Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Religion of Peace, Islam, culturally enriches Germany four times in one week --- this is what the politicians say

I thought that having three Muslims in one week go haywire in Germany was bad enough. Little did I know that while I was writing my article In case you consider moving to Germany yet another Muslim demonstrated that Islam is the religion of peace, and blew himself up. He killed himself and injured 15. Germany is indeed progressing. This was the first suicide bombing in Germany ever, and the fourth Muslim terrorist attack in Germany in one week, which is another record. I wonder what the next 'firsts' of our Muslim friends will be. I sense an enormous untapped potential.

One would assume that German politicians would slowly wake up. No, quite the contrary. In the wake of a staggering four Muslim terrorist attacks in the course of one week, Germany's minister of the interior, Thomas de Maiziere stated that "the attacks are unrelated to Merkel's refugee policy." Yes, I also don't even... Apparently that guy lives in a world in which Muslims would blow themselves up in Germany even if we hadn't let a single one in. Probably they would teleport themselves, or cross the border via skydiving. It's either that, or that guy consumes so much blow and hookers that he doesn't know what he is saying anymore.

Our mainstream media aren't any better. The most sickening contribution was to be found in Germany's largest weekly newspaper, where we were told that we should take it in the ass (German source). Hey, more people die in traffic accidents than by Islamic terrorism, so chill out and relax, you uptight Krauts! In contrast, French president Hollande vowed "all out war" against ISIS after some teenage Muslims slit the throat of a priest earlier today. I don't think he's serious, considering that the French police tried to have video evidence of the attack in Nice deleted. However, at least he pretends that he is bothered.

So, let's just lean back. What's supposed to happen? That Germany's federal police has identified 400 (!) potential terrorists among the alleged refugees shouldn't affect your sleep. Hey, we are on track to letting about two million into the country, without any papers, so what is supposed to go wrong? 400 out of two million --- that's nothing, right?

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  1. I keep wondering why the Left tends to lean towards blindness to these issues. Is it because for the longest time, the Right has lamented "we have to fight them over there in their country so that they don't take the war over here to our country"? The Left tends to protect race and minorities, but "Muslim" is neither a race nor a minority. The Left hates Christian Conservatism, but for some reason loves to stick up for an equally abhorrent theology that hates gays, is unfair to women, and would make for a horrifying theocracy. So why protect it? Not do delve into conspiracy dip-shittery, but I hypothesize that there may be a very deep, dark, unresolved circumstance happening in the background that has gotten the powers-that-be within certain members of the Left to owe some very rich, and very powerful Muslim Lobbyists around the world. I cannot think of a good reason for their over-protection of this terrible culture that is absolutely incompatible with western society.

  2. I have been watching what has been happening in France and Germany with complete horror. The left's political position on the refugees is pretty bizarre. They are not letting in a bunch of peace loving hippies, but a mass of people of limited education and a medieval world view, many of whom are flat out hostile towards the west and liberal democracy. If the terrorist attacks were not due to the refugees, why did this all start happening now?

  3. Angela Merkel is the worst leader Germany has ever had since Adolf Hitler. The German people need to rise up and get rid of her. Her response to the Muslim attacks was to introduce Muslim sensitivity training in the schools.

  4. ISIS supporters are not Muslim. ISIS bombed a mosque in Medina a few weeks back. Medina is the second most holy place for Muslims.

    ISIS is a political organization attempting to create their own country with their own agenda. They merely use the Koran to dup thier followers, much like both Trump and Clinton use the Bible.

    "God is on our side" - said by every military leader since forever

  5. What is happening in Western Europe is almost bizarre and weird. Why is the government doing whatever it's doing? I am sure there is some reason, but I am literally not able to see any. Letting in a random uneducated unskilled million people in Germany, which is more than 1% of the total population, doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me.

    1. Roughly 1.2 million last year; this year it may be another 800.000. Keep in mind that those are mostly men of prime fighting age. Thus, demographics are severely affected as Germans will very soon be a minority in the age groups up to 35. There are already more non-German than German babies being born. In many schools they are a minority, and now they are also becoming a minority in the early to middle adulthood group. It looks like ethnic replacement to me, to be honest.

    2. My theory is that those immigrants are required to boost domestic consumption. They are needed primarily not as workers but dumb, illiterate, almost blind consumers which will help to revitalize heavily-export dominated and demographically bed-ridden German economy as there are clearly some limits to when and where can you export your cars and technology. Remember, all the neighboring countries of Germany and especially Eastern Europe are in demographic spiral, with Poland having lower birth rates than Germany. If you import millions of Eastern Europeans, sure they will make lots and lots of Mercedes and Audi cars, but who will buy them? You have already drained the pool of potential consumers from Eastern Europe. US and East Asia are just too far, competitive and costly. Africa and Middle East-again too costly and far. Basically with the current level of technology you need to export in relative vicinity of your production to make profits and to grow your economy, hence the importance of EU and especially Western and Eastern Europe, in general.

      And then when you are also short of low-skill workers for the purpose of operating simple robots or sweeping the streets, why just not import all of these Middle Eastern and African migrants from countries which are experiencing (relatively) demographic boom and have the advantage of constantly supplying you with fresh contingents of consumers and sometimes workers, without it ever running out?

