Sunday, July 24, 2016

In case you consider moving to Germany

Last year a guy from Eastern Europe emailed me, asking whether I think moving to Germany was a good idea. Long story short, the wrote he was an electrical engineer, two degrees, some job experience, and even knew some German. My short answer was a "no, most certainly not". Note that this was before those utterly brain-dead decisions regarding unrestrained mass immigration were made by the German political elite in 2015. These days, the answer would be more along the lines of "Are you fucking crazy?"

Let's paint in broad strokes: I think coming to Germany is only an attractive proposition if you lack any perspective back home, lack education and ambition, and want to live a life at subsistence level paid by the German taxpayer, possibly supplemented by some income from dealing drugs. In Berlin, politicians don't even bat an eye shelling out a few million Euros so that illegal immigrants can squat buildings. If your ambitions are that low, you would be in fantastic company because there are millions of you around already. The vast majority of the left likewise lives off handouts, so in that case, you really are all the same. Germany is going down the toilet faster than Sweden, but it will probably be another 20 to 30 years until it has reached shit hole levels.

On the other hand, if you have marketable skills, try your luck elsewhere. As a general hint, any country that does not let anybody in is a good bet. For starters, think of USA, Canada or post-Brexit UK; for the more daring, consider Hong Kong or Singapore. Germany has let in over a million people last year alone. You could show up, claim you were from Syria, and --- boom! --- got housing, food, health care, and some money for entertainment purposes just like that. On top, you get free cab rides, free train rides, and if there is something you wanted but couldn't afford, you could just steal it without any consequences (all links to German sources). German women don't want you? No problem, dude, just get some buddies together pull off a little taharrush, rape some women, and laugh it off in the unlikely case that the police catches you because the most you can reasonably expect is a suspended sentence. Now, the idiotic left loves to cry racism and claim that violence against women is a male problem. Well, there have been thousands of reported incidences of sexual violence, murders, robberies, burglaries, what have you, in Germany in the last few months that were committed by immigrants. Actual incidences are likely to be a multiple of that.

It is utterly insane what is going on. Who would have thought that opening your borders and letting absolutely everyone in was such a bad idea? Didn't Marx say we could create paradise on Earth? Let's recap a few events:

- Cologne NYE: 2,000 mostly immigrant men sexually attack 1,200 women. Some women got pregnant as a consequence of being raped in public. But that's apparently nothing to worry about because there were no Nazis around that caused any problems.

- Cologne made international news, but taharrush of a smaller scale also happened in cities like Hamburg, Stuttgart, and others.

- Of course, after NYE immigrants from a particular cultural background didn't suddenly learn to behave appropriately. There has been an absolutely staggering number of instances of sexual harassment, including rape ever since the flood gates of uncontrolled mass immigration opened (again, refer to this map).

- Now you may think that you are a guy and sexual assault won't be a problem as it won't happen to you. Well, it could happen to your wife, mother, girlfriend, or your children. On top, it's not as if there were no cases of physical assault (again, check the map).

- While leftist morons still celebrate "diversity", keep in mind that violent terror has become a commonplace phenomenon. In the last ten days we had a Muslim critically wounding 5 with an axe, four of which were visitors from Hong Kong (can't see how that would affect international relations) and the last one a German woman who got an axe in her face twice. Then there was a Muslim who killed 9 (and himself), and injured over 30. Earlier today, there was a Muslim who killed a woman with a machete (!) in broad daylight, and injured two more.

All the violence engulfing Germany is bad enough. What is worse is that Germany is governed by a clueless elite that is out of touch with reality. It is still widely proclaimed that all those events had nothing to do with Islam. There are politicians like Renate Kunast who were upset that the police killed a Muslim who went on a rampage with an axe. Terrorist attacks are now apparently the new normal, which is what one could conclude when you consider that Muslim machete murderers only make it into regional news in some German newspapers, even though they make headlines on some international sites.

But what has all of this to do with you, dear ambitious educated wannabe-migrant? Well, the problem is simply that quality of life has been affected rather negatively. In particular, there is very little sense of security left. When I first moved to Berlin, a little over 10 years ago, it was the case that you knew somebody who knew somebody who had had negative experiences with immigrants, be it sexual harassment, attempted rape, violent attacks, theft, or muggings. About five years later, progress was made as it was quite common to know at least one person who made such an experience. However, in the last year great progress has been made by the progressive left to ensure that everybody is able to enjoy cultural enrichment. Hurray for egalitarianism! (Full disclosure: two weeks ago a non-white immigrant attempted to rob me in broad daylight.)

