Friday, April 20, 2012

Calling (Out) All PUAs!

PUAs, do you want to become rich and famous? If so, read on!

I had a run-in with Justin Wayne on a bigger PUA forum recently. He claimed that he could consistently get girls out of his league, but when I pressed him, he offered half a dozen alternative interpretations of "out of his league".

However, if "game" claims to have any merit, then it is exactly that: the claim that you could get girls you otherwise wouldn't get. Thus, you see those people writing that you can "bang any woman no matter how you look, how little money you have, where you live etc." Those are of course all bullshitty claims. But what else could they say? Nothing. "Asking girls out game" is just as effective as everything the PUAs have come up with.

Yet, despite all those claims, not once has a PUA come out to demonstrate his incredible abilities. Of course, guys occasionally get a girl that you might assume to be out of your league. Science calls this "assortative mating". Seduction Myth has an article with background information.

"PUAs" are no special snowflakes. Heck, most don't even get laid (seen first hand in London). On the other hand, "AFC Game" occasionally leads to guys getting girls "out of their league" simply by them being their type. The article I just linked to has some nice pictures, too.

To all PUAs (and their shills), let me ask you two questions:
First, do you claim that you are doing better than bog-standard "asking girls out" game?
Second, do you claim that you consistently get women who are out of your league?

(Notice the trap here: if they negated both, then they'd undermine their whole business proposition.)

The seduction industry has been around for well over a decade, and so far NOBODY could prove that he consistently gets women out of his league. If any of you PUAs think you do, you may want to subject your "method" to scrutiny. Maybe contact the guys behind Seduction Myth, or reply to this blog post.

We'll set up a little experiment for you, and if you manage to convincingly demonstrate that you indeed pull women "out of your league" consistently, you'll become a superstar, and will have clients from all over the world knocking on the door. However, so far, no company or guru, when pressed, have agree to an actual study to prove the validity of their claims.

If any of you wants to respond with an ad hominem a la "Sleazy, why don't you let others evaluate your game." or something like that, I have two responses for you:

1) To my knowledge, I am the first (and only) guy in this scene who said that he gets laid due to looks. For starters, I am 6'3", and because I look for mutual interest ("target selection"). I never claimed any mumbo-jumbo or secret powers.

2) I don't claim I get women out of my league. I consider myself fairly good-looking, and that's probably why I never had to bang a fattie.

Lastly, if anyone wants to run the "but you're a commercial guru, too" defence, I'll point out in advance that the "method" I promote got people laid before PUAs confused their minds, and gets people laid who were never exposed to PUA. Also, keep in mind that I don't make a living from being a "guru". For me, this is all just a hobby. This allows me to promote what I consider the truth. I can state things bluntly, even if they may be unpopular. As you surely agree, the commercial players in this industry can't afford this luxury.

So, who of you PUAs is up for the challenge? You claim super powers, so prove it!


  1. Justin Wayne is legit. He has proof of his lays on his blog. All via cold approach pickup. All the girls are better looking than he is.

    On the other hand, no one has seen you or the girls you bang.

    When Justin Wayne issued a challenge you backed down. Why?

    1. LOL. who are you? Justin Wayne is your hero? All I see is "tourist game" consisting of young Asian and (East?)European girls on holiday in NYC. Show me a proper pickup with a hardcore NYC/Jersey girl. Weak game, man...........

    2. I bet some of the chicks probably went to the US just for shopping and to fuck some random black dude. So big fucking deal, one black dude who goes out and hits on hundreds of girls a weekend will find one that thinks, "yeah, he talks a ton of shit but he'll do". the white locals wouldn't like him because he's different, and the black girls wanna hook up with a white dude with cash.

      I don't know man, but this Justin Wanye dude is an odd fella. I really wouldn't know what he could "teach" someone who wasn't black and eager to be used by tourist chickz who just want to validate their ego. If he wants to teach black men to pickup girls, then what is he supposed to tell them? Talk to 100 chicks a night, and one will bite because she wants to know whether it's true that black dudes have a big cock?? LOLOLOL

      Seriously, Justin Wayne is a total loser.

