Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Open Thread: March 2015

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation to the monthly 'Open Thread'.

In short, it you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and the other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.


  1. Some thoughts on often discussed stuff.

    “What’s the meaning of life”? -Dumbest question ever. We are here and only for a limited time. All you need know. Anything beyond that is a mental jerk-off.

    Maybe looking for patterns and finding a reason for occurrences in our environment has helped us survive through history, but even if, this is not relevant for finding a sense in life. If you need a sense in life in order to live it, you’re fucked. Is there destiny or is everything random? – No matter. We can’t change it anyway. Stop asking yourself questions you’ll never find answers for. Total waste of time. Time is limited.

    “Uhh, I just want to be happy, I don’t care about material factors, all I need happiness”. – You’re just the same as a drug addict. Happiness is per definition a temporary state in which you’re brain is high on feel-good hormones.

    We agree that alcohol and drugs are bad, because we know that they make us feel good and later we pay the price. Depression big time. Let’s inject another dose. Oh, fuck, tolerance has gone up, we need more. Sounds familiar? Last years version of luck is not good enough anymore? Need more? More excitement? More love, more money, more friends, more influence?

    Don’t pursuit happiness, lower your fucking standards and if happiness comes along, just go with the flow. It will fade away anyway so better don’t be attached to it. The next wave will come, or maybe not.

    “I’m a woman, I have a sixth sense, it’s the female intuition. Men don’t have it.” My ass, stop comparing apples and pears. All you have is more social exposure than the average male of the same age. Little girls have more vocabulary then little boys. Female intuition is not gender specific, it’s just intuition itself. Any man can have the same feeling in social situations as a woman. All that man needs to do is expose himself to social interactions. Get a job a a sales person or a clerk at a hotel. After two years you will realize that women are not blessed with a magical gift.

    “I can do several things at a time, I’m a women”. Sure, especially when all these things have routinely been trained. Men can do this, too, but chose very often not to, since with every added task, the quality of the individual tasks is going down. But women might be willing to pay that price in order to fulfil their need of constant distraction and exterior validation. Exceptions exist – to be found in academic areas, rather rare though.

    Cut the crap. Please.

    1. About the meaning of life and "happiness" as a purpose:

      -In my humble opinion, it's STUPID trying to find an objective purpose in life. Every individual is free of finding purpose by their own (and not because some religious/political/etcetera asshole told), but always respecting the individual freedoms of other humans.

      -As 'happiness' as a purpose, I concurr with you. It's a task worthy of Don Quixote, as happiness is a mood, not a state or mind. The successful individuals have clear and realistic purposes and, when they accomplish them, they don't stagger and rejoice in their victories, they strive for the next great challenge.

    2. The meaning of life is simply whatever meaning you give to it.

  2. Aaron, are you going to comment on the whole Roosh vs Krauser rift that happened last week?

    Roosh, while a fraud in his own right, definitely raised a lot of salient points on how Krauser doesn't really give a shit about helping men, but rather, only cares for increasing his bankroll. What is definitely sad is just how many men defend that Strauss doppelganger as a "real PUA" and can't see just how well he has con them all. I mean, a look at his past "infield" and "date" videos are enough to tell you just how bad he really is with women.

    Any man with enough experiences with women and social acuity can tell you that but alas, there in lies the problem with the whole PUA community. It targets the socially un-adjusted losers who can't tell the difference between some chick being polite versus being sexually attracted to you.

    1. It appears as though cute women are becoming an endangered species?

      Well, that's the vibe I got from looking at Krauser's site. Check it out,

      "I’m not a generous person. I was genuinely conflicted about whether to write this book. It gives away ALL of my secrets. Do I really want more men forcing their way into the Secret Society and competing for my women?"

      Anyone with a bit of common sense would be snickering rather hard while reading something like that. I'm quite sure I read somewhere before about a guy praising up Krauser for keeping a girl "warm" for a year through "long text game".

      This is quite funny too,

    2. LOL.

      "Do I really want more men forcing their way into the Secret Society and competing for my women?"

      That guy is a bullshitter through and through. Classic way of making unsuspecting men thinking they're getting a "secret", when in fact, he's simply milking them for their money.

