Thursday, March 4, 2010

"But the community stuff works, dude, it really does!"

Apparently my slides on "Overcoming the Seduction Community" are spreading like wildfire. To compare it, Love Systems has 107 documents on Scribd, and 100 of those have less reads than my slides had after just two days. Anyway, onto a recent email:

First of all, I'd like to say you're not necessarily incorrect with most of your statements.. They can be true for a lot of people.. However..

How do you explain my friends and me, who live in Belgium (not UK/London or USA) who use a lot of routines etc. to Date, have relationships, fuck buddies etc. If the PU world is so full of shit.. Why does all that stuff work? One of my friends has a habit of constaly keeping 5-6 fuck buddies/open polygamous relationships. He uses routines all the time. He learned the game. If I tell him 5-10 women a year is a lot he'll laugh at me. Also, how do you explain the huge amount of pick-up videos shot "in-field" that show the game as taught by David Deangelo (a "marketer"), Mystery (a "magician"), etc WORK?

So if you could please offer an explanation for these facts I'd be very pleased to objectively read it AND if you convince me I WILL get your material and WILL advertise your material using Facebook and my network for free.

The quote in bold is the kicker, btw.

So, let's pull some magic out of Youtube's hat and have a look at this hapless amateur -- oh, I'm sorry, I meant to write "professional pickup instructor from RSD aka Real Social Dynamics":

The woman tries to hand him his pussy over and over, and "Brad-" is too insecure to deal with the situation. His own comments on the video are nothing but hilarious: "starting kino escalaton ;)".

This short clip is a great expression of what is wrong with "game": guys don't seem to understand that woman really want to have sex. Really. They are yours for the taking. However, a guy educated in "game" misses all the signs and follows some inane theory on how to get girls when he has just to take them. Seduction is always mutual. The girl wants to be kissed, and the guy thinks of ways of "getting from A1 to A2" (if you don't get this reference, good for you, it's a jab at Mystery Method).

It is not the case that "game" works. People merely believe it does because they fail to realise that the woman is already interested. Yet, they keep on spouting out their lines, but because they focus too little on what is in front of them, they waste their time in the best case. In the worst case, though, they lose the girl because most women can't stand guys that don't dare to make a move. You don't get girls because of "game" -- you get them despite game, because they were tolerant enough to put up with it.

About the "5 to 10 women" bit in my seminar. The context was that if you have a life (!) outside of pickup, go out once or twice a month, have some hobbies, friends and the like, then this number is pretty decent.

Lastly, about the in-field videos: what do they exactly show? Some dude too afraid to ask for a number directly ("number close routine"), another guy too afraid to make a move (like the RSD guy above)? Probably I am missing something here... Feel free to point me to a source and I'll show you how this guy is wasting time with his "method" or f*cking it up royally.


  1. Sleazy check this video out, its mystery the king of all community creeps, talking about how if he had entered the "set" behind him his value would have been lowered because a girl came in and hugged one of the girls.

    All the while some normal guy actually does come in and just casually greets the "set" his retarded ass is talking about!

    Check it out and check out the comments.

  2. And what is your advice to overcome this?
    To become like you? What should I read? What should I do?

  3. fanatic,

    thanks a lot for this hilarious video. These days I more and more view the community as a source for entertainment, and this was probably the best piece of unintentional humour I have come across so far. I've shared it with the guys on


    check the slides I have linked above. Maybe they are a useful starting point. In a nutshell: forget about pickup theory, do sports, become somewhat social, choose your environment/scene, and go after girls you like.

  4. @ fanatic: This video just made my day! I also had to spread it immediately... hehe

  5. Hey Sleazy,

    Been following your blogs for quite some time now, and I must say I'm getting more and more interested, especially now you're on this rant against the 'community'... ;-)

    That said, I must say I'm not quite sure about the Mystery clip. What's so awfully bad about it? Yes, he's arrogant, and yes, hearing him lecture like this is awful, but honestly, I would feel my 'value' 'lower' as well when I'd be talking to girls that all of a sudden would switch attention to their friend having just arrived (I'm an RAFC, so I might very well have missed a lot of things in that clip). Also, who's to say that guy wasn't totally rejected after he greeted the girls? Hard to judge, since the camera zooms in on Mystery.

    Lastly, too bad I didn't know you were in Rotterdam; I must say I'm getting interested in what you have to say. (I'm not interested in boot camps or speeches by so called mpua's at all, so that says something ;-)). Not sure whether I'd like the RMC thing though...



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  7. JCZ,

    thanks for your comment.

    The problem with the Mystery clip is the over-complication and seeing things that are not there. The girls hug each other enthusiastically and a few seconds (!) after that everything is back to normal. It's all just fake enthusiasm anyway.

    You would have enjoyed my talk in Rotterdam. The people certainly did. One guy said: "Hearing him talk was enough to go through the annoyances of the other speakers and intermissions". I wouldn't go to the RMC either (Paul Janka should be good, though) and for the Try Out I only showed up for my own talk. Generally, I am not especially interested what typical community guys have to say anyway.

  8. Wait, I just realized this: I didn't watch the entire clip earlier on, and now that I did I see that a) the guy actually stays 'in set' for the rest of the clip and the girls seem to somewhat like him as well, and b) Mystery really creeps us, viewers, out in his final speech!

    If I were him I'd stop making videos and return to being an underground PUA, enjoying the life he once was eager to get to have.

  9. @JCZ yeah dude the normal guy stays in set, he has what seems to be a smile and giving off a vibe to one of the girls in "set".

    Mystery is not a special person, just ruthlessly but honestly critic him and his method for a second.

    He is a clown with a weird hat and a pink fur scarf on.

    He is a nerd, 3 second rule, 3 minute interrupts? Wtf are you doing algebra in a club!

    He created some bullshit out of thin air and a bunch of guys online believed it, they believed all his verbal labels like "set" and "peacocking" that he made up mentally masturbating.

    Then those guys had jobs and went to work for him and brought back their money to him so this nerd can tell them fictional stuff that will not get them laid.

  10. While this "mystery" was worrying about a 3 minute interrupt, sleazy was also worrying about an interrupt...

    ... while fucking a girl in the bathroom!

  11. By the way, the guy who sent me that email got back to me:

    "Ok, so there's an "instructor" seducing a totally drunk girl and she
    basically says let's go somewhere else *HINT* and he's just being a
    douche ("are you from here?" sigh).

    MAYBE he didn't want to leave because he wanted to make some more
    videos. I hope for him that's the reason."

    I don't think it's necessary to comment on that.

  12. @sleazy

    Yeah dude I just saw that video boy oh boy, here we have a guy who demonstrates to her that he is socially backwards and somewhat effeminate.

    At exactly 00:25, she gives off a tremendous signal she is horny and wants to go fuck, using the excuse to go smoke to isolate him but he says he doesn't smoke and rejects her utterly.

    At 00:38, after being kissed by her this guy is left stunned in front of her, she has to snap him back to reality and remind him she wants to fuck.

    Then at 1:34 in total socially backwards fashion he sends her away to go smoke saying he doesn't smoke, which to her is interpreted as "cuz I don't know shit".

    Finally at 2:04, he shows total lack of discretion and she has to remind him there are people around, finally clearing the fact that he is socially backwards.


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