Okay, now you say that you can handle that. Sorry, dude, but you will enjoy one of the highest levels of taxation in the world. Health care is deteriorating, schools are becoming a joke (lowering of standards in in order to make more idiots pass their classes), universities are as ideological as in the USA. A brain drain from Germany is well underway. Germany is losing tends of thousands of its most educated every year, but according to leftist ideology everybody is the same, so it's surely a bargain if we get a million of uneducated people in exchange, right? Right? Obviously, things don't work according to ideologies. So, ask yourself whether you would want to board a sinking ship or rather seek your luck elsewhere.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. Problem is this is what Obama wants in America, and anyone who speaks out is a 'racist bigot'.

    1. I know about illegal immigration in the US. However, two important differences are that a) they can't make use of social security and b) there are a lot less of them. In 2015 Germany, a roughly 80 million country, already had about 10 % foreigners, and many more non-ethnic Germans. Then the flood gates opened and now there are about two million more, mostly male, mostly Muslim, and mostly young, which means that the demographics are totally fucked, meaning that it is only a matter of time before ethnic Germans will be a minority in their own country.

    2. I think the main difference between the US and Germany is that businesses gladly welcome illegal emigrants.

      Business owners are HUGE beneficiaries of illegal aliens. They can pay them less than minimum wage and cheat them out of wages at any time. No need to lay workers comp if they are injured on the job, they just drop them off at the county hospital.

      I dare say 99.9% of the maids at Trump's hotels are Hispanic immigrants.

  2. If you're following the USA presidential election at all, I guarantee this is how things will play out under Ms. Clinton come January. I don't think things will be much better under a Mr. Trump election, but at least immigration would have heavier policies.

    Sounds like you guys could use a Gerxit, especially with all the recent terror attacks over there.

    The biggest point that needs to be made is that there are cultures that simply are not compatible with our societies. The left would have you believe that less than 7% of all Muslims are radicals, but Ben Shapiro does a great breakdown of approximately how many self-proclaimed Islamic radicals there are through worldwide polling data:

    1. Speaking of the US election, I wonder what Aaron's opinion on Trump vs Hillary vs Sanders is and who he'd rather see in office.

    2. Well, Hilary and the Democrats fucked with Bernie's campaign, as the recent email leaks proofed. Hillary is utterly corrupt. Just look into the Clinton Foundation (trading political favors for donations), or her running a private email server through which she sent government emails with the goal of avoiding leaving a trail of her shady undertakings.

      I hope that Trump wins.

    3. What are your thoughts on Bernie? His campaign has been slandered by many people over in America, mainly for his policy suggestions of taxing the rich, tuition free college, and universal healthcare amongst other things. Everyone over here says it would destroy the US economy completely, what are your thoughts?

      P.S. Sorry to thread jack Topher.

    4. Well I'll say how I feel about Bernie, even though this is directed towards Aaron.

      I saw this picture going around on Facebook and I made a long-winded comment about it:

      "The problem with this picture is that Bernie should be sitting atop America with the poor sitting behind him studying for free, and they're on a hill while the rope is just lying on the ground, absent of the wealthy, and expecting a lot of help from them. The wealthy have been moving their businesses to a different country with lower taxes, uninterested in bailing America out. America is careening down the hill towards the 2nd world countries of socialist industrial states. Bernie would then, like a reflection of Trump, vow to build a wall around America to keep wealthy businesses INSIDE, and as each one leaves he'll threaten to build it ten feet taller."

    5. I respectfully disagree with your sentiment, I'll try to lay out may points as short as possible.

      1. The idea that "Bernie wants college to be free" thing is misguided. It's not free, it's tuition free, meaning that fee is replaced by everyone paying into it. Nobody complains about roads being free on Facebook. Do people think roads are just magically built?

      2. The wealthy have not been moving their business out of America, they have been moving their bank accounts and their manufacturing out of America. Big difference. Corporations want to skirt our tax laws, they don't want to ignore the American market completely, they'd lose profits. The US market is too big to ignore if you're looking for profits.