  2. Dude, in case you didn't read this post: It was the same challenge I had issued to Justin Wayne on PUA Zone, of which he had backed off. Justin Wayne came on to PUA Zone and quickly started a thread on warm approaching in an attempt to steal my thunder. In case you have forgotten, my "cold approaching is pretty much useless" thread had around 30 pages of comments at that point.

    There already was a discussion of Justin Wayne's girls on this blog. Yes, ONE girl was cute, and the others quite mediocre. To say that he is legit would thus be tantamount to the assumption that he pulls tons of hot girls but doesn't post their pictures.

    People on PUA Zone have confirmed that my girlfriend is hot, and people on the old mASF forum (when I was still actively doing pickup) have confirmed that the girls I was pulling were hot. Any more questions?

    Now please quit trolling because you are getting on people's nerves already.

    1. Aaron please don't fall into his off topic trap. It doesn't matter what Aaron's girls look like since Aaron has never claimed to get superhuman results that are better than ask girls out method.

      It's like a government regulator who goes around busting pyramid schemes. Does the regulator need to prove he is rush in order to be allowed to regulate financial scams? Of course not. Same thing here.

      Also, your method is nothing new. You just teach what has been done dice caveman time, so there is nothing to prove.

    2. I knew he was resorting to a straw man, and it was one I had addressed in the original post. But I probably should have been more explicit about the actual rhetorical technique he was using to prove his insincerity.

      The burden of proof lies on the claimant. PUAs claim that their stuff is better than "average guy game", but so far no one has presented any valid proof, and the industry has been around for well over a decade now. To call them out, it doesn't even matter whether I get laid or not as it takes away nothing from the power of the argument. (This is called an "ad hominem": when you can't defend your position, try to slander the guy questioning your position.)

      Courious Day Gamer does what you can see in the media all the time. Remember those Wikileask releases? The main stream media were eager to identify character flaws in Julian Assange, the Wikileaks front man, in an attempt to divert attention from the explosive content of the material he was showing to the world. The most influential newspapers of the world, like the New York Times, did that, so it's hardly a fringe phenomenon.

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  4. CDG aka Mace you are full of shit ,Sleazy doesn't need to prove anything even though Justin Wayne wanted to do a challenge Aaron never backed down here is the link

    The guy from miami is "ME"if Justin Wayne wants to do that challenge and would like to save money instead of going all the way to Europe he can arrange something and fly to Miami.To make it more interesting I would do day game with him as long he agrees to go to one of the venues I go to and if hes such a stud I can point out the girls so he can magically seduce them which that would be enough to show you zombies that it's B.S on what he claims. I would be more then happy to demonstrate you fanboys that these Guru's are full of shit .

    And also visit if gurus are so legit & consistent on picking up hot girls why don't PUA"S accept that challenge seductionmyth has offer ?

    1. I also love the amazing success of Justin Wayne that's supposedly been proven bwahahahah.

      Didn't someone earlier point out Justin TheTard Dwayne has posted these pictures over a timespan of several years? So over several years the tard has put up photos of like 2 cute chicks, like 6 average chicks and like that's like amazing? bwhahahahhaha

      So for us to believe he's banging chicks left and right, we should accept that he only puts pictures of his average chicks but keeps his hotties hidden and private hahahahah Maybe that's why it took him years to put up 7 average chicks ahahahah It's coz average chicks are rare for him and he's been banging hotties since then but his modesty makes him only put up the average chicks hahahahahh

  5. Here is Justin Wayne issuing the challenge to Aaron Sleazy:


    Aaron Sleazy,


    It's all talk. The only way is to meet and person and tape it. I'm down for it.

    You are siding with a random anonymous guy. I have haters like everyone else.

    Ive heard people say that Paul Janka sucks, Mystery Sucks, EVERYONE has people who claim to know them and say their game is lame. And other people say otherwise.

    People who know me know the truth. I do not care about anyone who makes a random comment on your blog. That's not proof. It's just one guy on a biased forum.

