somewhere). I've never not once visited said sites on purpose, ever.

      The only major exchange I've had with gamers (the frost debate) was on a site I AM the webmaster of (a non-game site)... If anything they, the gamers would classify as trolls bringing up an off-topic subject, not me, the person who runs the site.

      I HAVE MADE A PUBLIC CHALLENGE on AVfM (where we expelled the gamer trolls) for anyone to find evidence of me bringing up the subject ONCE. Every single debate I had on AVfM (where I am the webmaster) was when fucking PUA invaders invaded AVfM and kept selling and promoting game. In this case, they, the PUAs qualify as the "trolls".

      the skynet theory

      I am ready to forgive you though because it is possible you simply bought the PUAs story without checking it yourself and are simply parroting it, without realizing you've never witnessed the thing you're parroting.

      After the PUAs suffered the massive frost debate defeat on AVfM they developed this paranoid theory that any commenter on a pua site who disagrees with them is an "aleknovy sockpuppet".

      In other words, every single commenter who has ever disagreed with roissy, Roosh (etc) has been accused of being "aleknovy under a different name".

      So far 30 men have been accused of being me... Including Aaron Sleazy and the owner of SeductionMyth and Paul Elam and Barbarossa.

      So when people on PUA blogs say "aleknovy trolls most pua blogs", they are literally referring to 30 distinct human beings that merely disagree with them (most of those guys are much more polite than me in their disagreement, so the label "troll" is even that much weirder when applied to them)...

      If you were simply parroting what you had been told, that's fine, and now you know.

      This is how a person who has posted a grand total of 10 comments on pua blogs over a decade got accused of "trolling all pua blogs daily".

      Over at BP's blog we have a running joke... Any time a commenter posts something anti-game or anti-pua, I immediately go "wait are you another one of my sockpuppets? I don't remember creating you either!!".

      We also have this running joke that PuaHate is also a computer simulation and all the 7500 people on puahate are virtual people running on a computer in AlekNovy's basement, funded by the Rockafeller foundation. Again, this is a play on the PUAs conspiracy theory that any commenter who disagrees with PUA is really AlekNovy using a secret proxy and posting under a different name.

    2. Well I thought you were a regular poster on PUA Lingo blog until I realized it was PUAHate accusing every guru or coach as scammers.

      Well good job at exhonerating yourself as not being a troll.

  3. Excellent point! I think the whole glamorization of picking up "hired guns" and strippers is also an extension of the same ego aspect.

    1. I don't even see how those kind of women are more desirable anyway. Also, there is a certain irony in some PUAs like Sinn, Mystery and Vin DiCarlo offering workshops on how to pull strippers, given the fact that for the same amount of money, you could bang about two dozen of them.

    2. I never thought I'd agree with a PUA hater like you lol but you do make a good point about gaming strippers,etc.Who the hell would wanna game a stripper!!?

    3. Socialkenny,

      maybe you should think about the positions of "PUA haters" instead of dismissing them right away. It seems that you believe too much bullshit of those guys and aren't really informed about what's going on. Otherwise you would know that those guys only offer stripper workshops as yet another means to rip off gullible men.

    4. Aaron-how dare you defend PUAHate,when they regularly bash you on Twitter and their forum?

      And come on bro',it's no secret that some gurus are marketing-based,but that still doesn't negate that what they teach still gets guys results(lays).

    5. And come on bro',it's no secret that some gurus are marketing-based,but that still doesn't negate that what they teach still gets guys results(lays).

      Kenny, you don't seem to get what Aaaron is saying. Let me give you a diet analogy

      -> A fad diet tells you that a magical combination of foods forces your body into burning fat.

      -> In truth, the diet is constructed in such a way that you just end up eating less calories


      When in truth, the only reason you lost weight is coz you ate less calories than before without even realizing it.

      Same with PUA methods. WHEN a guy gets results with a PUA method, he only gets those results because he's ESCALATING MORE.