      Something that's also pathetic about the guy is how he thinks only his method of "game" is legit. Anything else that leverages your looks, money, or even status is seen, according to him, as cheating or "not real game." See:

      "I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of PUAs / players I've met who can consistently bang girls better-looking than they are. Almost everyone else is leveraging something else - looks, money, a scene "in", SEA - or else just plain lying."


      It just never ends with these charlatans.

    3. Coming from Roosh, that is the height of irony - considering the man has basically turned his whole Internet persona into a money-spinning machine. Heck, he even decided to latch his train onto that whole Gamer Gate debacle just so he could get a bigger market niche to leech suckers from (and gaming is a perfect place for him to do that - so many frustrated virgins to market "Game" to).

    4. Well, roosh basically created the jezebel of the manospwhere with the whole RoK Riaxxion sites.

      Most RoK articles are pretty bad, clickbait, or stuff others have written better. Often I find the 'logic' employed a bit stretched. And the less said about reaxxion "I want in on those gamergate clicks!' the better.

      At times I wonder how easy it would be to write troll articles for both sites. (I wonder how many actually are fake articles written by trolls ...).

  3. I want to say something about jealousy.
    -Jealousy is not the same thing as envy. The core emotion in jealousy is fear, and in envy the core emotion is resentment

    -Jealousy stems from a poor sense of self-worthiness. You don't believe that you are good enough to get that girl/keeping her, so you always feel that she will leave you or she's going to be with another guy.

    -While being jealous in a relationship is somewhat in a relationship is somewhat normal (but NOT a good sign), being jealous because some guy is flirting or befriending a girl that you're pining from a long time is UTTERLY STUPID. And yes, I've been in that place, and right NOW I'm struggling with that. It's stupid because she isn't even "yours". You're just a friend/acquintance/a guy who she flirted once, but you thought that you got a shot with her (and maybe you actually lost it).

    -Many, MANY TIMES, jealousy is a symptom of a very passive personality. The jealous guy expects that she does all the job. For example: in december I met a girl, and I felt that we had a conection, and even other guy pointed that. She later started to seek me in Facebook, tried to talk with me, etc. But I got overconfident and ignored her. She lost interest. Ironically, this same guy who told me about me and her, started to flirt with her in Facebook. I didn't took it well. But actually, I realized that it was my fault, not her. She did what she could, and I didn't cooperate. I lost my shot, end of the story. And many jealous guys are the same: they FEEL that they have "done enough" to get her, but in fact they hava barely done anything. They (we) were LAZY.

    -Jealousy can be overcome by accepting a couple of facts: no matter if you and her flirted, made out or had a couple of dates, IF you haven't sticked you dick in her pussy, she isn't yours, PERIOD; understand that SHE IS JUST A GIRL, she is just another human being, and if she chose another guy over you, you mustn't view that as a proof of your "inferiority", you didn't "lose" to him, don't be to harsh with yourself; starting to accept yourself as you are, with your flaws and strengths, sounds cliché but is true, because if you don't like yourself, how the FUCK can you expect that someone else will like you?.

    For many times, I've been told to "be a man", "don't being a pussy". What that means is that I shouldn't take things in a personal way, and the acceptance or rejection of a girl doesn't define you. What defines me as a person are my choices. I could chose to let that my emotions and peace of mind depends in factors that I couldn't control, or I could start to harness my own feelings and be stronger. Just because a girl would chose another guy over me, doesn't mean that I'm a loser.

    1. loser is about perception,
      anyway i can relate a little bit about what your say about being passive, but
      i think you still go overboard, like well, take facecrap for instance
      it was said that internet is just no good simply because we enter mindstate
      that is too much picky for our "hotness" so bitches you would fuck you wont fuck on the internet + chick might cover her self up.

      and you only feel bad because u saw someother guy take her would you feel bad if nobody would take her and she still looks the same?
      if no then you didnt find the bitch hot in 1st place.

      by the way even if you fuck a bitch she still isnt yours, she can always cheat.

      and even if you think some bitch will cheat, if she likes me i would fuck her anyway.

