Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Girlfriend flirts with other guy, hands out number. Should I be upset?"

I stumbled upon an amusing post on the MISC on Some guy hangs out with his girl, and he's so alpha that he doesn't mind of some other 'bro' picks her up in front of him:

I don't know if I should be pissed or not brahs pls help. So we go out with my friends and there's a couple guys there who I haven't met but are friends of friends. The one talked to my gf here and there but nothing over the line, he seemed like some beta trying to do the nice guy act and I wasn't bothered. I'm also not sure if he knew we were together because we weren't very touchy. But anyway I go to the bathroom later and I sit down and I'm actually third wheeling while they're chatting and I didnt want to be needy so I become a bit annoyed and I strike up a conversation with some girls across from me to not look awkward and I eaves drop on my gf and the conversation seems neutral, nothing that makes her seem slutty (aside from the fact that she should have acknowledged me when I sat down) but then while I talk to the girls I hear her spelling her name and I see he's busy typing her number in his phone. Wtf. So I ask her what's going on and she says oh no he was telling me about these zero calorie energy drinks and it sounded interesting so I gave him my number about it. Fukin lmao really?? Thing is she was quite drunk and she genuinely did not realise she was being slooty which is why I feel bad for being pissed at her because she's just naive like that she thought he was being nice but I mean I don't want my btch giving out her number while I'm right there. Misc wut do? Am I overreacting?

This is a quite remarkable post. First, the guy is the definition of a 'beta' who let's his girl walk all over him. Just imagine the situation: he just sits there like an idiot ('third wheeling') while the other guy talks to his woman. Note that she isn't bothered by this at all. It sounds as if she had completely forgotten about him in the moment.

Of further note is that she thinks he's a fool. Girls are not stupid, and know that guys don't really care all that much about whatever topic she might be interested in on a superficial level. She wants some new dick, and mocks her boyfriend by feeding him a bullshit line about "zero calorie energy drinks". You can't make this up!

If a woman ever treats you that badly, you know it's time to move on. Looking for excuses for her behavior should be the last thing on your mind.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. Staggering, but the bullshit men accept from women is really beyond belief at times.

    The funny thing is that he taught the other guy was the beta. Seems like slutty girlfriends and men falling for pua are each other's best friends.

    1. @Geert: There is this saying: "You two really deserve each other."

      I agree with Yohami, he does not need to have a cow now, he should just draw the consequenses, i.e. dump her ASAP.

      He maybe could also downgrate her to a mere fuck buddy and dump her after a few more fuck sessions.

      But it's propably better for his psyche to just dump her right away and move on.


  2. This guy is an idiot! Its not his girl that is naïve, he is and doesn't know how the world runs between and women. Every time a guy has to "be alpha" and acting like he's the boss he's just compensating his insecurities.

    But I love those guys. Dont know how many times I befriended them and grabbed his girls ass, got her number behind his back and met her a few days later.
    The moment I first saw her I knew and had the impression she was tired of her "alpha boyfriend" and wanted a real man. I just had to act on that.

    1. I'm torn on this issue.

      I've reflected on sleeping with women that are (or rather of whom I know that they are) in a committed (non-open) relationship many times since puberty (I never did so far by the way) and there are two reasons why I think that I would* - although I think it's immoral in way- :

      1) Not doing so would lead to a dramatically smaller pool of potential sex partners for me. And horny as I am I won’t allow that to happen.

      2) Most men (I guess) would have exactly 0 qualms fucking my girl behind my back (some even would love to shove it in my face) if they knew they could do so and that they could do so without any negative consequences. Man is wolf to his fellow man.
      (That includes me as well! Mea culpa.)

      On the other hand I am often times shocked how hostile most men (and society as a whole) react towards hubbies or cheated men in general.
      Sometimes I feel even a child molester gets more respect than those poor guys.