      3. The rich leaving the country is an irrational fear. Not only because of my 2nd point, but they also don't pay in anyways. It's like "ladies night" at a nightclub: the men are footing the bill anyways. Plus, taxes used to be much higher on the rich before now and everything worked. Bernie doesn't hate the rich and he's not trying to turn America into a socialist state, he's trying to turn back the clock before Reagonomics.

      It seems to me that most other Americans would rather justify the system as it is than try to change it. It's also questionable why the American people hate social policies while the rich LOVE them. The rich love bailouts, handouts, tax breaks, and any help they can get. That will be the downfall of America, and thus, a large portion of the world that relies on our economy.

      Of course, this is just my view from what I know, and I'm open to hearing opposing points!

    6. There's a difference between roads and colleges. Roads have a fixed cost. College fees just keep rising the longer they get subsidized. The more the government gives money to colleges, the more useless things they invent to spend it on.

    7. On top of that, colleges are a half trillion dollar industry while road building is about a 6th of that cost. Democratic Socialism forcing redistribution of wealth, saying you owe me something because I exist and I owe you substantially less because you have more is morally corrupt. We all love bailouts, handouts, tax breaks, and any help we can get, it doesn't mean it should happen, or that it should be the government's duty to steal and redistribute under the authority to kill/imprison you if you don't comply.

      I believe in less authority to the government because it's already juggling more jobs than it can or should handle. I'm mostly a Libertarian and believe in free market capitalism for it's Darwinian aspects. If I have no money, I must work or I will starve. Likewise, If I may not like you, I may hate you, I may be a despicably racist bigoted horrible person, but if I refuse a product or service to you based on this, I will starve. It's altruism forced by reality.

      ~Clip Notes from Rob Knowles' Blog

      "The alleged source of wealth inequity is that the tax system we have in place contains seemingly innumerable
      loopholes that can be taken advantage of by large corporations that have the money and resources to
      navigate the dense network of tax law, and use it to their advantage.

      Small businesses and individual Americans don’t have an army of attorneys to do the figuring for them,
      so they often lose out. As of 2013, our tax code is approximately 73,954 pages. That’s on the federal
      government’s doing, not corporations.

      Imagine a piece of candy placed on a high shelf. Then imagine that the person who put the piece of
      candy on the high shelf tells a 6-year-old and a 12-year-old that whomever can reach the candy can
      have it. Who gets the candy? Obviously, the 12-year-old. He’s smarter, more developed, and taller.
      Is it the 12-year-old’s fault that he can reach the candy? No. It’s the fault of the person who put
      it on the shelf. We cannot place blame where it isn’t due. It's not a bigger business's job to
      hand out the "candy/tax loopholes" to the smaller businesses and people who didn't figure it out, it's
      the government's job to make that information freely accessible.

      Bernie Sanders wants the government to create further regulations to heal a disease that was
      caused in the first place by over-burdensome and insanely dense government regulations.

      Democratic Socialists will read this and say 'Uh, yeah. That’s what we’re saying. It’s unfair, and
      the government should step in.' However, it is not corporations that are unfair, but the government
      itself–the game-master.

      The solution to this problem is not to ask the government to add regulations on top of our already
      insoluble tax code, but to simplify, to unpack the density which blocks smaller businesses and
      individuals from succeeding.

      a conservative may propose the following: A 10% tax for individuals across all income brackets,
      and a 16% tax on businesses. Eliminate all loopholes. This way, from the largest corporation down
      to the single employee, everyone will pay an equal percentage of their wealth in taxes.

      Presently, many larger entities and extremely wealthy people shelter their money by utilizing
      loopholes that others cannot. By eliminating loopholes and putting in place a flat percentage tax,
      everyone will pay taxes. This is fair and equitable.

      It’s not the players who are unfair, but those who create the board on which the game is played."

      More Government Authority over business is not the answer.

    8. I think there are a lot of misunderstandings in your post Topher. I'm not saying you are completely wrong, but to not know the definition of "democratic socialism" and absolutely reject the idea is not a good choice. Not trying to sound high and mighty since it's very likely I'm full of shit as well.