    What about all the other guys who say otherwise. Of course you wouldn't mention it.

    So Aaron , do you accept a challenge? We will keep stats and film it for further review.

    * we can blur your face *


    Here is Aaron Sleazy backing down:

    If you want "proof" that my method works, we can have a video chat via Skype and I'll let my girlfriend say hi to you. Surely, a relationship with a gorgeous girl is proof enough.

    ...You just don't get it. You'd have to approve that cold approaching works, so someone else would have to pick your girls. But if your "opponent" only has to prove that "warm approaches" work better, then you should let him pick his own girls. You seem to have not understood this, either because you haven't thought about it or because you are a teeny-weeny bit dishonest.

    1. Man, you're so brainwashed. DIdn't Sleazy write somewhere on that forum that Justin Wayne was welcome to come to Europe!? Of course, Sleazy isn't the one claiming that he pulls chicks out of his league, and that cold approaching works oh-so-well. This means that Justin Wayne is backing down by trying to set up a "cold approach challenge". Sleazy has issued his challenge first. Justin Wayne then tried to weasel himself out. ALso, there are now other guys willing to take on Justin Wayne and he doesn't have the balls to show up.

      Listen, tard, if you make a bold claim then the burden on proof is on you. If you sell some snake oil and someone calls you out on your bullshit, you can't say to the guy, "Produce your own snake oil and then we'll see whose snake oil is better". You PUA shills really are beyond stupid.

    2. Aaron sleazy claims that cold approach is useless.

      - Justin Wayne is short, black, and of disadvantaged economic status.
      - Justin Wayne regularly has sex with attractive middle-class and upper middle-class women whom he meets during the day on the streets.
      - Justin Wayne has proof of his lays.

      Wouldn't this refute the notion that cold approach is useless?

      Furthermore, when Justin Wayne issues a cold approach challenge to Aaron Sleazy, Aaron quicky backs down.

    3. You are a troll. A STUPID FUCKING TROLL.

      We've been talking about Justin Wayne's alleged successes: a couple of years of sarging, and all his proof amounts to is one or two kinda cute chicks and a couple of mediocre if not fugly ones. WHERE ARE ALL THE FUCKING HOT ONES??? Oh, right, he probably didn't want to bruise the ego of all the men out there.. This also why it took him years to get pictures of him with average chicks. There were apparently too many hot ones to fend off. Right... Do you even realize how FUCKING STUPID your argumetn is or do we have to spell it out for you YET AGAIN?

      Justin Wayne offered a "cold approach challenge" as an attempt to DISTRACT. Have you read what I wrote about "snake oil" above?

      Justin Wayne only came on to PUA Zone to market himself to newbies, and seeing that sleazy's thread had waht, like 30 pages of comments, he was quick to start a thread in an attempt to get some attention. Are you TOO FUCKING STUPID TO SEE THROUGH THIS???

      Sleazy probably only lets you keep posting as some kind of sick entertainment. After all tehre are enough sane people reading his blog so that you PUATARDS and SHILLS have no chance. Keep posting, and youll get SLAMMED once again.

      Come on PUSSY, but this time maybe explain how come that Justin Wayne has PIX OF AVERAGE CHICKS on his blog. You think you have to be a PUA to score that? Yeah, probably you really have to be a PUA to post PIX OF UGLY CHIX and think this proves someting. LOLOLOL.

    4. DayGamer Tard,

      Aaron Sleazy claims cold approach is useless.

      Justin Wayne has proof on his blog that cold approach works if, unlike Aaron, you know how to do it properly.

      Furthermore, Justin Wayne offers a challenge to Aaron Sleazy to prove that cold approach works first-hand.

      Aaron backs down, thereby undermining his own argument.

    5. You guys are funny and probably not getting laid. Who cares if Justin or some other guy on the internet is getting laid or what quality of women he pulls ? When I was debating I was atleast talking about concepts,and if and when cold approach is useful.
      To argue if some guy,you dont even know,is getting laid and from what kind of approach is ridiculous.
      Why this obsesion with other people ? Sleazy is not any better. I read his blog and 90% of his posts are about ridiculing some random pua
      Who the fuck cares ?
      Go outside and meet women yourself and see what works and what doesnt

    6. """Aaron sleazy claims that cold approach is useless."""

