Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is why some guys get nowhere

There are very few blogs I follow, but there are a few I skim occasionally. In the latter category is a blog called Wall Street Playboys. Some of the posts made my bullshit sensor overheat, though, due to the frequently displayed naivety and some rather obvious contradictions. For instance, according to their online personae they are "ballers" and can afford to spend half the year abroad. On the other hand, they warn people that living it up in some South American cities can be expensive, which is why you should "pre-game", i.e. drink at your place. Baller enough to maintain two residences, but when it comes to drinks you suddenly need to watch where your benjamins go? But let's ignore that for now.

More interesting than some of their articles are the comments they are getting, albeit it is not always easy to tell whether people post some nonsense in an attempt to bust the balls of the Wall St. Playboys, or whether they are serious. Here is one example that is very relevant to pickup (side note: there is quite some overlap between the mindset needed to become financially stable and having a decent sex life, but that may be a topic for another day).

So, "G Money" writes the following, as a response to a blog post with the title Money Changes Your Life in which we learn how one evolves as human being when reaching certain financial thresholds:

Let that sink in for a moment, and think how this relates to picking up women. Stop reading for a moment now, and really think about it.

I hope this was easy. The underlying problem is the "quick fix" mentality. Unlike a ten minute Hollywood montage, any skill worth having requires a significant amount of preparation and training. To be totally blunt: if you have achieved nothing in life, know about your weaknesses (!), and are nonetheless lazy and feel entitled enough to think that there is "one weird trick" that solves all your issues, then I don't think you can be helped anymore. You don't get to make six figures just like that, just like you won't be able to suddenly get lots of women, just because you think you deserve it.

Of course, you can now say that I'm picking a target that is too easy. However, I have met plenty of people, in real life, and online, who had nothing to offer but believed there must be some way to get laid like a rock star. Heck, the seduction community was full of those guys. They would work on their "game" and ignore their fundamentals, thus ensuring that they will never get anywhere. This directly relates to someone who is "uneducated, unattractive, unskilled". Instead of looking for a quick fix, change what you can change. Is it a better choice to invest a few years to get some marketable skills, or to try your hand at affiliate marketing online? Is it a better choice to lose weight and fix your wardrobe, or to remain the fat and poorly dressed slob you are and hope that some hot chick for whatever reason "likes you for who you are", even though you like hot chicks because they are hot? Hot chicks don't fuck ugly losers, just as nobody will pay you $100k/year if you can't offer anything in exchange.

In the end, all of this only shows that too many people are unwilling to think in the long term, and too insecure to change themselves. Of course, if you're overweight, then wanting to lose weight could easily be interpreted as an admission that you were simply not attractive at all. That is a tough pill to swallow for some people.

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  1. Among things that is rarely written about is the dark subject: How to do what you don't want to do and succeed it? This is an absolutely crucial question that begs for an equally important answer. I have never seen any person who is "successful" out there writing much on this subject. It's always go do what you love man. Bollocks! How to bite your teeth and go do what you NEVER want to do. Resilence is what we need to pay attention here. So you need to have a drive. Given the current condition of a young immigrant, he can only work in some shitty part-time jobs to gain income. Yet working roughly 60 hours per week, with 5 days at night, is hardly what people desire, but he has to bite his teeth and does it so he can have roughly 2000 USD per month. So what make him resilient to this? The goal of earning 2000 USD.

    The general discourse in English-speaking world is just that: How to do what you love and succeed in it. The reverse is what is constantly discussed and teach and indoctrinate in my country: How to shut up and do what most don't want to do to gain experience and achieve your goal. THAT, is what make success easier to come to you, in real life, NOT IN YOUR DREAM LIFE.

    The blog sounds boring and generic anyway.

  2. Besides, I always look down on Walls Street traders anyway. I respect people who successfully manage other types of business more than these assholes, at least, they create real value and offer people useful service, while these treacherous donkeys just try to get you to a hole so they can benefit themselves. No skin in the games!

    1. Cal Newport did write a similar themed book called So Good That They Can't Ignore you which spoke about how following your passion is generally bad advice because passions are rare and advises you to build up skills so that you are in demand and have the best choices.

  3. Your post reaffirms my understanding that online 'game' communities and 'game forums' are toxic and do nothing but hinder a man's understanding of women and the world.

    Love how you do what is necessary and insert a cold hard dose of reality.

    I've never visited Wall Street Playboys and never intend to, but after reading your content for a while now it's clear that the notion these gullible boys refer to as 'game' is a giant delusion of grandeur for frustrated young men.

    I speak from experience that is thankfully quite limited.

    The best thing I ever did was de-program myself from bullshit sites authored by hopeless nobodies like Roosh V that do nothing but create toxic behaviour and ways of thinking.

    I stopped reading bullshit dating advice a lifetime ago, while quite young, and benefitted hugely by getting out there.

    Rather than going through step 3 of 7 of (insert wannabe playboy's 7 step guide to talking to women) I disregarded it all because dating doesn't require a roadmap or a manual.