    2. but I've felt like a loser when it comes to women because they have never liked me - all through late middle school, through highschool, into college and adulthood. I've been alone most of my life, and each rejection carries more weight and solidifies my perception of being a loser. I feel like a defective toy that no kid wants to play with. Ironically I do pretty well and I'm a confident person, as well as outgoing - but I need the external validation from a woman to complete congruency. We all do. It's hard not to feel jealous or resentment or envy, whatever feeling.... when those around me aren't really good with women, don't dress well, aren't very outgoing, yet still manage to find someone. It's borderline twilight zone shit. We all know someone who just sits on their ass and everything seems to comes to them.I'm almost desperate enough to do cold approaches, then give up after that.

  4. This has to be the funniest tweet I've seen in a while,

    The comment by "Jay Fivekiller" is priceless.

    Btw, that's PUA/manospherian Matt Forney on the far left in the white shirt. Matt can't seem to get laid in the US. As anyone can see, it's certainly not his looks that are holding him back.

  5. Hi Sleaze
    I know it's German, but the comments are gold. Fortunately there are still countries with a critical view on gender politics.

    1. Well, the comments to that article are more insightful than the article itself, which is full of non-sequiturs and questionable claims.

    2. Totally agree. I read the nzz more for the comments than for the articles. I have learned more from them.

  6. Sleaze, when are you gonna post your writeup on the absurd adulation of mothers? ;)
    Best, M_P

  7. I just came upon a beauty post. This only confirms to me that a) manosphere/red pill bloggers are retards and b) their followers are just as dumb.

    Thumotic's recent post is hilarious.

    While I agree with him that PUA's are morons and "lifestyle game" is the way to go, I couldn't help but notice one glaring hole with Frost......He recommends PUA's on his blogroll. And, at the end of the article he ACTUALLY recommends 2 books by PUA's. He recommends "Daygame Nitro" by Krauser and "Daybang" by Roosh. I know without even reading a page of either book that they are BULLSHIT!

    Since I am promoting a healthy lifestyle on my site, would it not be odd if I had ads advertising fast food, or, even better, click here to get 15% off your next pack of cigarettes?

    Frost should just admit that he enjoys the Amazon commissions off of the more expensive bullshit PUA books.


    Found this on unilad site, I think it says it all, and well played by the gentleman...

    Although this has become an outlet for guys who are short and get rejected a lot, or probably just cause they believe it is their height that they are rejected. There is a reddit page for this too...

    I tells us what most people already know, that being tall is a great for getting women. And should be leveraged (ie insoles, meeting women in person, meeting smaller women, showing photos on tinder of you with smaller people etc).

    But it also shows the entitlement mentality of women, expect and wanting tall guys cause they are attracted to it, when they dont want to be judged on somethign physical (ie weight).


  9. Guys, what do you think about this

    1. THAT is a PRIME example of female dishonesty. Not admitting, that they'd fuck guys primarily for their looks, entirely discarding the comfort/personality-B.S.. But still lying to poor guys, who have no clues and believe the false fairy-tales women and movies tell them.

      The brilliant phrase of Aaron's still stands, it is truth from the mountain and it sums it ALL up (compiled from a review of Mark Manson's "book" "Models"):

      „… Freud’s infamous quote that even after thirty years of counseling he still doesn’t
      know what women want. I just love to pick this quote apart whenever someone utters it in my presence, and my arrogant standard response is, that Freud obviously spent too much time listening to women and too little fucking them. […] But just as most guys like skinny chicks with perky boobs and firm asses, so do women want tall, muscular, handsome men with BIG dicks. Oh and they also love money, so if you’ve got plenty, it wouldn’t even matter if you looked like Quasimodo. […] What women want is really obvious. As I said before, they are attracted to good-looking, masculine guys, and it would be awesome if they had money, too.“ (A. S.)

      There's an interesting comparable post by a German female "flirtcoach" for women:
      In this video she gives women "tips for flirting", actually she's merely promoting a new book of hers and her long winding, laborious "advice" to women basically feeds their pathological female narcissm and just fucks up their mind even further. What I particularly like about this video is not the content, but a user comment to this video by a guy named "Tornado IDS".
      He cuts right through the dishonest female bullshit and answers her bluntly:
      "No you're wrong. This is done entirely differently. Walk up to the guy and ask him in his face (!): 'Wanna fuck me?', cuz at the end of the day that's what it's all about or am I seriously mistaken? So don't beat around the bush, keep your fuckin' lying (pseudo-)psychology for yourself and get right to the point. I'm writing this on behalf of all those men, who've got everything they wish for anyway and always get what they want, even though I'm not one of them. Have fun with telling your lies, Ms. Fürst."

