Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vince Kelvin makes a Complete Fool of himself once again

One of the most popular articles on this blog is Vince Kelvin, the Joke is on You! It's easy to see why this is so, because not only does it give an insight into the immense cognitive dissonance that befalls many guys in this community, it's also hilarious to watch the video and go through my comments on selected screenshots.

Vince Kelvin wasn't really on my mind for a long time, but then I stumbled upon a post in which a short PUA claimed that Vince Kelvin was his role model. Funnily enough, that guy posted another video of Vince in field. Well, let's just have a look at it first, and then dissect it.

I really hope none of were impressed by this video. If you were, then fasten your seat belt. In the first scene we see Vince harassing a woman walking on the street. It is apparent that he didn't take my advice from last time, where I mentioned that he should avoid women who are taller than him. Just look at this:

I love how she looks down on him, thinking something along the lines of "What the f*ck is this?" This girl goes by the name of "Lexy", and we'll hear more about her later.

Vince is shadow boxing. The woman is ugly. He doesn't mind.
She stops, but only briefly. Did you notice her body language?
In the next scene, we witness Vince preying on what looks like two schoolgirls. First, he's a very good creep by standing next to a tree and blocking their way as they get closer. They have surely seen him from a mile apart. Subtlety is surely not his strong suit.
"So, there was this guy, and he was just standing there, creeping out all the girls who walked past."
Now Vince realizes that the girls aren't really that hot. He doesn't care.

Oh, look how eager they are to hand out their phone number. Yes, sweetie, it really is 0-4-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

The next interaction blew my socks off as I couldn't understand how anybody can be so blind to the reaction of a girl. First, he approaches this woman, who gives him plenty of signals that indicate that she doesn't like him at all. Women are just less confrontational than men, so they hope that by ignoring him he'll go away. But he won't.

His fabulous "opener" was something like, "This is my bench, I sleep on it every night!" But would really be so sure that he is joking if he said it to you? Maybe Vince should try the "Hey, do you have some change?"-opener as well. I hear it is rather popular in some areas. What is even worse, though, is that he is then pestering this poor woman, like by extending his hand and not figuring out that her looking down might be tantamount to her asking to be left alone:

Seriously, look at this! If you bothered a guy who gave you an indication like that, you'd risk getting punched. Vince, however, seemingly knows absolutely nothing about body language, or just common decency. He's not only embarrassing himself, but the woman too.

Pro-Tip: If a woman carries a lot of stuff, she probably doesn't want to be bothered by some random dude.

Vince Kelvin is a real trooper. No matter what a girl looks like or how (dis-)interested she may be, he takes a shot. Her body language could hardly be more negative:

Even though this girl is fat, she is not desperate enough to appreciate Vince's advances.

Honestly, what is he doing!?

Before we revisit "Lexy", who is certainly proud to be featured in this video, let's have a look at Vince Kelvin's fabulous marketing material. Frankly, at first I thought it was a parody. Look how amateurish this looks:

Yes, he wrote "begun" with a Q!

Thankfully, Vince Kelvin is not only every woman's dream, he also has a subtle sense of humor, as evinced in his statement that he will be "coming in a city near you." Got it bro? Coming, like in "cumming". Bro, did you get it? Bro? That's, like he means he's, like, going to "cum" in our city. Do you get it now, bro? He he! Got it? That smart, bro, isn't it? Isn't this really really smart?

Yo, Vince, I think you put the wrong word in quotation marks.

Vince, Vince, Vince!

But what happened to "Lexy"? Well, here's some more shots:
Oh, they're totally going to hook up. For sure.
No, this won't be going anywhere. Just look at the following shot. Vince harasses her to give him a hug, and it's obvious that she just wants to get away. What I found especially hilarious was that he then jumps up and kisses her on the cheek. Isn't that cute? He's just like a cute little squirrel.

Just looking at this shot, you could be forgiven for thinking that Vince attacks that poor girl.

But wait, there's more! In the comment thread on YouTube, I came across this gem:

So, to make it clear: What Vince received is called a group message. This girl simply sent this to everyone whose number she's got in the phone, and for a party girl this makes absolute sense. I don't quite understand Vince's broken English, but he seemingly wants to say that girls like that are common in his life. So, Vince, do you mean that you occasionally get random text messages that lead to nothing at all, and that you don't mind looking for some random chick at 6 a.m. (because you haven't gotten laid)?

Further, "1xSuperman" doesn't get that "Lexy" actually has rejected him, and so have all the other girls he didn't end up having sex with. Sure, Vince can fool himself by saying that "rejection doesn't existe in my frame of mind", and that "all the girls were very welcoming." I certainly didn't get the impression from this video, which was obviously cherry-picked from countless interactions (hint: why do you think there are cuts if this somehow hadn't been the case?). If anything, they give him a chance to not lose face in public. Think of the girl sitting on the parking bench. He molested her, and she looked down to give him the clear signal that he should piss off. Yet, he doesn't take the hint.