      Actually, Aaron saud it is "mostly useless"

      DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORD USELESS MEANS. IT DOES NOT MEAN never ever works!! for fucking crying the fuck out loud, can't you go 2 seconds without a fucking strawman.

      You keep responding to a fucking strawman.

      CDG says ooooo welll aaron there are people who have sometimes gotten laid off of cold approach sometimes, therefore it's not useless

      DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE WORD USELESS MEANS, especially when qualified with the word mostly. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT NEVER EVER WORKS - it just means it's useless, a waste of time, not that it never ever works.

      """Justin Wayne has proof on his blog that cold approach works"""




      DAYGAMER TARD - don't steal my style, people will think you are me :) I like the tard meme, but I have a TM on using it in my username hehehe

  6. For any newbies reading this and getting confused, and just wanting a clear calm clarification and help, here is an earlier comment from another post

    This is the part the tards don't get. They view everything in rules and black and white.

    Of course if you see a once-a-lifetime chick running across the street, and she's makes your heart pound in a special way, go run up to her and say you just had to meet her. Aaron said mostly useles, he never said it's illegal to ever do it.

    If you only cold-approaching in the rarest of occasions, you will most likely have a very genuine tonality too, if you really reserve cold approaching only for the most special of women.

    But nobody sees "special chicks" 20 times a day. Who the fuck are these guys fooling? Themselves?

    If you have even the semblance of life, like many social hobbies and shit, you should be meeting dozens of chicks that outright give hot and warm signals to you... And let me make it clear,your success rate with chicks who give warm and hot signals can be as high as 50%.

    So if you have a LIFE TM you should be getting at least 10 warm and hot offers a week, just by living your life. These chicks should on average be of the same quality as chicks on the street or mall.

    Again, this doesn't mean to never approach chicks in the mall or supermarket. If you look semi-decent, look clean and fit, even a trip to the mall and supermarket should produce at least a few WARM signals.

    So if you have a life, you should already be getting more warm and hot signals than you have time to date.

    old comment over.

    Yeah, basically, if you're using all the warm signals you get in both social circles and while shopping and having a life, you should already be getting more pussy than you can handle. You wouldn't be arguing on the internet about how you have to creep 50 chicks a day. You would only do cold approaching for special chicks. Like if you see a super special chick once a month.

    Seriously dudes, if you just learn to use up the warm shit you will have more pussy than you can handle. This would all be an non-issue.

  7. I noticed something interesting about the Pua Salesmen here

    I've been watching this for the past week, and I noticed that the pua salesmen invaded this blog and started selling justin wayne to everyone.

    But they are now complaining about how the anti-puas are supposedly obsessed with Wayne. This is a very sneaky and dirty tactic.

    They brought him up, they brought up his portfolio as evidence of this that and the other. But they are now complaining that people are analyzing the so called evidence that they themselves brought up. One of the pua salesmen above even uses terms like 'obsessed with wayne'.

    Is he saying he is supposed to keep making claims and keep promoting wayne, but people here need to refrain from analyzing him and his claims?

  8. I have to agree with SexualHero.

    So, to try and end it all, let me adress CDG:

    These are facts:

    1 - Justin Wayne DOESN'T have any proof that he consistently gets girls out of his league. Lots of people have already explained why this is a fact, so I won't go on.

    2 - If Aaron says cold approaching isn't useful, challenging him to a cold approach "battle" is completely nonsensical. It's like saying "since you don't believe you can kill bears with your dick, let's have a bear dick killing contest and see who's better."

    If after this you just repeat that Justin Wayne or whoever he is gets women out of his league and that Aaron backed out, I'm sorry but I don't really know how to explain it better.
    And I encourage people to just leave CDG alone if he keeps on with his stuff, it just isn't worth it. He's not going to give in anyway.


    1. "I have to agree with SexualHero."

