Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Minimal Game: Review Roundup

Minimal Game has been out for about three months now, and it was met with an enthusiastic response. I gather reviews and comments on a special section on my website. Because I am proud of the feedback, and want all of you who haven't bought it to get the book too, I'll post some highlights.

If you've already bought Minimal Game, then let me thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it.
It's to the point, and tells you the truth that gurus have been hiding in order to keep their students in the dark. In other words, it is the most honest book that I've read about picking-up women.
I read your book twice through. Of all the pickup books I've read, Minimal Game is the best. Honestly I don't think there was anything I disagreed with. The book stresses a couple fundamentals that almost all other pickup books miss or barely mention.
Minimal Game gives you an entirely new outlook on dating. While you might have found it boring and repetitive before (maybe with Mystery Method - heck, Mystery himself said that he finds the "opening" phase boring), it will then become exciting and liberating.

As most everybody in the scene knows, Aaron Sleazy is the real deal. He's also one of the few people who have invested the tremendous amount of time and energy it takes to master game at an extremely high level. If you don't have the time or the desire to exert the same humongous effort, this book is the perfect guide to the art of seduction: A "Pareto's Principle of Pickup", or how to get 80% of the results with 20% of the work.

Read it, follow the advice, and get on with your life! It's a fabulous book, it's completely honest, and it will help you. It sure helped me.

The only alpha way to interact with women — straightforward and direct, none of this pussy-whipped timid indirect bullshit, which just encourages you to fear women!

Rather than beat around the bush, he went straight for what works. The book is the right size to learn quickly from and then go practice. Many good learnings. Enjoyed reading it! —Krav

It will absolutely help me one hell of a lot in my sexlife. There's little doubt it will do just as well for you, whatever holds you back from achieving your full potential now. Price is 10€, it's worth at least 200. One read-through takes at most two hours of your time. It will save you hundreds. Minimal Game is A+++ recommended.

One word book-review: AMAZING! It's like a good short story — there isn't anything unimportant that distracts you from the original storyline.

I liked the book. It gave me some sense of normality, which I think a lot of people need, when doing something unusual. Written in calm and honest way that manual makes you believe it's absolutely normal to invite girls home on first date and have sex with them, and makes you believe everybody does the same. You just didn't know that. That it's normal. That women want sex a lot, and that's why in a lot of cases you don't even need to use game so much. That some girls are desperate and lonely. And if they aren't into it, probably they are not that interested in sexing you.

I received the book today and I read it tonight. Minimal and no-nonsense are indeed the perfect words to describe it. Minimal Game is a bit like the first Mode One book but even more succinct. This is down and dirty, practical advice, no ramblings about high value or the difference between direct or indirect or multi-threading if you run out of things to say.

This lean book of a little over 100 pages is quite simply awesome. It provides a straighforward structure for attracting woman that is entirely realistic. Aaron Sleazy does claim anything ridiculous such as "any man can pull any woman" in fact he states quite blatantly that no man, not even Brad Pitt can pull any woman. In short, he does not try to sell you any bs, rather he provides the elements to form a strong foundation for attracting "the fairer sex."

The relief and empowerment that you feel after reading Minmal Game will be more than a thousand times worth the very low 'minimal' price of the book because you'll avoid having to spend thousands of dollars on products and trainings that will be much less efficient at telling you what Aaron does in 80 some pages.

This book aims to set your attitudes and basic convictions on dating straight, and I'll say that it succeeds in doing so. My sex life is getting better pretty fast and it's probably due to this book.

Sleazy's writing style is simple, and he addresses the process from basics to simple steps of initiating interaction to progressing to relationships in this small but precise guide in a clearly understandable style stripped of all Disney elements. This book should be of immense help to guys who appreaciate the normal common sense approach to seducing women than blindly following dogmas that has a poor success rate. A big thanks to Sleazy for writing Minimal Game. Your writings in masf and elsewhere, your books and of course Minimal Game has been quite influential in my love life.

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