      ("Nein, das wird ganz anders gemacht. Zum Mann hingehen und ihn direkt (!) fragen: "Willst Du mich ficken?", denn darum geht es doch letztendlich und einzig und allein oder täusche ich mich da?? Also fackelt nicht lange rum, spart Euch Eure verdrehte und verlogene (Anfänger-)Psychologie und kommt gleich zur Sache. Ich schreibe dies im Namen der Männer, die sowieso schon alles haben und auch ständig bekommen. Ich selbst gehöre leider nicht dazu. Viel Spaß weiterhin beim Lügen, Frau Fürst.")

      I do like this guy & his reply! ;)

    2. Ah, I made a mistake in my previous comment. In her "video" Ms. Fürst is coaching women mainly on how to give EC and how to be as actively passive as possible, in oder for guys to approach them (thus the standard lazy female fare). In a book of hers on flirting on the other hand, she's feeding the female narcicisst ego. I mixed this up in my comment. Sorry!

    3. "Chemistry", what a fucking buzzword.
      I agree with you, Marco. I remember a girl that I dated once. I was talking with her of the most boring and polemic topics at the time in my country, and she was like OMG so exciting, and every lame joke I did was hilarious to her. Obviously, any moronic PUA would attribute all this things to my "storytelling skills" or my "good sense of humor". For me, it was more like she was really horny and into me, and all the brain chemicals that her brain was absorbing made her so fizzy and happy. There's a saying here in my place that says: "When the small head heats, the big one don't thinks", and it seems that also applies to women.
      (And by the way, no, I didn't get laid with her, I chickened out at the escalation)

  10. I think you might find this article I saw on interesting. The author puts all the blame on men for the decline in marriages, without acknowledging what a terrible deal it has become for them.
    Oh and here is the thread it was posted on, it has some interesting statistics.

    1. What an absurd article! Seriously, I'm still drying my tears.

      This is a real gem: "And that means the girls have to live by the guys’ demands. And that means less romance. They don’t date. The girls, I have talked to numerous young women, lament the fact that they don’t have the opportunity to dress up and go out for an event."

      Poor sistas.. Oh, just what a hard & cruel world are we living in? :D

    2. Because the only way you can get an opportunity to dress up and go out for an event is when your man creates it for you. No way a girl can decide something for herself. Or tell her guy that she wants to go and he should go along. A man needs to decide everything. (I'm sarcastic of course).

      In my country it is not that strange to go to gala like events with your girlfriend being the driving force of going. (As in, she comes up with the idea).

      Of course that is not the problem. They want a magical man who already wants what she wants, and magically understands the type of romance she wants, and gives that to her. (The 'he just gets it' guy).

      And this part of the article:
      "Young women who adhere to a moral code and refuse to participate in the “hook up” culture are now considered social misfits, Crouse pointed out. And they face even more daunting odds of finding a husband than their promiscuous sisters."
      Just has me calling bullshit all together.

      Yeah, not putting out makes it harder to find a guy. But you don't get named and shamed as a non-slut by other women. At least that is my experience. Most women still heavily slutshame and backstab. Feminism or no feminism.

    3. Yeah, the issue here at hand simply is that most men do not intend to get their life fucked up by women as obediently as they used to in past decades. By and large they refuse to enter the sex vs. commitment-tradeoff, to which women feel so naturally entitled to. This of course means that for a large portion women (due to cultural & sisterhood conditioning, aka. "The Pussy Cartel") cannot really enjoy a natural, equality-based sex-for-sex-tradeoff without additional incentives, which of course means that they don't want to make a "bad deal", which in turn means, that they feel that they as women are superior to men, of course just because they are women. Talking about pathological female narcissm.

      How sad, that many women are not having the opportunities, to parade the conditioned men they were able to snatch triunphantly around in front of other women dressed in equally silly gowns and boasting with their trophy.

      And with regard to the "social misfits"-argument: a man has the right to say no and move on, if a girl he'd like to bang only wants to allow him the position of provider-status and keep sex on hold. It's only fair, cuz girls have been doing the same for aeons. Girls should be aware that men are basically, mainly or (in somen cases) solely interested in any interaction and conversation with them BECAUSE OF SEX. That's all and that is the truth.