      Please don't. It's a typical pua tactic when they lose an argument. They try to boost their perceived status by going "oh well let's just leave our houses and get laid instead of arguing, who argues about this stuff online anyway".

      But sexualhero was arguing more than anyone else on these topics. So please don't buy into this tactic.

      We either argue, or we don't. Why is that whenever PUAs lose the argument, all of a sudden arguing is a loser thing that people who can't get laid do? Such hypocrisy.

      "If after this you just repeat that Justin Wayne or whoever he is gets women out of his league and that Aaron backed out"

      But Aaron didn't even back out. He simply didn't accept to fly on his own dime to into the city of a random PUA. The one making extraordinary claims is the one who needs to invest the money to prove themselves. Why would aaron who does this out of a hobby spend thousands of dollars to travel somewhere to test someone?

      He even offered someone who lives very close to Justin, to test him, but Justin refused. It is obvious Justin was bluffing since he knew nobody would fly 2 continents to test him. Why won't justin accept to be tested by the miami guy?

    2. Dude,

      "But Aaron didn't even back out."

      Of course he didn't back out, because, as I said:

      "If Aaron says cold approaching isn't useful, challenging him to a cold approach "battle" is completely nonsensical."

      Anyway, just follow what I'm saying: if nothing you say, as reasonable as it is, will make CDG back off, then what's the use of arguing anymore?


    3. "Of course he didn't back out, because, as I said:

      "If Aaron says cold approaching isn't useful, challenging him to a cold approach "battle" is completely nonsensical."

      Sure, I got that, I'm just going on step further. You are saying aaron can't back out because he never claimed cold-approach power.

      I'm saying aaron isn't even backing out of merely watching, recording and judging wayne. If wayne comes to europe, aaron will be pleased to record wayne and test him on camera.

      "if nothing you say, as reasonable as it is, will make CDG back off, then what's the use of arguing anymore?"

      You have to realize that it's different people. Every time the trolls come in and same the same stupid thing or lie, a different anti-pua corrects them.

      I don't see what your point is? Do you want this place to be overrun by pua trolls who keep saying the same lies over and over, but do you want aaron to put a ban on anti-puas to no longer respond? I don't honestly understand you?

    4. If they (CDG and the others) keep on saying the same lies over and over, what's the use of arguing further?
      If you say a book is made of paper, and they say a book is made of gold no matter what, even if you throw them the most reasonable arguments, what's the use?

      I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on some things, plus I think you're misunderstanding where I'm coming from, but thats understandable over the internet, if we were face to face, I bet it would be much better, but that's life.

      I don't think this place will ever be overrun by puas.

      And I'm not saying you shouldn't post and that aaron should ban anyone.
      I'm saying that all the cards are on the table. All the arguments form either side are out for everyone to read, and people with enough intelligence can get their conclusions.

      Anyway, have a nice night man, I probably won't post here in the comments anymore. I don't want anymore discussion.


  9. No PUA guru whose sole source of income is based on pickup will take you up on this challenge. This fact alone should be enough to dissuade others not to get suckered for this shit.

    I honestly don't get the argument of calling out Sleazy for a pickup battle royal. He ain't the one claiming to give you the magic keys to get you laid with any hottie. For any sensible person with an inch of brain, this is just blatant.

    I used to buy into the claims made by gurus, and got excited by their claims of getting laid with hotties with pics and vids included. That was until I took two lame ass bootcamps and saw for myself that it was far from the truth.

    So I sense that most of these PUA fanboys are so enamoured with the hope of nailing hotties, that they believe most of these claims by gurus and stand by them. Everyone loves to hear the story of the guru who is short, bad looking yet manages to consistently pull hotties. Why? Because it means that so can I! I just need to cash out some money and spend thousands of hours practicing stupid bullshit.

    So honestly, like has been argued non-stop the burden of proof lies on the ones who make those absurd and exaggerated claims. Not on the people who are calling out the scammers and bullshitters for what they are. And if you think about it, it's the BEST way to end an argument and shut the so called "haters" up.

