Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Pickup Videos that further demonstrate my Point

Some people don't know when to stop. Routine Evangelist, the dude that wanted to tell me that I am full of sh*t replied to me, twice. For some reason it's always the least successful people that take offense to brutal honesty. On a Dutch seduction forum the only guy who criticised my talk "Overcoming the Seduction Community" incidentally referred to Neil Strauss' "The Game" as "his bible" and is probably still dreaming of getting a handjob.

First, Routine Evangelist's commentary to RSD Brad's laughable in-field video was:
Ok, so there's an "instructor" seducing a totally drunk girl and she basically says let's go somewhere else *HINT* and he's just being a douche ("are you from here?" sigh).

MAYBE he didn't want to leave because he wanted to make some more videos. I hope for him that's the reason.
You sometimes encounter this behaviour from sophomore students: "If you've been refuted and can't admit that you were wrong, just claim the most ridiculous thing you can think of and hope that your opponent gets tired of replying to you." His argument doesn't deserve any further comment. If you think it does, you may want to work on your reasoning skills.

But onto his follow-up:
Here's a hairless weird guy doing something that would scare most
people sh*tless, right there on the street, using some kind of
hypnotic routine.. And it's working like a charm.

Here's another random PU vid from youtube:

I know what people are thinking.. Russian girls are easy.. Let's keep
going then, shall we..

Next video:

Cool day game ;p

Does any of the videos suggest that the guys had sex with those girls later? I thought so. Here are some basic issues:

1) "Hypnosis" only works on susceptible people. It's a complete sham anyway, feel free to do your own research. He could have skipped most of the talking. If you are really good at seduction, you "feel" how susceptible she is and just escalate.

2) Yad talks way too much. He could have gotten the same much quicker.

3) Tim is also just bla bla bla.

The issue with "game" is that you guys spout it out no matter what, not realising when the girl is ready. My point still remains: you "pick up" girls that want to be picked up. The girl is already interested and the guy waffles on like there is no tomorrow (cf. Yad). Here is a question for you: if routines and all those techniques work so well, then how come you routines-junkies get rejected so many times?

Also, dude, what is the big deal with getting make outs anyway?


  1. Funny, I'd seen that first video before (quite some time ago) and was baffled that such a thing was even possible. Well, I was, back then. For us (R)AFC's it seems almost impossible to even kiss a girl that seems really into us, so anything that's more PU than that obviously is quite impressive to us.

    By the way, I once saw a YouTube clip that I thought was way more fun: AFCAdam and a bunch of other guys stopping a group of girls and AFCAdam almost instantly kissing one of them (OK, after about a minute then). Oh, here it is:

    Of course, that's got us (R)AFC's hooked big time. ;-) I know you're currently in an LTR, but if this isn't up to par with what a seducer should be able to do, then I'd really like to see a REAL quality PU clip.

    (please note that I'm not trying to defend 'traditional Style-or-MM-style-PU', I'm just really enjoying this controversy)

  2. Also, about the drunk girl: even I would have figured out that she'd wanted to be kissed. I probably would have lost her from there, as I probably wouldn't know what to do next, but at least I wouldn't brag about it or even put it on Youtube as a commercial for my PU company. Sometimes girls just come for you anyway; stating that 'kino escalation just started' is kinda obvious when she's eager to kiss. ;-)

  3. JCZ,

    thanks for the link to AFC Adam's clip. Well, the issue is: what do you do after this make out, marry her? It's something gimmicky to get a make out but it eventually leads to nothing. Logistically he is in a very bad position and I don't see how he would be able to overcome this.

    Make outs are relatively easy to get but of course it is impressive to people who are not used to it. It's not unlike collecting numbers, which are about as hard to get as it is to steal candy from a baby. Even a guy as good-looking as Paul Janka says that his success rate (=eventually sex after getting a number) is about 10 or 11 %. (One of the reasons why I appreciate Janka is that he is honest and straightforward, unlike the "you can get any girl you want" crowd.)


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