  1. It's amazing how someone who is covered in pussy all 9's and 10's, has the time to devote to other men.

    1. Anonymous what would be the correct amount of criticism that you would approve of?

      -Aaron posts twice a week on avg
      -avg post's size 20 mins of work
      - a week has 10,080 minutes

      Aaron in invests 0,39% of his time on criticizing scammers.

      What percentage would your highness approve of?

    2. Also, Aaron has never claimed to be "drowning in 9s and 10s"-that's what the scammers claim.

      What Aaron says in his book is that even with super minimal game, getting many varied lays is too much work and he was exhausted from a year of doing it.

      He also says that to have a bunch of effortless lays with no work, you need to be super famous or something like that.

      PUAs claim that getting of new pussy is easy and effortless if you have their ultra magical secret system. Aaron claims it's a lot of work and he would prefer to be with one hot chick plus whatever comes along randomly.

    3. How short is Vince?

      I'm 5f10, but virtually every girl he encounters is taller then him....

      I've been approached by taller girls or have been flirted with by them, but I still prefer a girl to be just a bit shorter then me (when wearing flats).

  2. I see you bump into the post on V.K aka papa smurf Lol .

  3. What I think is funny about VK is that he dresses in a way I don't think would be appropriate for a man his age.

    I have always thought it's ok to hit on younger women. I do it all the time. BUT don't try to act like/be like/look like someone half your age!

    You can be an older guy, just make sure you don't look like her dad, that's all.

    1. Vince Kelvin looks and acts like a very old fifteen year old. It's sad to watch. In comparison, look at how musicians refine their style as they grow older. Vince doesn't. He just adds more "bling."

  4. Hahahahh This man will reframe a homosexual into believing he wasn't ready for him!

  5. Hey, the brunette in the 2 set is actually pretty cute. But seriously, this guy is ridiculous. He looks like a mish-mash of every single 80's glam rock band that existed.

  6. What's most disturbing for me is that guys eat this shit up. Look at the comments and all the thumbs up this vid gets. VK's laughing himself stupid. I would too if I were him.

    1. The funny part is that there are many guys who are just as deluded as VK, but don't realize it.

      I was reading a post by Roosh fans, and they were mocking VK... They were saying "oh, when people mock us and our super magical game powers, they're really mocking VK"

      Those guys are actually just as deluded as VK, but think they're unlike him.

    2. Fantastic! I just wrote a post on this problem, but I doubt it will help the people suffering from cognitive dissonance.

  7. I don't know if this is legit or not (judging from the haircut it has to be Vince), but on another forum there is currently a Vince Kelvin sex tape floating around. Before you ask your cat to claw out your eyes, be informed that Vince first gets a BJ from a fattie, then bangs the fattie in missionary position and all this next to a passed out person.

    Do not watch this immediately after eating, otherwise you might just chunder everywhere!

    1. This is fabulous! I'll make a separate blog post about the video. However, I am sure some of his fans will hold Vince in even higher regard afterwards due to their utter lack of experience.

  8. I feel bad for the way these guys pray on inexperienced guys insecurities and make them much more fucked in the process.

    Just look at the comments on the youtube video on what guys there are impressed by :
    - Its awesome how no matter what they say, you always have something witty that you can come back with
    - Vince has zero approach anxiety
    - Your direct approches are insane
    - I can't believe he can make her just hang up the phone like that. Serious skills!

    At some point guys need to wake up and realize that the goal is to get laid and not "get mad skills", "do direct approaches", "be able to approach even the most impossible sets", "have awesome witty lines" etc.

    1. I fully agree. Further, I get the impression that fans of guys like Vince Kelvin lack experience and thus give him "mad props."

  9. I love how he keeps explaining to those young girls how he waited for them and shit so long that he ran out of breath and just spat out hello with last breath. who fucking cares why/how you did it just say hello stupid

  10. The fanboys equate "good or neutral reaction" to a greeting with actually laying the girls later. To be fair, this guy has a good ability to make people laugh because he's over the top, but I don't see any form of sexual interest here.

  11. Now that I think about it, this vid is actually cool. It shows that you can act weird and socially unaware, and still, most girls are nice, even if they are not interested. That would be the only interest of Vince: to show how patient and pain-tolerant most women are.

  12. Guys,
    We all think he is a douchebag but what I see is that he gets what he wants. He gets young women, he even has a sex tape with 2 gorgeous women on his bed.
    how does he do that? I think he lives in his mind and he is doing great. but he can't teach anyone how to be like him. people need to discover their own ways.

    1. Buddy,

      calling the women in his sex tape "gorgeous" is a bit of a stretch, isn't it? It you really think they were, then life must be wonderful because where other men see fatties everywhere, you see a myriad of "SHBs". If this is "going great" for you, then maybe you should acquaint yourself with what people commonly consider "good-looking women". If you watch Vince Kelvin's videos, you get the impression that he can't even get the uglies and the fatties.

      If you want to give me any of that "his personal ten" bullshit, then maybe read up on research in anthropology or biology. Ceteris paribus, fatter women are seen as less attractive.

  13. Dude, is it me or does Kelvin look like Alf?


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