      Let me address a few of the problems I think exist in your reply:

      "Democratic Socialism forcing redistribution of wealth, saying you owe me something because I exist and I owe you substantially less because you have more is morally corrupt. We all love bailouts, handouts, tax breaks, and any help we can get, it doesn't mean it should happen, or that it should be the government's duty to steal and redistribute under the authority to kill/imprison you if you don't comply."

      This is an incorrect assumption. Also, I am confused, you say that those who are rich shouldn't owe more just because they have more and we should all pay a flat tax of 10%, but 10% of $1 billion is larger than 10% of $500,000? So already, your beliefs hold a contradiction where someone with more is paying more than someone with less. The blog post mentions that it's an equal PERCENTAGE, but an equal percentage is not an equal portion, so your beliefs still hold the same contradiction.

      Also, democratic socialism is not a forced redistribution of wealth in the sense you are making it. With democratic socialism, the rich stay rich, and the poor stay poor, but it provides nets at both the bottom and the top. It restricts the poor from being so poor they can't possibly get back up, and it restricts the rich from becoming too powerful to control. Here's the definition: "Social democracy is a political ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a CAPITALIST economy"

      But the Libertarian philosophy mentioned by Rob Knowles is so full of contradictions it honestly can't be taken seriously. It's not the players that are unfair it's those who create the board? Yet, the ones who put in all the loopholes are the rich players, so they are also the ones creating the board. His statement doesn't hold water. This Rob Knowles guy is absurd with his logic. How is he going to eliminate loopholes by allowing the big players to grow, which also allows them to create their own rules?

      Instead, you must limit those players' power and influence, and put in systems that decrease chances of corruption by those big players (overturning Citizen's United would be a good start). But that wouldn't be "Darwinian." That wouldn't be Libertarian.

      Keep in mind, I'm not saying free handouts are the answer, which I know is going to be an accusation leveled against me here. But even most Americans don't understand how welfare in this country works: You have to have a job to receive welfare. Thus, it's not a free handout. You have to work.

      If you want a stronger argument than I can provide, here’s Sleazy’s thoughts on the matter:

      (I won't post his actual reply in case he wants to keep it private on his forum)

      Perhaps you'd rather listen to someone you like or are familiar with, although I'm curious if Sleazy still holds the same view. Even if he doesn't, I still agree with his statement made in that thread.

  3. Annndddddd there was another terrorist attack in Germany - the third reported just this week.

  4. Yikes, I had transited via Germany many many times given I flew with Lufthansa or its airline partners. I've always wanted to give Germany a proper visit...

    But crazy s--t on top of the machete attack today...a suicide bomber...

    1. It's crazy. This happened as I was writing this blog post.

    2. Come on guys, terrorism is still rare as shit. And you should not worry about dying to terrorism. You are still at higher risk to die from a accident in traffic.

      (Otoh, rape is also rare as shit normally, that is what makes the nye thing so vile. That was on an unprecedented scale. More rapes/sexual assaults in a day in Germany than in a couple of months in the Netherlands).

    3. Your argument does not hold water. The Muslim blowing himself up in Ansbach last weekend was the first such suicide attack on German soil. So, let me ask you: if we had zero Muslims in the country, how many Muslim attacks would we have to suffer? Furthermore, I consider it rather questionable to trivialize the fact that people die or get mutilated as a consequence of terrorist attacks. Tell the woman who got an axe in her face in Wurzburg that "terrorism is still rare as shit"!

    4. Not visiting Germany because of some very rare events involving terrorism is stupid. Germany is not a high risk nation still.

      Note that I'm not saying something isn't wrong. But if you adjust your travel plans to Germany because of this you are 'letting the terrorist win'.

      And yes, it is horrible for the woman what happend. Still does not make terrorism common. That I feel deep sadness for the woman, and think it is all beyond fucked up what is happening doesn't blind me from that fact that it is still rare.

      And how many terror attacks would we have if we had no muslims? Well, certainly non zero. As there was the nice RAF in the past. So there have always been attacks. Changing how the western world acts is just playing in the hands of the terrorists. Or well... changing the way the western world should act. As we should check immigrants for links towards terrorist organisations, and monitor them.

      But not travelling to Germany because of terrorism is missing out on the because that is Germany. Would you sit at home during Octoberfest (if that is your thing) because there might be an attack somewhere?