      That's my theory at least. I am no economist, but I am pretty sure, there is some kind of economic basis for all of this madness that has grasped Germany.

    3. That kind of reasoning doesn't hold water. I may discuss this issue in greater detail some other day; but to keep it brief for now: let's say you own a business, and in order to boost consumption, you give some hobo on the street $10 under the condition that he spends it in your store. Do you think this boosts consumption?

    4. The benefits aren't suppose to be social. The CEO of Globalist inc. seeks to increase the population so they can deflate wages and increase consumption. The pie gets bigger, but everyone's slice gets smaller - except those at the top. I'm wondering if they expected the political/social instability from the refugees.

    5. Aaron,

      That's a pretty crude example you gave. Macroeconomics goes a little beyond the "businessman-hobo" dichtomy. It's a lot more complicated than that. ALso the businessman giving the hobo those 10 dollars is also not an accurate comparison to what is happening in Germany either. In your example, the businessman gives the hobo his own money, therefore it's kind of a closed circle. Meanwhile in Germany the government lavishes the immigrants with resources backed up by a FIAT Euro currency, which the govertnment itself can print it out of thin air indefinitely (in theory).

      As I said, I am no economist. But I simply find it hard to believe that the lack of consumer base is not somewhat at play here. Europe is slowly losing it's consumer base thanks to abysmal demographic situation and that is one of the main reasons why it's export base is rapidly growing. Again, when you are in demographic decline, SOMEONE must buy your products. If you do not have the next generation and the exports cannot sustain you perpetually, you WILL have to do something with the internal market. Otherwise you are going to be bankrupt pretty soon.

    6. Of course real life goes beyond that, but simplifications make it easier to figure out what is really going on. The crux of the matter is that those immigrants do not make a positive contribution to the economy because they are a heavily subsidized demographic.

      To add fiat money to the example: assume the business man is broke, so daddy government issues bonds with a nominal value of 10 Euros, finds a seller, and eventually hands it to the hobo (yes, I'm excluding all kinds of transactional costs). There really isn't much of a difference. In that case, though, the government could hand 10 Euros to the business man directly.

      Consumer spending, or the lack of, is a more complex issue as it is partly psychological. You don't spend much money if you believe that your job is insecure or if you realize that your country is going to shit.

  6. Mr. Sleazy your comments on the German islamic immigration nightmare are correct. Western man is in deep sh*t due to many decades of cultural marxism on the left, cowardice on the right, feminism, mass abortion, and it's speech codes known as political correctness, has rendered Western man fewer in number and totally useless to defend himself for fear of being called racists? No fear though, Europeans should just follow RSD's advice and stay in state and have a positive frame and belief system. The Germans should try some self-hypnosis and maybe the European guys can try to sarge some of the mujaheddin, you know they don't want to be complete chodes! ...In all seriousness that was sarcasm. If any European tried that homo RSD/PUA crap they would probably have a stick shoved up their ass by some psychopathic muslim. Anyway, I think your fellow Germans need to put on their bakers hats again, this time though they'll be confronting actual evil.

  7. Highly relevant and pertinent to this thread. Likely to make you extremely angry upon reading though, especially with everything that is going on in Germany


  8. I agree with almost everything Aaron talks about in this and the previous post*. It's such a shame in which direction the nation is heading and that people want to leave. After all, it's a great country and I'm very thankful that I had the chance to being born in raised here with all the advantages that come with it. I will always be a German.

    Having said that I quarrel with the fact that leaving the country is travelling the path of least resistance. I enjoyed free healthcare, a very good education without pilling up debt, and having the maximum amount of freedom. And now that the road gets rocky I’m just leaving with the first flight out? – Is this the right answer to the problems facing our nation? – I really don’t know.

    After working as a bouncer on nye my whole perspective changed. The stuff I see almost every weekend will transfer to a societal level in a short period of time. Not that I'm a Nazi or leaning to Germany's right-wing parties. In fact with most stuff Pegida and AfD talk about by BS-meter goes off big time. But Germany won't be the same in the decades to come. Just a few days ago Merkel stated that WE still stand behind the "welcome refugee policy". I mean who the fuck is she talking about when she says WE? This is utter madness!

    It is my plan to leave Germany as well for the US. However, it isn't that easy to get a visa even if you're highly skilled (tech would be an exception I guess). Also, the "extreme vetting" comment by Trump concerns me as well. What exactly does it mean? Or is it just hot air? Right now the best option would be to start at an American company here in Germany in the hopes to getting transferred one day on a L-1.
    For everyone who knows German I recommend reading this article: http://bazonline.ch/ausland/europa/diese-maenner-denken-deutsche-frauen-sind-schlampen/story/22916308

    *Apparently 18-year-old Ali David Sonboly (gunman from Munich) had other motives. As the Wikipedia entry reads: "[...] Sonboly deliberately targeted people of Turkish or Arab origin, groups he apparently felt had picked on him at school."