      The real misry for those nagging chix is not, that they miss sex, but that they're getting pedagogically valuable feedback, i. e. that they're fungible and nothing special (just as nobody on this planet is). This of course is quite a blow to their own splendid self-image as princesses, queen bees & whathaveyou done by mere "sub-level" creatures and pigs like men. This very damage is where their pain is located - and apparently they just cannot bear it...

    4. if i am a pig then i dont want to do anything with this woman, their source is that
      they have a false conception of things now that they are hit with a contradiction, they frustrated? now if only they would change their understanding, but i bet
      instead they will delusion themselves with rationalizations and keep beliving this,
      of course since its false they gonna hit those cotradicitons again and eventually will start to avoid those situations>? or delude themselves more?
      some women might change their misconceptions though by actually considering the feedback, but we already know that pressure and logic is no good with women. maybe they will start looking for those pua female versions, and get
      alot of bucks sucked of out them, will feel like how to get lose value to female like style via deception.

  11. Should I buy "How to make friends and influence others" from Dake Carnegie?

    1. No, it is a classic with some timeless advice, but it would be better to search google for a summary of the book.



    Oh the romance, will probably end in 5 years.

    Bigger issue is the need to please women, implicitly showing you are not good enough as is, or do extravagant actions to get what she wants. He will probably end up in debt she too the wedding, holidays, and mortgage All to keep her happy. While she would fuck some hot guy for nothing, cause it was exciting.

    If a girl really loved you, she would do anything to be with you.


    1. This one is better :

  13. You have already guess this, but for me is actually quite a revelation.
    The PUAs and the Red Pillers have a huge contradiction in their core principles.
    Okay so, they say that being an "alpha male" is the most attractive trait of a man. And the most important thing on 'being alpha' is to not supplicate anything to women. Most guys buy this kind of mindset without going deeper. And never realize this contradiction: how the hell you can say "don't supplicate to women", when the WHOLE basis of the PUA/Red Pill thing is GETTING PUSSY?!
    I mean, look at all those things that they do just to get pussy. From the old PUA's with their routines and canned pick up lines, to other guys who advise you to "get a cool job', not because you ENJOY IT, but because you want to score chicks. Or like Sleazy says in his book: if you get into yoga lessons just because you want to know girls and not because you have a real interest in yoga, you'll be seen as just a creep who does some shit that he dislikes but stays just to look those hot girls bending her asses off.
    Or those PUA's who told you to became "a challenge", that is, to not to answer their calls quickly, to not always agree with them in everything, etc., and in few words, told you that you must "be tough" and "non-supplicating", but, this isn't a passive way of supplication? Changing yourself in a way you don't feel comfortable just because you want to IMPRESS GIRLS?!
    I had other insights apart from this, but in the heat of the thinking I've forgot them, lol.

  14. Hey Aaron, can you tell us what to expect from your book on Zen meditation?

    1. The main idea is to introduce Zen without the bullshit it is often taught. It's a hands-on guide.

    One of the comments:
    Feynman was actually quite intelligent, and he had excellent critical thinking skills when it came to science and other social conventions. Unfortunately, like many scientific men, it never occurred to him to apply the same healthy skepticism to the domain of social inequality.
    Somebody said 'Historian's fallacy'? Is like saying that greeks were "evil" because they engaged in slave trading, forgetting that slavery was deemed more humanitarian and ethic that just killing the war prisioners or hostages.

    1. Political correctness ("healthy skepticism to the domain of social inequality.") > Empirical evidence.

      If you read the story, the girl made Feynman pay for food after inviting him over to her place. She gets one more sandwich for the guy she wants to fuck, and then uninvites Feynman. So yeah, Feynman is correct. She is worse than a whore, as whores will not go back on deal after money has been exchanged.

      And then the author goes on nerdshaming. Which is stupid as fuck, as most nerds are bigger feminists than feminists. Read this long long long article from a fellow nerd, who is quite mad with feminism (but probably still considers himself a feminist).

    2. One small note, the article is cherry picking quite a bit from the book. Esp the parts where he spends a lot of money on booze for girls, realizes more rich guys do that, and nobody gets something out of it (aka, sex). He only gets 'bar-famous' as the big spender. He at first thinks it is a good thing, but later realizes it is worthless

      The 'master' he talks about actually has his wife buy another guy champagne cocktails for her and feynman. And he even mentions had experienced the same thing. Buying drinks for a girl and her guy.