      Note that im making a big difference between government involvement and civilian involvement. Gov/police emergency services should be prepared. Secret service should check for threats (as they did in November last year with the stadium bombings, so the bombing in Ansbach was the first successful one, not the first attempted). But normal people should do the stiff upper lip thing.

      And I wasn't trivializing people being wounded, I'm cautioning against overreaction. Which always happens after a terrorist attack and leads to security theater, which wastes a lot of money (*) and catches no terrorists (A well known issue in the security industry).

      Sorry if you missed my points btw (non native english speaker), I was talking about the non travel plans (from shaking my head), and trying to point out that the terrorism isn't as bad as the rapes (by second and third generation immigrants) it goes to show how integration of immigrants has failed. (Same with reports of people shouting at people at nude beaches, harassing people at swimming pools etc, all a shitload more common and more indicative of the integration problem, than a rare terrorist attack(**)). I'm not worried about terror, I'm worried about being mugged or beaten, the latter being things that are not very uncommon.

      *: Unless you work in government, and then security theater is a positive boon of unchecked money and political opportunities. It is crazy, people are getting rich over not securing people while giving the impression they protect you.
      **: Imho to stop terrorist we should just basically band people from moving into europe from turkey. Turkey refuses to patrol its borders with isis and act on human rights? Then why are we on friendly terms with them? He is worse than russia, who we are almost at war with.

      (Yeah, I ramble on a bit. The edit box is way to small the oversee my whole argument).

    5. "Come on guys, terrorism is still rare as shit."

      If by rare, you mean not on a daily basis but on a weekly or weekend-only basis...then sure! Rare as shit indeed!!

      "Not visiting Germany because of some very rare events involving terrorism is stupid. Germany is not a high risk nation still."

      I guess it's the "recency bias" of a Hong Kong family getting a nice axe to the face while on the train, the German lady getting killed walking her dog...or...the fact that there is still a refusal to connect migration with terrorism... sure, let's head to the Berlin electronica scene cos life goes on!

    6. Still more people die due to traffic accidents, '@shaking my head'. Does this mean you stop crossing the road? Nope.

      But do I suggest you stop looking for incoming traffic? Also nope. (I was replying to the person changing his plans to visit germany, which the previous post made pretty clear).

      And yeah, due to the horribleness of terrorism we (as a society) tend to overreact. I know, I also feel the same way. But reacting in anger or fear doesn't solve the problem. (Nor does saying it doesn't exist, which I didn't do).

      Personally, I don't worry about terrorism, I worry that 20-33% of the muslim youth says terrorism is fine to defend the faith, and 66% of muslims not warning the police when they know somebody is planning a terrorist attack. I worry more about them hating non-muslim women, men, gays, jews, etc. Than the rare incidents of terrorism. I worry, because it seems that these things are to often done not by immigrants, but the children of immigrants (the rapes for example, the recent terror seems immigrants).

      The cancer vs the rare symptom.

    7. i am from israel, i agree with the NEGATIVE reaction part,
      muzzitards gimmegrants are a mistake.
      basically they profit at the cost of others(citizens),
      no reason to agree to such a shitty deal.
      not only that but with them comes a lot of cost to cover repairs and fixes(more loses), because you deal here with a bunch of monkeys and gorillas , they crawl, they shout, they are violent,they just do what they want and push through
      its part of their culture.
      their most unique trait is force themselves on, like mass
      ants trying to fit into a single hole. cockroaches that try to break in a shithole, that can only contain less then thr overall cockroaches. i have seen them in action and they are like wild beasts, and its an understatement and insult
      to the beasts. with them only force,punishment,monitoring,ordering them around works.
      you need to break them or they break you.
      its the only game they play. the "muhmadian" conquer.

  5. I cant come and live off welfare in germany. Im too white for that

    1. That depends. If you have an EU passport, you are entitled to welfare. Just move to Germany, party it up for six months, claim that you can't find work, and the German taxpayer will provide you with the basic necessities of life. (No joke.) To a lesser extent this was true for the UK as well, which was a major reason for Brexit.

    2. so no shit uk exits EU.
      i was waiting for this for 3 years.
      let the domino effect take place.
      i dont follow the news.