    Instead I focused on quality experiences and trial and error and formed my own judgements, rather than take a PUA's word for anything. (A shame they exist, really)

    Men from previous generations never needed the internet or "game" to continue the human race. So why all of a sudden does that broad down the street need to be opened with a magic line, lest the interaction be doomed?

    Turning off the computer is probably the first step towards getting somewhere for those same people who spend countless hours online pissing away irrelevant details.

    Really interesting subject. I think a lot of guys get nowhere because they resort to corny sites by egotistical 'entrepreneurs' who create sites like "Wall Street Playboys" designed to manipulate men. They cause them to get sidetracked and avoid the real underlying issues with their personality and appearance. Rather than confront reality and work on the basics (the necessities), they'd prefer to be comfortable and engage in mental masturbation online.

    1. Think you hit the nail on the head with the 'turn the internet off' thing. We do interact a lot less irl with people nowadays.

      Still think there is some value in some 'game' sites but only for the basics: Aka "you are gonna get rejected, get over it." and the whole, "you gotta isolate and escalate"

      But it quickly turns into 'get rejected 10000 times to desensitise yourself' and 'just power through any objections, make the ho say no'. Two things probably damage already socially awkward people a lot.

      But yeah, being realistic and saying 'you probably never going to fuck a 10, as you are obv damaged, and still you need to improve a lot yourself, work hard. Esp as you didn't invest in yourself before' is going to draw a lot less views than 'you can do what you want, mindset bro, just take these quick fixes.'

    2. "Men from previous generations never needed the internet or "game" to continue the human race. So why all of a sudden does that broad down the street need to be opened with a magic line, lest the interaction be doomed? "

      Well I suppose i'm preaching to the choir here, but as society has become more atomized, increasing amounts of younger men are missing out on all the formative experiences they should have (like trial and error on girls, embarrassing but helpful experiences) during their formative years in favor of closing the door and playing video games when they get home from school. Quite literally, social retardation... which eventually leads to an adult man thinking getting a mate is a monumental task that requires years of analysis and planning.

      Its pretty funny that PUAs constantly bang on about their poor understanding of evolution, genetics and selection, and they honestly think banging lots of women makes them "more fit" or evolutionary successes. The irony is, (if we assume they do actually have success seducing women for a moment - of course, most do not. At all. Hell most dont even try, i would bet a lot of money on it) unless you're putting a baby in all those women, there was nothing advantageous about the activity at all. As far as evolution is concerned, you might as well have been masturbating into a condom.

      I digress, but that just goes to show how bizarre and even stupid it is to try to frame everything through that lens.

      "Turning off the computer is probably the first step towards getting somewhere for those same people who spend countless hours online pissing away irrelevant details."

      Heres something I've observed, and you guys mightve seen the same thing: "PUA" can be beneficial to guys who are already decent with women, but those guys almost never actually bother - its not even on their radar.

      Instead, PUAs attract largely a crowd of men who are so socially inept that PUA is actively detrimental to their results. These men dont need a fucking mystery method crash course, they need to learn to socialize normally, stick to it for YEARS and maybe even see a therapist for their social anxiety.

      The point about quick fixes is exactly right, and even when theyve been a loser by every objective standard for years, they still think something isnt wrong with THEM its just circumstance theyve been a victim of. If i just had... if this didnt happen... etc

      Of course, real change is hard, and ultimately, boring. It involves putting on foot in front of the other. Much easier to daydream about what happens after.

    3. "Men from previous generations never needed the internet (to reproduce)"

      Actually most men in history died virgins. This is well-established. There was a short-time in civilized societies where most adult men got a mate, but that was through arranged marriages and society enforcing everyone having a partner. But even then that was aided through population culling (i.e. most men getting killed off in wars before they reached marriage age).

      It's actually unnatural for regular guys to mate. Civilization invented that part.

    4. Again, Alek Novy speaks the truth. Anyone versed in evolutionary biology will agree. By the way, probably the most successful man of all times in terms of reproductive success was Ghengis Khan. His genetic heritage can still be found in the chromosomes of all these different Turk-peoples of Central Asia, being his offspring.

      How did he and his sons accomplish that? Well they unabashedly fucked all the young fertile girls of the peoples and communities they conquered and butchered along the way. So force and raw sexual energies played a vital role in this. Of course that's not very romantic, but evolution doesn't care about such niceties. Khan & Co. proved to be the most successful guys, because they were the strongest, most aggressive, most willing to (literally) break through female resistance – thus being the ones most likely to survive and guarantee survival for their offspring as well. That's it.

  4. I think another reason particularly young men fall into the quick fix mentality is that they see other guys around them in high school in college get laid at a young age who also don't have most fundamentals (example ones that lucked into gene pool) and they aren't really anymore established in life than they are and they realise getting fundamentals sorted could take years and they are worried they'll be past their prime and no longer in an environment with as many hot chicks so they fall into the quick fix mentality, so sometimes it comes down to fear of missing their window of being in their sexual prime and when they are most horny.

