Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Overcoming the Seduction Community" / Slides

Here they are:

...plus the description from Scribd.com:

I gave a talk in Rotterdam at the "Real Man Conference Try Out." Five speakers were invited, and the audience was supposed to select people to speak at the Real Man Conference in April 2010.

My talk "Overcoming the Seduction Community" was on the many wrong concepts that are being taught within the seduction community, and what the core of pickup really is. (Yes, it's that simple.)

If you are stuck doing "routine-based" or "indirect" game and not really getting anywhere, those slides might give you some inspiration.

I got a standing ovation from the audience for this talk and glowing reviews from the attendants. Due to other commitments I can't come to the RMC in April, though.

"Hearing him talk was enough to go through the annoyances of the other speakers and intermissions though.."
--Sailing, ThePlace.bz

Some of the attendants asked me for the slides, and a little later more people emailed me, so it seems that there is enough interest to share this PDF publicly.


  1. funny you picked out my quote from that specific place board.. anyway, thanks again for the talk, needed to hear that so I could drop the last traces of pickup bullshit, I couldn't understand why and how the product 'pua's' keep up their mystique, an old feeling that I need to learn some, while I just need to sink into it, into life and my passion for women..

    As you or somebody said somewhere, you can be successful regardless pick-up theory, now I can be enjoy even more because theory is out of the window.

    Anyway just got your sleazy stories book today in the mail, gonna read some now...

  2. I really liked your statement, that's why I used it as a quote. It's good to hear that you've enjoyed my talk. I hope you also enjoy my book. Please let me know how you like it.


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