Thursday, March 11, 2010

Regression in the "Dating" Community

I find a lot in the "community" really amusing. For instance, about a decade ago it consisted of geeks trying to figure out an algorithm that could get you laid. Mystery found his and patented it. Too bad hardly anybody gets laid using it. Then his buddy "Style" wrote a book that f*cked people up beyond belief. Everybody could now become a "pick-up artist" and learn how to pull "10s".

Some years down the line, after many wannabe gurus have come and gone, and claims have become more and more outlandish, people seemed to have steered back a little. Probably the attempt of getting accepted by the mainstream was another reason. Suddenly some terms changed. The seduction dating community adopted a friendlier tone. "Getting laid" was no longer the main goal (no surprise, given how well the "gurus" I have seen in field performed --- at least they could now be honest about it), dating and socialising was. Love Systems built a method around "giving value", and entertaining groups. From what I hear, it doesn't even seem to work for their own instructors. Inner game became also a huge topic, as I have described in my post "The New Thing in the Seduction Community: Not Getting Laid and Being Proud of it!?"

Those days you really miss reading posts by guys with balls, such as MrSex4uNYC and Razorjack, who both have great archives on mASF. Those were guys that just made things happen. They didn't pussyfoot around but instead got straight to the point. Given my narcissist tendencies, I also have to add that after my recent talk on "Overcoming the Seduction Industry" a guy approached me to thank me for it, telling me that his balls now felt bigger.

What happened to being a man? Look how guys like Mehow or Mystery or whoever else in this sad industry walks around. People like Savoy from Love Systems speak in a fake gay accent because they believe it makes them more attractive to women. Then someone told me it's probably just his Canadian accent that makes him sound like this, which now leads me to linking to this thread on Is Toronto the center of mental masturbation? The user Monstar writes:

Think about all the gurus that have come form this place...

mystery: awful theories and the creator of this fucked method
tyler d: mental masturbation supreme
savoy!: a fool!
barry kirkey: giving into jen who has red skin and big nose
dimitri the lover: no comment on this freak
Anyway, this was what went through my head when I opened the latest email with the title "A cute gold digger is still a gold digger" from A dude with the odd name "Jason Foodgeek" gives advice on this issue:

Both male and females have been asking me who should pay for beginning dates (first, second, maybe third.) 

The problem:

Many women will offer to split the check on a beginning date. Some will take offense and not see you again if you don't pay for the whole check, even if they offer to pay part. Many women are screening men out for cheapness. Some women insist that a man let her share the cost. I've even had women insist on paying for a first or second date. There is no consistency.
It almost made my balls shrivel. Going on three dates!? Useless mainstream dating advice is apparently sipping into the "dating community". In a few years guys will probably post "date reports" on "socialising forums".

What happened to the seduction community?

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