  6. just lol @ you Aaron. Then why are you still in Germany and haven't moved someplace else?

    1. I may no longer have my primary residence in Germany. Who knows? But that is completely irrelevant because current events do not depend on which country I live in, moron.

    2. This is always the ultimate definitive cuckold statement. Why not give away everything you've worked for so that other people can enjoy it?

      Why does it come upon a German to move from Germany if he dislikes current policy, or there is a war on his land? If Outspoken activism, logical protest, debate, and persuasion might be the only peaceful way about changing the land you grew up in, what kind of coward would you have to be to jump ship?

    3. Getting a little defensive there huh Aaron? Oh, but it is completely relevant, you see you are advising a hard working EE guy not to move to Germany even if it is a step up from his country, while you yourself reside there. If you would rather have muslimm than hardworking eastern Europeans than you deserve what's coming to you. Ergo if Germany is SO BAD there should be no reason for you to stay here, hypocrite.

      @Topher No Topher you got it wrong.The ultimate cuck thing to do is to spend the next 20 years fighting for a country that doesn't give a shit about you. You as the common man have no power, and I highly doubt you are going to do anything more then writing on some news articles about how you are outraged and the people SHOULD do something. But you will do nothing. Just lol at all those things you listed they don't work Good luck fighting violence and beheading with 'debate' and 'activism'. Might as well move someplace else where you will enjoy a better standard of living and be valued by your countrymen and not be continuously stabbed in the back while you spend your life fighting for a lost cause.

    4. Again, I may have left Germany already. You argument isn't convincing. Why would it be hypocritical to tell people about dangers ahead? Lastly, instead of trolling you could have done some research about emigration or expatriation. It's not as if you can just pack all your things and leave over night. Just to throw this out there: had I applied to the skilled workers program in Canada (which I may have, or may have not), it would take about half a year to have the visa application processed, and this is after getting a job offer from a Canadian employer, meaning that you are looking at roughly 8 - 12 months from looking for a job until actually moving abroad.

    5. Why do you think I am trolling now? Is it because you didn't like what I had to say? I expected this 'tactic' from some SJWs however, I think you are better than that.

      Precisely! And moving to a country like Germany would also mean you would have to learn the language. It's a big decision and you should pick the country wisely otherwise you will be 6 months in the process second guessing yourself and you already have all this time and energy invested. But even with it's dangers people enjoy a higher living standard than the eastern countries.

      Yes, you may have, but I believe you mentioned somewhere an arab immigrant tried to rob you in broad daylight very recently.

      Good on you! As for Canada, Trudue is doing his best to be the Merkel of America. The safest western country right now would probably be Australia or NZ. EFTA countries too, but they are a little too close to the action maybe. But this is my point exactly you would still pick Canada for emigration over some EE country like Slovakia or Hungary that you so praise. It would even be easier because you are an EU citizen. That, to me, is hypocritical. Go live there see the living standard and then compare it to Germany.

    6. I joined my country's military you anonymous coward. No one is saying use debate and activism to fight Islamic Radicals, but to change your country's majority position on ideals which have been changed by, surprise, debate and activism from the Left. The Left is just as dangerous as violence caused by ISIS because the left would have you turn a blind eye to it.

      When the Big Bad Wolf eventually blows every house down, where do the 3 little piggies run to? The Left would tweet #NotAllWolves and let it continue.

    7. Canada is a left-wing hell hole. It's ironic it is hard for a guy like Aaron to come in...BUT as our super-pretty prime minister wanted, he lets in these lovely refugees on taxpayer's backs.

      Oh, and the refugees are not satisfied with the Canadian hospitality.

      Meanwhile, homeless people sleep on the streets of major Canadian cities. Ummm, shouldn't those people be helped first???

  7. Damn Aaron, the country you described here sounds like Somalia or Congo, not Germany. But I guess even if it is an exaggeration, in few years it will be a sad reality.

    That said, apart from Germany, us Eastern Europeans, do not have that many possibilities to emigrate: US is just too far, expensive and has pretty strict immigration policy. Other EU countries are either relatively poor or swarming with entitled migrants. And Singapore and Asian Tigers are really hard to get to because of distance and different culture. So I guess we destined to stuck in our respective countries for a long time.