      The social inequality? Actually the guys being used by the women for free booze.

    3. Yeah, I've read that part and I agree with you. It just striked me that comment because it's stupid trying to apply the "morals" and "ethics" that we follow to ordinary situations from the past. In that time, the whole society was "sexist". There were very few examples of "feminism". It was the exception, not the norm.

    4. Yeah, true. I once recall a girl wanting to protest against all the statues of an old famous scientists in my town. Because he also wrote a few bad things about women (not uncommon in 1600 or something). It was a saner time, as people disregared her idea as silly.

  16. There's been so many great posts lately on sluthate. This was by far the funniest thing I have read in a while,

    "i remember getting into argument with Jeffy from RSD (back when i though this shit was legit) about the whole last minute resistance thing. I said i rarely, if ever, get LMR. He said i wasnt pushing hard enough and was leaving lays on the table!"

    That was thing about "game" that seemed weird to me too. I was always puzzled why I wasn't experiencing LMR. The "gurus" always made it sound as if it was just part of the process and unavoidable lol.

    1. Pushing through LMR agressively is pretty fucked up imho. I encountered it. And it was because the girl was raped before. (I didn't push through, we slept together a few nights later, after she was more comfortable). Sure she was a bit crazy, probably due to the rape in her past. But it would have been pretty bad for her if I had just pushed through.

      The whole push through LMR, 'boyfriend destroyers', and negging stuff is all a bit creepy. Especially with all the focus this stuff gets.

  17. hello guys i have a more tactical question.

    i am going to a gym, and there is a girl i see once a week and a half
    , she always looks at me.
    though she looks at me less and less the last time i smiled at her and she smiled
    at me back and looked away.

    now i never took a move on her, i never even talked to her and by now i saw her 6-7 times
    already, and i am afraid that she might lose interest and the question i have
    well she lose interest if you dont make a move for too long after you start the interaction
    or from the first moment she sees you for the first time??

    the only reason i didnt make a move is because i am
    a) no exprience with strangers(because of past anxieties i have messed up impulses)
    b) she is always with people i dont want to deal with their attention
    sometimes she isnt with people but i am in the middle of working out and dont
    want interrupt my work out.

    so did she loose interest? or how do i deal with the social attention around her? i prefer taking the chance
    when she her attention is free. because she seems like a social parasite,everytime she is alone she
    goes to some one to get attention.

    it seems she might have a thing for me though so i dont know.

    so thats my first time smiling to a stranger after 6-7 times of seeing her looking at me
    in different days. with some serious periods in btw.

  18. Hey guys,

    what’s your opinion of

    I mean they bash PUAs, Roosh, agree on the importance of looks and status and all that, but this forum reminds me a bit of the now closed pua hate.

    All in all too much self loathing, defeatism and over-simplification IMHO.

    Or am I beeing to harsh here?


    1. The fact that some users have names like 'Nigger basher' should ring some alarms in your common sense.
      Besides, there are some pearls of truth between all the trash. At least they aren't deluded PUA's or castrated men, influenced by the feminism and the mainstream, feel-good, dating advice.
      So take everything with a huge grain of salt.

    2. Dude, don't tell me that you don't understand that sluthate actually IS PUAhate !

      It's just a new name.

    3. So I checked sluthate. And I see verbatim copies of stuff I read in the comments here. Way to negative shit for me. Bit of a waste of time. I'm already negative enough.

  19. Hi Anon,
    thanks for your opinion on the matter! Intresting.

    'The fact that some users have names like 'Nigger basher' should ring some alarms in your common sense.'
    Yeah, that's what I think, too!
    Perhaps I should have mentionted the..well.. hate on sluthate in my little list, too.

    For instance I saw one user named 'incel scum' with a profile pic, that showed Anders Breivik, the Oslo bomber, who also gunned down dozens of teenage campers almost 4 years ago.
    Bizzare! To say the very least...

    'Besides, there are some pearls of truth between all the trash.'
    This really sounds to me like the pua hate forum from one year ago. I would prefer, if it was the other way round, i.e. a little trash here and there, but mostly pearls :-/

    'So take everything with a huge grain of salt.' Good advice!