  10. By the way do the IRS know about Justin Wayne and that he is teaching?

    1. I doubt it. Maybe someone should give 'em a hint. :P

  11. Did the PUA shills give up?

    They haven't said anything in days.

    Are they admitting defeat?

    1. I hope so. In the worst case, though, they just had the weekend off and are soon going to sit down on their desks again to spread more bullshit. (By the way, this kind of PR service you can buy for a couple of bucks online, which arguably explains the really bad language you sometimes see.)

  12. Oh,nobody ever asked to sarge off or something??

    Have you ever taken their challenge yet?I saw Vince Kelvin posted on facebook.Come to LA and sarge off or something.Has anyone asked you come to their place or something?You joke around him.Why don't you do sarge off with Vince Kelvin?

    Tell him,if you cover air,I do it.It would be so cool.If you did it.Not just him any other PUA guru's you dissed.Yeah,you don't loose anything because you don't live as a pro-pick up coach.They have more risk to lose reputation.Why didn't you take his offer??You think it's easy and made fun of him a lot.You should have done that.Or have you already met him?

    I saw your facebook post.You should have taken his challenge.I am not either side.I just thought it would be fun though.I mean you could write best article ever.Not just Vince Kelvin.Take any guru's challenge.We lost opportunity to see that.Aaron Sleazy VS Vince Kelvin.I saw the facebook post he wanted to sarge off with you.

    Why you did not do that?Just because of air fare or time?But you have already made fun of him a lot.Then this guy asked challenge and escape?Tell the gurus,I take your challenge anywhere.If you cover the air and hotel.

    I think taking PUA guru's challenge is easy for you.Nothing loose for you.If those gurus proved it.Yeah,they just proved it.You wrote enough ridicule of those guys.If you won,you can make fun of them more.Why don't you do it Aaron?

    1. Who would spend 12 hours on a plane and 1000 US to go to LA with do a sarge off? No sane person......

    2. Just say hey,you pay 1,000 US air fair,I am coming to your place.If not,you just saying this.This was right answer to him.

      He also said anywhere is fine.Vince Kelvin might have come to Aaron Sleazy's town.

      If you make fun of those guys and then escaped from challenge,you just look like a KJ.I want to believe you are not KJ.But talking shit a lot then escape made him look like a typical KJ.

      Vince is not sane person,He may come to Aaron's place though.Aaron Sleazy made fun of enough those guys, I think he should take those guys challenge.

      Right,Vince Kelvin is going to Europe,do it while he is there.Then I want to hear.Yes,He was joke or whatever.

  13. "Sarge off" ?
    That sounds SO infantile.
    Moreover, challenging a man who's in a fucking LTR to a "sarge" against you ???
    Yeah, surely that's a thing to take seriously !

    PUAs like Kelvin, jumping up and down, shouting "Get in the ring, Sleazy, Get in the ring", is purely aimed at their own following : Hey guys, come see how ready your guru is to fight !
    They don't want a sarge-contest with Sleazy any more than Chaplin wanted to box in City Lights. And they behave in just about the same way too.

    1. I'm on Aaron's side, but LTR has nothing to do with it.

      A more valid reason is privacy. From what I've seen, Aaron wants to keep his identity private.

      If those guys pay for his airfare and hotel, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to shoot them on camera. He can also pick their targets.

      the problem with "sarge off"

      Aaron asked them to prove they can get better than average guy results. He has never claimed to get better than average results. So why not "sarge off" then? Because that flips the script.

      The PUAs will then switch the narrative and talk about how they got results just as good as Aaron so he "failed to demonstrate he's better" they will make it seem like he said he was superior.

      But that is not the issue, it is that you want them to get very hot girls more than average, not compete against Aaron

  14. well,why not jump on then if he scared off.I believe Aaron.
    Fucking lame.Then protect yourself?If you instigate those guys then those gurus give some word.Just take his challenge.Such a wimp.

    Aaron also look same because escaping.If he take his challenge.He is an adult and man.If he say nothing about those PUA guys,yeah,he does not have to take challenge and those gurus look Chaplin.Aaron also one of the part of wrestling.

