Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ad: Bottom-Tier Obese Woman Seeks Top-Tier Male. Losers need not apply.

I received an email from S. some hours ago, who sent me a link to a Craigslist ad that kept getting funnier until the very end. It is a fantastic example of female entitlement. The text is shown below. As it seems, it's not overly difficult to find ads, either on Craigslist or elsewhere, where utterly delusional women demand their Prince Charming to contact them, like, right fucking now.

(Source: Craigslist)

So, guys, look what's on offer:

- she's fat
- she's old
- she's delusional (sorry, sister, but obese women are not attractive)
- she's uneducated, based on spelling and grammar
- she's a parasite that wants to extract resources from you ("must be able to host")
- she doesn't care about your sexual needs at all

Of course, you'd have to be successful, your life has to be in order, but at the same time you'd have to be available "in the late morning early afternoon". Woman, listen, you're looking for a unicorn:

- has money
- is hard working
- yet, somehow has nothing to do all day long
- is very attractive
- loves to make fat old chicks cum
- is content with whacking off once you've left because you don't care about pleasing him at all

I bet guys like that dream of banging bottom-tier women.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. A unicorn is quite an understatment for what she wants.

  2. haha, trust me this is a whole lot more common then you might think!

    Sometimes I think it's a bit of a defense mechanism. I think that by placing their standards so high, they never have to take a look at themselves and see where they actually stand. In their mind, they 're probably on the same level.

    You can see the same with men who are out of shape but demand a women that's in shape.

  3. Literally 50% of the online dating world. IMO though, she'll name off her best like she's selling something of value and we're all bidding, but take anyone that gives her the time of day. I believe she's well aware of what she sounds like (unless she truly is this incredibly delusional), but she's a better business woman than seducer, creating scarcity out of absolutely nothing.

  4. i wanted to puke, but without female entitlement its doubtful females would have
    survived in ancient times.
    since they cant stand pressure at all apparently.

    but seriously i wanted to puke.
    "i will be picky" so other bitches are picky too
    who are much hotter then you and with less demands. oh. damn the demands
    this was crazy, i wanted to puke.

    where do you find those crazy internet holes?

  5. Just a normal day at the office, err, in the online dating world. If you would rip off the girls in their pictures of their myspace angles, makeup, carefully chosen light and instagram filters, there isn't really much left of what you saw, err, were tricked to see, in the picture.

  6. Perhaps our hypnosis experts could chime in and report if they can find any embedded NLP commands in that ad.

  7. Unfortunately, given the rise of male thirst these days, she will eventually find a suitor with at least three of her chosen qualities. The current sexual market place goes something like this:

    Alpha males>beautiful females>ugly, fat, old females>beta males

    I understand there's some exaggeration in my assessment but women are the choosy gender when it comes to sex either way. Something has to give in the market.

  8. Maybe she's just trying to winnow down the 1000 thirsty replies to reality she'd probably settle for Mr. Shabby

  9. Related to this :

    OMFG !! I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    1. This is incredible. I'm utterly speechless.

    2. Holy Oinkers. This may be the greatest thing I have ever read.

      You know, I think some people just have features they select to look, no matter "what" has them. A lot of people say they like hot white chicks with blue eyes, blonde hair and big tits. This bitch is so hot from being suffocated by fat and high cholesterol that she's constantly sweating. Can't say she doesn't have all that, even if it's coupled with a grotesque package.

      Needless to say, this is SAD

    3. I honestly hope someone is trolling us hard.

      But I fear this is really happening!

      I will never be able to eat pork again! LAWDHAVEMERCY!


  10. Yep, that's Craigslist. Surprised she didn't add "13 inch cock." I've seen more than a few "ISO 13 inch cock" posts lol

  11. This is why pretty much quit online dating a long tine ago. It's supply and demand. The RATIO men to women ranges from 4:1 to 10:1 on these online dating sites. Despite some good success stories online from 2004 to 2006, around 2006 when online dating became more popular, the gender disparity between men and women, seeing these Jabba The Hut looking women demanding Mr Six Foot Plus Alpha Man made me pretty much quit online dating. At least I person doing what some call day game, you aren't getting aren't getting blown off by women slightly beneath you in such an arrogant way!

    So I only use online dating for a week or two a year. It's too rigged against men.

    1. why bother, it;s just more sluts and whores looking to increase their option pools while lying, cheating, stealing, killing even - we called it prostitution back in the day, and men are always paying for it one way or another... lol! Hookers - that nobody wants, because they're children who blame and never grow up - not real women, but them bitches got to be real women by doing the same things. I say fk em all - they got no respect and just WANT.

  12. Aaron, in Europe and the rest of the world this level of stupidity may seem unbelievable, but as far as US female "standards" go, they are nothing unusual. Hell, I even wager to say they are kind of tame- considering the level of attention they got from mangina white knight, praising and worshiping them 24/7 non-stop.

  13. Yes to the comment above and supporting them bashing slim women. Ridiculous.

  14. funny, the parasitic gestator off all mankind filled with her 'udder disrespect' posted this all over Americunt - I mean America. Keep ignoring the loser whore boys, guys, men - all they got is their life of lies and WANT - and WANT is The Great Whore mentality of NO RESPECT - JUST EXPECT. If it acts, talks, walks like a whore - guess what? Also feminism started in the ghettos - where whores lived, who nobody wanted so they approached and guilt tripped humanity and society to pay their ways through life = you work so she doesn't have to. Let natural selection take it's course - as you can see, it already is. They're mentality and being is in a die off, not men's, watch - they're about ready to eliminate each other = enjoy the show.


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