  20. Yo, Aaron (and Alek too):

    I found this thread in Reddit, and it seems quite interesting. The funny thing is that I found it when I was googling something about you, Aaron (the "take what you want" mindset, if can be called like that) and this popped out:

    The only weird thing is that he puts Sinn in the same tier as you and Alek, lol.

    The rest of the thread is mixed between sane skeptics that see the BS in RSD, and deluded men like this:
    If it works, who cares is it is dishonest. People use dishonesty to get ahead all the time. It really depends where your priorities are: Getting ahead or socially constructed morals.


    1. The only weird thing is that he puts Sinn in the same tier as you and Alek, lol.

      Actually from what I remember (I think Aaron had a post about it, or a commenter brought it up),

      - that Sinn guy actually came out saying that he no longer believes in game, and that after wasting a decade on believing in game, he finally awoke and understood there is no such thing as game... He actually finally realized that the hundreds of factors he obsessed over tweaking and optimizing, made no difference, a girl is either interested or isn't...

  21. Yeah, sluthate is puahate.

    I like the "bash the scene" section. There's some pretty funny posts at times. I think the site in general is a little too negative at times though. For instance, some of the guys that post pics of themselves thinking they're hideous are actually really good looking guys that could be swimming in pussy.

    1. Yeah, they rate totally hot guys with a 7, LOL !

    2. It actually did cross my mind, that sluthate might be the follow up of pua hate (the very first hint beeing the word 'hate' in both sites names), but I was not sure about this.

      Now I am! Thanks!

      "I like the "bash the scene" section. There's some pretty funny posts at times."
      I absoultly belive this! I might check this out :D

      "For instance, some of the guys that post pics of themselves thinking they're hideous are actually really good looking guys that could be swimming in pussy."

      Always sad too see that kind of stuff happening! :(

      This was part of the tragedy with this lunatic Elliot Rodgers, who also was a member of pua hate and who was really goodlooking. Maybe a bit feminine, i.e. "faggy", but there are enough hot chicks who dig this kind of look. He was very lean; had he worked out a little and became a bit more toned, he could have been a pussy magnet for sure.
      (The fact that his father was a hollywood producer would have helped also, I guess.)

      His killing spree basically caused the shut down of pua hate, if I remeber correctly. (I think it were the adminds themselves who did this, not the FBI or what have you.)

      Although he was a butcher I can't help to feel sorry for this guy. He really had psychological issues.
      But of course I feel sorry for the victims even more.
      Ironically this guy was full of hate against 'alphas' and 'hot girls' but all of his victims (from the pictures I remeber) where clearly below his league lookwise- both the 2(?) girls and the 4(?) guys. Some of them very juvenile geeky looking asian guys, if I'm not mistaken.
      All of them were still having most of their lives ahead of them...and now they are gone forever.

      Aaron wrote a very good article back then on Avfm about this incident and how the BS mainstream media twisted it to fit their misandric agenda.


    3. ER was quite racist. He had one latino room mate, who had more success with women than him. Rodger was "puzzled" at how that "smelly spic" had more sex than him, and blame his "yellow blood" (it seems that Rodger was part asian).
      And PUAhate had a lot of racism.

    4. By the way, about the guys of Sluthate rating themselves:
      It's funny how Sluthate is the total opposite of the common PUA mindset. PUA's say: You don't need to be good looking to get girls, brah!. And Sluthaters are like: Looks are EVERYTHING. If we can't get laid, it means that we are hideous and disgusting. Shame on us!
      But what Aaron, Alek, and the extinct SeductionMyth say is more balanced: You can't get ALL the chicks you want, get over with it. But with some smart effort in your appearance, and getting a healthy dose of confidence, y can get some girls. Just open your eyes and you'll realize that you already have girls interested in you as you are. Some girls will like you, and some others don't. Stop obsessing for the later and focus on the former. And you'll succeed.
      Also, in SedMyth, it was discussed about how some girls are attracted to you because of genetic compatibility, not because you are alpha, or entertaining or for your DHV. Sure, it can be an attraction based on common interests, but is only one element of the attraction. There are other male traits that are attractive to women, such as the waist-shoulder ratio or the facial symmetry.

