Monday, March 1, 2010

From Masturbation to Mental Masturbation

Last weekend I gave a talk in Rotterdam with the title "Overcoming the Seduction Community." The event was the "Real Man Conference Try Out." The aim of this event was to try out a couple of speakers for the Real Man Conference in Aachen, Germany this April. During this time I won't be in Europe, so I decided to tone down the mainstream appeal of my talk and risk pissing off some people. After all, I am know as a staunch critic of the seduction industry/community.

Here is one of the slides I have used:

Of the many problems inherent in the seduction community, mental masturbation is one of the most severe. The amount of people who theorize based on other people's theories or on precious little real-life experience is staggering.

Phone Game is a particularly fascinating topic. After having gotten a number -- without realising how absurdly simple this is -- Joe Douche pulls out some fancy text game routines, and eventually phone game tactics, without realising these facts:

  • If she likes you, she will just meet up with you.
  • If she doesn't like you, she won't (but feel free to entertain her).

Even worse for Joe Douche: He doesn't know that a seducer either gets the girl on the same night or arranges a meet-up, should sex not be an option. If you can't think of anything to do, try: "Let me think of something. I'll call you tomorrow." Then you call her --- and if she doesn't answer and doesn't call you back, she is not interested. In this case, you do not go online to ask for advice on how to "turn it around."

Some weeks ago I had an almost bizarre discussion on the Casanova Crew message board. I told some guys to forget about numbers, and a guy named Decibel, who apparently thinks he is a seducer because girls occasionally go on dates with him (this misconception should make for another illuminating post) dared to disagree. He told me he had a "system" that allowed him to have dates with 80% of the girls whose numbers he gets. Personally, I smell bullshit whenever I hear such statements. The most amusing statement, though, was when he claimed that going out, meeting girls, collecting numbers and then "running txt game" was more efficient than going out and pulling a girl on the same night. The latter is probably inconceivable for him, which led him to claim the former.

So, once again, let's bring some sense into this discussion and assume that your "80% and txt phone game" is indispensable. Ask yourself this question:

Could it be that a girl that is interested to meet up would do so in any case?

I think she would. And even if she belongs to the few that are in the grey zone called "kinda interested" --- it is a much better use of time to just forget about those girls. Your day is as long as mine, and surely you have better things to do than wasting time on the phone. Thus, forget about your Excel spread sheet with all those phone numbers, which you call every Monday. If "pickup" feels like work, then there is something wrong with it.


  1. Dude, I joined that forum and probably posted a little bit but its like a lair of keyboard jockeys all doing "mental masturbation" to each other.

    Anyways, I was skimming through youtube for a sec today and came across some mehow infield shit and boy does this guy and all those idiot gurus on their, mental masturbate each other all day! Seriously, some guy named "hypnotica" (biggest mental masturbater) gets a kiss close and mehow is sucking his dick!

    Expose all the frauds!

  2. Yes, those videos are often (unintentionally) hilarious. There are a couple of good threads on, for instance some RSD clips that people ridicule for good reasons. Of course, some guys on there are just frustrated and spread hatred, but there is some very good content on it.


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