  5. If your passion happens to be money and status, then you can follow that.

    Thete are lots of online scammers in certain fields who make decent money. Look at roosh, a complete idiot. The field of nutrition is particularly prone to scammers because so little is scientifically known - the self-help field likewise.

    You can be amazingly stupid, even retarded, and make quite good money in these fields. I personally know a nutrition scammer who is quite stupid, and says retarded things on his blog, and makes quite decent money through all the idiots who buy vitamins and other products thru his links. I know this guy personally - he is dumb as a rock.

    Tim Ferris is an obvious example - no bigger scam than four hour work week. There are countless lesser scammers who don't make millions but do quite well.

    I happen to used to have known Marcus Nero PUA a few years ago thru a friend - he used to have this poor Asian accountant give him half his salary each month, and the guy is lazy, rarely leaves his house, and has no credibility as a womanizer.

    Point is, if you are willing to spend most of your time scamming, there are so many desperate deluded people out there that you can make a decent living. Even email spammers and Nigerian scammers do reasonably well.

    Its not hard, and you can be, no you probably have to be, retarded.

  6. 'The quick way' to do something is the hard way.

    There are several guides on the internet how to learn programming 'the quick' way. Which they explain is the hard way, aka, by getting off your ass and doing the work. The installing, the typing, the working it out yourself.

    The hard way is the quick way. Usually people who are said to be an 'overnight' success are people who have been at it for years.

    One thing on blogs like these which I find weird is the shitload of people just saying 'Good post, I agree'. And not adding anything, not discussing anything. I know there are some bots that are just spamming their own link with a generic comment. But I do wonder why people spend time saying 'great article, good life advice'. I'm always assuming they are paid shills, esp when the guy who writes the blog isn't always asking for comments. (Like the mike chernov guy does. He has mentioned that he will not give you the time of day if you have never said anything positive about him).

  7. Donald Trump put it best - Do what you enjoy. Trump is also one of the few business leaders who will bluntly say that not everyone can be an entrepreneur and that some people will be more successful and feel happier working for someone else than working for themselves.

    I think this psudeo-entrepreneur community that has sprouted out of the pickup community is much more of a sham than the network marketing industry, which in itself is flawed. The vast majority of people sign up with a network marketing company because they're sold on the idea of making so much money that they never have to work another day in their lives and they can retire young and hang out on the beach all day. In other words, the lottery ticket mentality. Problem is the vast majority of people who get into network marketing quit. Not just the people who don't make any money from it, but even high-ranking distributors who rake in lots of money end up quitting, simply because it's not sustainable. Truth be told, if you're not a people person, you're most likely not going to be successful in network marketing. That's why there's a HUGE female majority in MLM companies - women usually have a lot more friends and personal connections with others than most men do, and they're usually better at convincing others to buy from them or sign up with them.

    For guys who only care about getting 'hot pussy' or making six figures or more, these guys are only living in a dream world and don't realize the reality of things. While it is great to achieve more, these guys think they will be happy if and only if they live this luxurious lifestyle, and what's terrible is they are selling their souls to do so. For example, Mr. Average Joe wants to bang the hottest women, and he notices that it's the obnoxious douchebag frat boys that get the women that he's attracted to physically, so he starts to become one of those guys just to get said women because that's what he observed or because some PUA told him to do so, thinking this was the key to getting hot women. This is despite the fact that Mr. Average Joe would never personally associate himself with such guys because he just doesn't fit in to that crowd. By doing this, he compromises his integrity and becomes incongruent, which leads to piss poor results usually. Even if he manages to hook up with some of these 'hot chicks', they might turn out to be completely incompatible, full of drama, super annoying, and really bad in bed. We don't think this though when we see a hot girl; we assume said hot girl will be this major sex goddess who will fuck you the way a girl should fuck you to give you maximum pleasure when more likely than not it's just the opposite. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I likely imagine that most of these hot mainstream girls that hang out with douchebags prefer to just bend over and get rammed in the asshole, especially when they're drunk and about to puke their guts out. If that's how you like to fuck, then it's right up your alley. I personally am much more sensual, which I would have thought more girls would prefer. Not always the case.

    Money's the same way. You might make a lot of money, but you're selling out your integrity and doing something you don't really like to be doing just to make that money. People in sales obviously make more than the average employee, and the truth is you really have to have a knack for sales in order to be successful in it in the long run, meaning that you have to love the activity of selling much more so than the money in commissions you receive from closing deals. If you're, for example, a tech guy who just takes up a sales job to make more money, even if you somehow make a lot of money, it won't be sustainable over a long period of time.

    Sorry for the rambling, but I think this is a really interesting topic.

  8. Wall Street Playboys was started by a Roosh Forum blowhard named "Westcoast". He worked in bond underwriting for a few years out of college, and thought he was an expert at finance, investing, business, fitness, and life. He predicted he would be making zillions by now.

  9. Kind of knew that those guys are full of shit.

  10. Donald Trump put it best - Do what you enjoy

    BE ABLE to do what you ENJOY and do what you can't ENJOY to get what you ENJOY to do. That's the whole picture.

    Fucking Trump is already son of a millionaire!


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