      ...But Sluthate is too fatalistic and perfectionist in this point. They're like, if you don't are like this, you'll NEVER get laid.

      Extremes are bad. Really bad.

  22. Yeah, that was a good article Aaron wrote on AVfM. I just read it a minute ago.

    I think PUAhate got a bad rap for no reason. The guy that is behind the blog "Black Pill" said he was on PUAhate quite often and rarely seen Rodgers post on it PUAhate/Sluthate isn't perfect, but I think generally speaking the guys on it aren't bad guys.

    Sites like Roosh V, Returnofkings and Matt pose A LOT of danger for young men. These guys shame you into thinking you're "beta" if you're not getting laid round the clock. Any dating advice that I've ever read on those above sites is BEYOND TERRIBLE! I can pretty much guarantee that guys aren't getting laid/the women they want if they're following dating advice from those clowns. Those sites are toxic for young men, and the results could be disastrous if the wrong guy viewed them.

  23. This is really interesting. Just seen this on sluthate

    1. Really interesting indeed, Mitchel! Thanks for sharing!

      The way you choose to put yourself out there plays a very important role in getting women IMHO.

      I don't think that guy would have gotten nearly as many responses on craigslist or some online dating website. There he would have been just one of many and disappeared in the masses.

      I still would like to know what kind of women applys at him for the girlfriend role and what kind of women offers him sex. What is their sexual market value and their marriage market value? Are they in his league?
      The same kind of woman, who would positively respond to him on an online dating site or in a dance class or in a bar, too?

      Anyways. Eye-opening and encouraging story, I think.

  24. 58 hundreds ? 16 hundreds ? What's that lol, who talks like this haha ?


    another website for you Aaron.

    This is interesting as it is a double standards website...only allowed to take mens photos, not women (so excluding straight men and lesbians from this idea).

    It is also an invasion of privacy, people can just take photos of you (although anonymous) and put them on the public domain.

    Although this started out for gay men, it ended up getting more entries from women.

    On the plus side, it does give an insight on what women find attractive, as they do say if it is a woman's entry or male. So things on facial features, naturals looks, style, body shape, muscles etc.

    Also tells us that girls are attracted to guys, but are too scared to make a move (and so take photos for later use). For a men's perspective, it is that women are available but they either dont want to do anything about it or dont know if they are available

    This reminds me of the "penis cam video"



    Some woman tried the "street harassment" experiment in Sydney, wasn't harassed, and isn't happy about it.

  27. OMG!

    I just found this piece of gold here:

    I just read the first two paragraphs, but I'm optimistic, this is going to be hilarious!

    Get your popcorn and some diapers to keep your pants dry :D


    1. Holy shit there is so much wrong with that article. Goes without saying it was written by a fat woman.

    2. "If you’re a single woman, you probably envisioned your twenties as a roaring social scene full of expensive dinners and lavish nights out. You probably thought you’d have a boyfriend, or at least a few dates a week."

      I love it. That girl feels so entitled it's ridiculous. However, yes, men are becoming pussier than before (I admit I'm no exception, even if I'm working on it), but she maybe should search what the causes for this are before complaining.

      Anyway thanks for that goldmine man, I appreciate the troll.

  28. This is hilarious. Roosh let Mike Chang from "sixpack shortcuts" do a guest post on returnofkings.

    This guy left a hilarious comment in the comment section,

    "God dammnit Roosh, if you're going to allow people to buy posts here, at least make sure the person/product is reputable. You just posted not TWO MONTHS ago saying you don't like these ads. Why are you letting him do this shit again? WTF man? If you need more money, please, write your own "sponsored posts" and request it! I'll certainly donate if it means getting rid of this garbage."


    This is a classic case of self entitlement, of a woman believing she can get away with shit and expect she is in the right....its a good thing this guy got this shit recorded, as i would not be surprised if she put in a false rape claim or even an assult charge.

    Classic how he ignores and responds at the end.


    - always test the girl to see if she is worthy
    - dont trust words but actions
    - record all text conversations with girls, get evidence!


  30. Hi guys,

    have you heard/read about this?

    If this is true, I really am speachless! 0_o


    1. Alpha fucks, beta bucks

    2. It is true, and has been known for decades in sciene. I'm guessing this is a news story about someone just re-confirming it.

      But it hasn't even been disputed by anyone that I know of.


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