    1. Just stay put. Plenty of Germans are emigrating to Poland, for instance. I would say that various Eastern European countries are already becoming attractive destinations for disillusioned citizens of allegedly richer European countries.

    2. I agree. The Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary) have their best times ahead of them, if they continue to follow their sensible policies. I personallyI have good contacts to Hungary, know the country well, have been there numerous times and could imagine myself living in a city like Budapest should the need arise for it.

  8. I agree with you, but Marx has nothing to do with it. If you actually read it, Marx never wrote such stupid things as "paradise on earth". Also Marx never ever wrote anything about communism or communist society (no more than 1% of his writings). (He barely mention communism on this only work [critique of the gotha programme] : ) I even think he has the same personality as you, Aaron. (At least the same writing style. Read it.)

    Even during his life, Marx had to cope with stupid leftists that claimed being "marxists" and put stupidities in Marx's mouth ; he said about them : "well, all I know is that I'm not marxist !"

    "Just as Marx used to say, commenting on the French "Marxists" of the late [18]70s: "All I know is that I am not a Marxist." "

    Friedrich Engels

    Marx was very intelligent, certainly not a stupid leftist or dreamer.

    1. Excellent comment! Thanks for pointing this out.

    2. Still, Marxism & Communism do not work. The "Communist Manifesto" is a polemic pamphlet, which can only really understood by taking the time and circumstances of its publication into account. Marx's "Das Kapital" is an interesting investigation into economic, sociological and philosophical aspects of modern life. Still, communism does not work, because it goes against the grain of man in so many ways. By the way: communism has been thoroughly proven to be impossible to realize and terribly flawed, by austro-German philosopher and economist LUDWIG VON MISES in his groundbreaking 1932 work "Die Gemeinwirtschaft" (The common economy). Deserves to be widely read (and understood).

  9. Hey Aaron, that's really a neat "Einzelfall"-map you linked to! I new the newspaper reports, but haven't seen that kind ofvisual aggregation of data before... Chapeau! ;)

  10. Germany is pretty much travelling the same route as Sweden. Now we routinely get news reports from Germany on widespread sexual assaults, and daily terror attacks carried out by refugees. I am kind of amazed that there is not a massive revolt by the German people.

    1. There have been protests (google 'PEGIDA'), which the mainstream media does not much write about. In addition, there is a new political party, Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD), which is already humiliating the establishment.

    2. You should look into the Dutch pegida protests. Massive counter protests by leftists, shouting slurs at them (mostly calling them gay, oddly enough), and people dressed like black panthers. Sadly, I'm afraid a part of the black community in Netherlands is becoming crazy. Shouting about stuff like they are living in America and not the Netherlands.

      This is sadly what social media partially does, it spreads problems into regions where these problems are not relevant. (Same happens with a rightwing dutch news org btw, taking over talking points from breibart which have no relevance in the Netherlands).

  11. I read an article about a Polish couple who bought a building in Bayern trying to turn it into a hotel. Sadly due to immigrant camp in the area all tourist traffic dried up and they rented the building to a government agency who paid 4x the market prices for the rent and covered all damages done by the immigrants.
    A very interesting thing they mentioned was that the government agency was looking for the properties to rent LONG BEFORE the immigrant wave came. Everybody was wondering whether it was meant for the Ukrainian refugees (there were heavy fights in Ukraine back then) but a year later the immigrant situation happened.
    it seems all that was well planned....?

    1. That's quite interesting. There is certainly evidence that the elites were only waiting for an excuse to open the flood gates. Furthermore, keep in mind that it wasn't the case that Germany went from 0 to 60 in 2015. Mass immigration had been happening for many years. In 2014 there were over 200.000 asylum seekers, and in the years prior numbers were most certainly in the six figure range as well.

  12. Man, this is just fucking crazy. What the hell is going on in Western Europe? It's an utter disaster

  13. On the motivations of the Western European "elite" : they are extremist egalitarians, which means to them every human being is interchangeable with another, whatever his culture or race. They just see people as numbers. Of course, depending on their qualifications, but we are not short of qualified people in the west. With the decline of European fertility, they have been trying to offset the population's decrease with third-world immigrants, which they see as exactly the same as Europeans, completely ignoring the cultural differences. All that for the sake of economics. They thought they'd be getting a lot of cheap labor with the migration crisis, but a lot of those migrants just come here and stay on welfare or cost a lot due to police interventions not being free. Epic fail.

