Sunday, July 10, 2016

Exercise: Why is this married guy fucked?

One issue I find fascinating is broken men and the excuses they make for perpetuating their misery. As such, time spent on r/marriage forum on Reddit tends to be time well-spent. What is even more shocking, though, is how other broken men (and parasitical women) are not only unwilling and unable to help, but instead give those brainwashed spineless men another beating.

Here's a funny one: guy has a lazy wife who doesn't want to work; they can't afford where they live and are close to financial ruin. Keep this summary in mind as you skim the comments. It's amusing, and sad at the same time, that the miserable guy isn't even upfront with how shitty his situation is. Of course, one has to think of the women!
At first I wanted to write a short summary of all the nonsense advice, but there was so much comedy gold in it that I thought this would be a fun group exercise. So, I go first. My favorite quote was from "wife20years" who wrote:

She may just want to be there for the kids. That is a better work and a greater investment than anything else she can ever do to earn money. You need to appreciate her for everything she is already doing. Forcing a job will make her resentful and feel emotionally abused.
 We'll continue the discussion in the comments section below. Please join!


  1. I always like to look through the most controversial topics in reddit posts (normally around 0 points from equal amounts of upvotes and downvotes).

    How about Marriedwithkidz20's educated take and know-how on financial management:

    "One income can cut it, it's all about life choices. My husband has been the sole provider our entire marriage. You both need to sit and talk about your own priorities then find a compromise. Good luck!"

    Wow lady, you've served your family well. Is that all? Then why do they both need to sit down to talk about priorities if the burden is all going to fall on him? What a "compromise".

  2. While I believe watching what you spend and minimizing your expenses is important, I just cringe at the Dave Ramsay bullshit type advice about how people should live below their means by living in a cardboard box and eating only rice and beans everyday. $17/hour isn't even really enough to support an individual these days, let alone a family.

  3. Reddit is for cucks and wimps. Tumblr is for SJWs, faggots and degenerates.
    8ch is the place for the free men.

  4. You cutout the best part -"there anything she can do from home? Something online? Crafts? An MLM".

    What kind of moron suggests a multi level marketing scheme to people squeeking by on payday loans?

    I didn't see anyone suggest she take a part time or even weekend job and was surprised no one suggested he take on a part time job.

    1. Wait, aren't MLM scams? And bad and stuff like that? Basically the pua, 'go do a seminar and you can now also teach seminars yourself, virgin or not' thing?

    2. MLM's are legit. Beachbody, the creator of exercise programs like P90X and Insanity, is an MLM and so is Tupperware and Avon. The problem is a lot of scam companies that follow the MLM model have popped up over the years, and they have really given the industry a bad name. Others are just joke companies for Penn & Teller to make fun of.

      A very small percentage of people actually succeed in MLM because most people get into it for the wrong reasons - they're in it for the money (since you can potentially make a lot of money in MLM) and they just want to get out of their boring/stressful day job that doesn't pay well, so they dream of not having to work for money and having all the free time in the world. That's great and all, but you REALLY have to enjoy doing it to be successful, just like anything else. If you don't like the idea of messaging all your Facebook friends or other people you know (or don't know right off the bat) to get them to buy your overpriced products or sign up under you to do the same thing, then it's clearly not for you. You're better off getting a job or running your own business doing what you enjoy.

  5. Reddit relationships is a hilarious site to peruse through, and often makes me feel comparatively well off. Regrettably, a good portion of the male posters in relationships have a common theme in their requests for advice. It is along the lines of: "My Significant Other took a dump on my face, set the house on fire, made me watch her get gang banged by three guys, and stole my car when she left me. How do I win her back and help her?"

    There can be a ton of responses from hundreds of people. A lot of the advice given is simply awful, though there are a few gems. I consistently get amazed on how messed up a lot of the posters are to begin with though. One fellow talked at length about his screwed up relationship with a girl diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I responded that generally people suffering from this are not great relationship material, and boy, did I get slammed.....

    1. Reddit is the haven for wimpy cucks since everything is so PC. It's a fucking hugbox where every kind of criticism is filtered. There's a reason why chan users avoid it like the plague -and why Reddit is full of Berniefags who ended with their pockets empty, because they thought that the US Presidential Election somehow work like a Patreon or a Kickstarter.

    2. that said there is some useful posts in reddit AMA.
      that i found 2-3 helpful ones.
      usually posts asking for advice or a question are crap.
      but posting that want answer questions can be sometimes good.
      you get exposed to stuff you normally wouldn't.


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