    1. You can look up lists of occupations that are in demand in classical emigration destinations like Canada or Australia. It's not just tech, although that is arguably the easiest way in. I haven't done any research about the US in that regard, but there is a special visa category (H1-B) for skilled immigrants. As far as I know, those visas are primarily for foreigners with a STEM background.

      Leaving your country if conditions become unbearable is not the path of least resistance. I have moved around a lot, and tried many things in my life. What I noticed that whatever it was --- exploring a new hobby, studying a different field, moving to a new town, exploring a new sub culture etc. --- there were always people, 'friends', who tried to dissuade me, and those were almost without exception people who were afraid of change and were looking for excuses to justify their inertia.

    2. Thanks for commenting Aaron! Am very glad to see you spitting wisdom again. For a moment in July I thought you let go of your blog entirely!

      I need a reality check. I'd be happy if someone, especially from the US, could take the time to read about my situation. **Sorry for hijacking your blog post, Aaron. I know it’s not a career advise website.**

      Now my plan is to get into one major American IT company and finally (hopefully) transition after a few years. There are probably a gazillion guys that compete with me for a position in the US. So I don't know how realistic it is. Does anyone have experience with this way of making it to the US as a non-techie?

      What's your take on moving to the US? Wages are definitely higher in my industry on the other side of the big lake. However, the main drawbacks I see have been best summarized by a few reddit comments:

      "Also be aware of the things you are losing moving here. If you plan on having kids, day care and university are FUCKING expensive (up to 50,000 USD/yr for child care, 60,000 USD/yr for university, no joke.) Also, there is NO socialized medicine. The taxes you're paying are not significantly less, but unless you have good health insurance - usually only possible through your employer - you are going to be paying out the ass for healthcare. [...]"

      Regarding wages:

      "However, your salary in the EU included ~5 weeks of paid vacation, basically free healthcare, an insanely developed national rail system [disagree], essentially free education [...]"

      and this one..

      "Let me know how your friends in tech are doing when they hit their mid-40s [Don't think that necessarily applies to my positions]

      Then tell me what their retirement accounts are like when they're in their 50s. You know, after they were replaced by outsourcing or new H1Bs.

      You are completely right to believe what you believe. People behave as though the US and EU career paths are the same. They're not. Europeans do not get summarily fired in middle age. It's practically impossible to fire a worker whose been there for that long, without serious cause. So is it really a fair comparison?

      Yes, Americans might make more in their 20s and 30s but what about their 40s? You know, when you need to pay serious money for your children? or when you start to get sick? The money is a mirage. And in my experience, most of the foreign rah-rah-go-America cheerleaders you meet in your 20s and 30s, FUCK OFF back to their homes countries when it's time to settle down and raise their children. But you won't read about that. You never read about the number of people who leave America, because America doesn't keep records of that. Goes against the whole land of opportunity stuff."

      Aaron, you talked about moving around a lot. I have been living in the US during my undergrad for a few years. I sometimes found it hard to make new friends to build a social cycle despite being pretty outgoing and an open personality. How have your experiences been?

      What else should I take into consideration? Is it a realistic routhe?

      Many thanks up front!

    3. Anon,

      I found people in the US to be very open-minded, even allegedly hard-boiled New Yorkers. In fact, people in NYC are, based on my experience, much more easy-going than Londoners. My experience in the US was distinctly positive.

      If you want to discuss this issue in greater detail, then feel free to book a consultation session. ;)

    4. Cheers Aaron, for your offer. Actually I'm not really interested in the topic of making friends in the US for now. The biggie is getting over there. It seems impossible in my current situation. Most of the big US IT companies here in Germany are not really hiring young professionals. Google beeing the exception but a relocation at Google is out of question.

      Would you be up for discussing career advise? I need a new perspective on how to go about it. Let me know.

    5. I could give you some very relevant information. Send me an email if you want to set up a Q&A session.

  9. Hi Aaron, the situation in France is really bad too. Yes, our government has vowed to wage war on ISIS, but he had already said the same thing in the wake of the previous terror attacks. They intensify the strikes against ISIS each time, but I personally think we need to wage war against the islamists in our own country. You see, when the nazis invaded France in 1940, all nazis and pro-Stalin communists living in France were sent to POW camps because they were a threat to national security (even though the biggest threat was the disastrous strategy used by the military leadership, but hey :p). Yet now, when a terrorist comes back from Syria or Irak, where he has without a doubt already committed war crimes, we let him free and just put him on a watch list. This is bullshit on so many levels.

    At least it's not like in Belgium : one minister suggested that they treat ISIS supporters or islamists like neo-nazis and extend the hate speech laws to them as well (I'm for US-like freedom of speech, not for censorship, just so you know). That would at least be congruent. And of course, the head of the "Human Rights League" (an anti-racist association) was like "MUH FREEDOM OF SPEECH"... I don't hear him defending the freedom of speech of national-socialists !

    On leaving your country : I don't think we can say what we would do until the time comes. Then, we will be judged on our actions. If a civil war breaks out in France (which I think will happen), I'd love to be fighting "victory or death" style for my country, but maybe I will either pussy out or get my family to safety first, probably in Eastern Europe. Who knows. After all, we've never known war in our lifetime.


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