      OUR MIND IS AMAZING. IT LITERALLY distorts our memories. FAT PEOPLE SWEAR they don't eat a lot of food. Skinny people swear they eat a lot but "can't gain weight"... But when you put them in a lab, in 10000% of cases it turns out they are deluded in their beliefs/memories.

      IF you have gotten more results with a method, it is because YOU ESCALATED MORE and went out more!!!!! You're deleting that factor from your memory, and all you remember is "I got laid more", you don't remember that YOU ESCALATED MORE too.

    6. You're contradicting yourself with the BS.

      Escalation is s huge part of the PUA community.That's like our #1 rule.You admitted that escalating gets you laid.So why is escalation wrong just because the PUA's advocate it?Contradictions is your problem.

    7. You admitted that escalating gets you laid.So why is escalation wrong just because the PUA's advocate it?Contradictions is your problem.

      What I am telling you is that the community teaches you to escalate and do 343949 other things and it sells them all as one package.

      The community NEVER tells you that 100% of your results are from the escalation ITSELF.


      How the heck do you manage to read the exact opposite of what is written on the page? lol.

      Aaaron says that ESCALATION IS GOOD, in fact, his entire "minimal game" is nothing more than an explanation on how to escalate AND NOTHING ELSE... That's why he named it "minimal game"... It literally is "dude, just escalate and fuck".

      The point is that PUAs make money by selling 20 DVD courses and seminars and elaborate products. This is why they can never admit to you that the escalation is in charge for ALL of the results.

      Do you understand? All the additional factors do nothing extra. Do you get it now?

      The additional factorf only cause analysis paralysis, obsession, addiction, and often make you weird and actually cause you damage. If you STRIP AWAY everything else (but just keep the escalation) you will get BETTER results.

    8. The reason for the additives while escalating is common sense:if you escalate on a girl too fast,too soon,she will recoil,run,stops you,etc.So the PUA community equips us with the additional skills to counter this by re calibrating,backing off and starting again,keep escalating while distracting her consciously,etc.AFC's and Naturals would've flubbed up by assuming the girl genuinely is rejecting advances thus give up.

      So then you tell me,isn't the PUA the one with the advantage by knowing that when a girl stops your advances,it isn't a permanent bloc but temporary?

      I know Naturals who know nothing of PUA,they escalate,gets rejected then give up(since they have no knowledge of recalibration).I on the other hand,escalate,gets rejected,but recalibrate,distract her consciously via routines,then escalate again with success.So who the hell have the advantage?So game and PUA works.We have te advantage.I'm testimonial.

    9. Kenny,

      your reasoning is rather faulty. But let me ask you: what is your success ratio? I bet it is worse than your imagined "natural" friends. While you "recalibrate" yourself, they are going through another three to five girls and leave the club while you are busy "making her attracted."

    10. Come on Aaron,how could you assume that Naturals who give up at the first sight of rejection would actually have more success than a guy who persist?

      BTW,I keep it real:my success of lays have been dismal over the past year.During 2011,9 out of every 10 girls I'd number closed flaked on me.That's keeping it real,and I documented this on my blog.

      But the reason for my dismal success lately is not due to bad game,but a combo of not doing enough comfort-building/rapport and opting for online/Facebiok gaming(which is BS)

    11. They don't "give up" but instead realize that they'd only be wasting their time. I talk about this in detail in my book Minimal Game, btw.

      Let's do some simple math: "PUA" talks to a chick, doesn't figure out that she is hardly interested, wastes two hours, doesn't get anywhere at all. On the other hand, the "natural" just moves on after a few minutes if he feels that it's not going anywhere. Thus, he'll go through many more women, but he'll get laid much quicker.

      Also note how you defend your own "dismal success". What about admitting that whatever you do just isn't working. Maybe start with this guide I wrote many years ago and take it from there:

  4. Hey Aaron,weren't you beefing with Krauser the other day?


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