      But when one of those humiliated suckers then goes on a killing spree, everyone is shocked and feminists babble something about male entitlement and the evil manhood, women being viewed as possession etc.
      (Please note that I don't want to legitimize these deeds nor do I want to promote stone age BS like getting stoned for adultery or 'honour' killings etc.)

      I’ve read, that in some cases being cheated can lead to PTSD-like symptoms. I can’t remember the source now and I can’t say, if this is indeed the case, but at least I personally can imagine, it is.

      And I’ve heard about poor hubbies whose wives blackmailed them to actually drive them to their lover boys for the fuck session, if they want to keep in touch with their children.
      And please don’t tell me it’s these guys own fault. I know, I know. Of course it is. But only partly. Mainly it’s those women’s fault for acting like a lower life form without a shred of humanity in them. Don’t we forget that! Lets stop excusing female rotten behaviour just because it is female behaviour!

      In our legal system, you as a man can do almost nothing to stop your wife/partner when she is acting like a vile bitch.
      And there are quite some women whose personality changes for the worse, once they give birth to their first child or hit their menopause.

      And the fact, that the amount of females without serious mental issues in their -lets say-early to mid twenties is not that high to begin with, leads IMHO to the conclusion, that many relationships and marriages are doomed from the very first moment –not (mainly) because the man is a wuss/beta/looser/sucker (also you surly have no shortage of those guys either), but because THE WOMAN is not fit for a relationship and maybe never was for one second in her whole fucking life!

      I’m sorry! I really don’t want to play the role of the Grinch here, but that’s how I see it.
      (I hope I’m wrong! I really do!)

      (*Please note that I'm only talking about the women of guys I don't or hardly know.
      Getting involved with your friends or colleagues or bosses or neighbours wife is a among the lowest and/or dumbest things I can image for more reasons I can count.)

      Take care, buddies!


  3. Sit down, put her arm around her and be friendly with the guy,join the conversation.
    Acting passive was "beta" not the guy.
    "Brah", you have been quasi-cuckolded

  4. Unrelated to the topic, but a link to the open thread might help. (I know it is only a few clicks away).

  5. No wonder the guy thought the girl was free/didn't give a fuck about her being in a relationship, if her boyfriend is like that.

  6. Just a guess, but likely this guy's girlfriend is somewhat attractive and he doesn't think he could get another girl this good looking again. He should totally have some self respect and find another woman. She obviously doesn't respect him.

    1. I'd say he should first discuss this openly with his GF and make his boundaries clear to her. We don't know the backstory of their relationship and how they run things together. If she doesn't recognize her responsibilities and if he cannot address them, then he'd might be better off without her.

  7. It seems the only way a man can relax and not have to worry is to date a woman at least one point lower than him. She has to be the reacher and him the settler, all else being equal (normal rules might not apply if you're really rich and powerful e.g. president of the usa, etc).
    I'm no celebrity worshiper but you'll these famous, good looking dudes end up marrying cute (and probably sweet) girls, not really hot girls. The cute, sweet girls will worship them because his status/looks is enough to validate her amongst other women.

  8. Always interesting to see somebody drunk as you often get a good insight into what a person is really like when their inhibitions are lowered. In this case, it speaks volumes about the girlfriend. The fellow's post already speaks volumes about how unaware he is.....

  9. Haha... That bitch is just like my ex-wife. And the guy is a moron, just like I used to be.

  10. I'd say he should first discuss this openly with his GF and make his boundaries clear to her. We don't know the backstory of their relationship and how they run things together. If she doesn't recognize her responsibilities and if he cannot address them, then he'd might be better off without her.

    Sorry Marco, respect is non negotiable. Action speaks louder than words, especially with women.

  11. Hey, do I have to buy club game to get into the forum?

  12. Roosh on American TV:

  13. Seems like guy the gets what he deserves (not that anyone really deserves to be treated like this).

    This is likely not the first time so why to complain now, either cut the whole thing.


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