    Not that THEY care anyway, they're not gonna lose their place in the government to an illegal alien and their kids go to segregated, over-protected schools.

    On replacement migration :

    The link above is a UN study showing how many immigrants would need to come to stop the ageing of the population. Some figures are eerily close to those we have now. Merkel just stepped even further than the rest of European leaders.

    1. i dont think they see as equal, if boris androvski here wants to imigraite to germany from russia he will have a tougher time, then
      Syrian mother fucker.
      but as it was hinted, its was planned, there is a hidden motive that we dont get shared on.
      somebody is pulling the strings, they are not stupid, but power hungry instead.its all cover ups for now.

  14. I want to ask Sleazy on this issue:

    We all know that the population in Western Europe has aged considerably. People don't seem to enjoy raising a family anymore, natives don't like to give birth to children perhaps because such an undertaking is too demanding perhaps.

    Inviting outsiders seem to be the only way to rescue an aging economy. What's your answer to this problem? Yes, on one hand, you need people with valuable specialized skills to contribute to the economy, on the other hand, you also need those who dare to take those lowly paid jobs, because somebody else must do them anyway. Who's going to do it?

    The current type of mass migration is dangerous, and I agree wholeheartedly with that. But what can we do?

    I also think immigrants aren't the same. Some population are just more renowned for crimes and laziness, while others do aspire to move up the social ladder by their own ability.

    1. There are simply no incentives for having children in Germany. However, consider that the typical low-IQ unskilled underclass immigrant will depend on welfare for the rest of his life, and cost the government easily 1.000 EUR a month until kingdom come. Let's ignore inflation and assume there is none, and let's further assume someone claims that we need low-skilled immigration because ze Germans don't pump enough babies themselves. Well, to that I would respond that if you spent the money such an immigrant costs on subsidies for Germans to make babies, you would create a baby boom beyond measure. Let's say Abdul Arab with his IQ of 80 enters Germany at the age of 25, has a life expectancy of 75 years, and costs the tax payer "only" 50 * 12 * 1000 = 600.000 EUR! Since IQ is heritable, his kids will be as useless as he is, so the cost for the taxpayer will only exponentially increase. However, do a quick calculation and determine how much the government could spend on one German kid, from the cradle until the end of university education instead. You could pay 2.000 EUR per month for 25 years, and if you offered that kind of support, you could easily get university-educated German couples with IQs of 120+ to reproduce.

      Regarding your other question: there are millions of unemployed Germans which could be used for low-skilled and unskilled labor. Those jobs, for the very most part, no longer exist anyway.

  15. So this is a structural economic problem, that society doesn't create enough jobs due to technology taking over human works, right? If so then this is a seriously difficult question. The answer is to simply up your education to join the white collar population.

    1. This works for the individual but not for society as a whole.

    2. Well idea that technology ultimately leads to unemployment originated in 19th century England with the so called Luddite movement.

      Now 200 years later I think we can all agree that up to this point technology promoted standard of living for everyone so I don't see why this trend wouldn't continue.

      As a side note my cousin is in construction business and I know for a fact that Germany lacks skilled manual labor (well at least in his industry niche).

      I would love to see statistics regarding unemployment rates among those who actually finished trade school.

    3. Look into youth unemployment.

      The problem with physical labor is that employers are unwilling to pay market rates. In the US they hire Mexicans, in Europe it's Eastern Europeans.

      You can look up unemployment rates across professions online.

  16. Okay, why there are so many unemployed Germans out there? Do they not like to work or there is simply no jobs for them? Do you know where to find the answer?

    1. Unemployment has been an issue since at least the 1970s. In fact, the push to widen access to tertiary education was partly due to masking the extent of unemployment. This was particular the case in Germany where it was not uncommon that people were "studying" for 10 years until they got their degree.

      In short, there is not enough work. Low-skilled labor has largely been automated or outsourced. Of course, there is also a large underclass that does not want to work. We're talking about families that have been living off welfare for generations.

  17. Some German justice:
    "Brave man who stood up to Munich shooter now facing prosecution for 'INSULTING killer'"


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