    Kinda WWF drama.So lame.

    1. You must from one of those -few bucks for PR outsourcing- things that Aaron mentioned. Where they pay someone in a third work country a few bucks to go and post on critical blogs and forums.

  15. I can't believe Justin Wayne offered a sarge-off. Like how old is he? Any normal person wouldn't travel across the world to do this pathetic shit.

    He obviously knows Sleazy ain't gonna do this, that's why he made the offer!

    I love how all the KJ's want this so desperately, it just shows how childish their mentality is. And people like this certainly ain't getting laid. It's almost like a pua fantasy league (sickening).

    I checked the vaults on mAsf and It reminds me when all the pua gurus were wanting a sarge-off with Gunwitch. I personally believe Gun thought it was beneath him to participate in something so stupid, given the fact he spoke a lot of common sense.

  16. My point was that Kelvin, John Wayne & the rest DON'T WANT a confrontation. Or a sarge-off. Or a test in controlled circumstances. Or any of that.

    They just PRETEND that they do. Loudly.
    So no-one can mistake them for anything other than totally confident in the outcome.
    Which they most definitely are not.

  17. No pua has volunteered so far:( At least here on, apart from some pua shills no one took the challenge.

    Such pua not only would become a superstar, but also a phenomenon in the scientific sense. The discovery of such seduction techniques should get him a Nobel Prize (I am deadly serious here). Anyone who still believes pua bullshit should ask himself the question why the Royal Academy hasn't rewarded such magnificent discovery?? Maybe it's a worldwide conspiracy against puas? LOL

  18. PS: all you pathetic pua lovers realize this:
    you don't need to accept Aaron's terms. Just prove any way you want (but in a fair scientifically accepted manner - contact some universities for guidelines) that you can seduce any woman you want. Nobel Prize for sure + worldwide fame + tons of money!

  19. PS 2: in my previous comment I raised the bar quite high (so it will be easy for you to come up with an excuse). In fact you don’t need to prove that you can pick up ANY single women. Just prove you can pick up more than like 15% of single randomly met women. Just like we suggest in section the “Experiment” on SeductionMyth with the speed dating test. By “pick up” I mean something more than a regular chit chat – that’s your good old pua trick when you conflate “being nice” and sexual attraction. Anyway just ask any scientific center for guidelines…
    DO that and I guarantee you will be rich and famous within a couple of days!

    1. A friendly chit-chat is not the only conflation trick used by PUAs. Another common trick is tricking women into giving you a phone number, and then using that as proof of success.

      The myth about phone numbers is so bad that some pua companies even have special routines on how to fake getting a number to impress clients.

  20. Why would Wayne travel all the way to Europe to prove to one individual and a couple of his followers that his methods work when many other people are happy with his claims, after seeing proof in his videos and pictures?

    If I don't believe on a blog that Area 51 exists I don't expect hundreds of scientists or experts to come round to my house to prove to me with detailed maps and diagrams.

    Wayne surely didn't want to travel to Miama to prove to Seduction Myth or Tats because it was a personal challenge from SLEAZY, and he wanted Sleazy to be there himself so he couldn't deny the results for whatever reason.

    I'm not 100% on Wayne, he is a little too vague with his system because of the book he's writing, but he's the only PUA I can think of that shows footage of him from approach to lay and most of the girls he sleeps with look hot (apart from the Eastern Europeans)

    1. For some strange reason, Justin Wayne's "proofs" don't convince anyone on this site. Any other questions?

      You know, Justin Wayne has people commenting on forums and blogs that write little one or two liners that amount to something like, "Hey man, check out Justin Wayne. He's from NYC and he's got video proof" or something like that. He's been doing this for quite a while now. But, seriously, have a look at his "proofs" and say with a straight face that those women are hot. If you do, then you are either a shill (you certainly write like one), or you have never left your house.

      Your logic is as faulty as Justin Wayne's on PUA Zone. Well, would Justin Wayne travel to Miami if I was there? Remember: The burden of proof lies on the claimant.

      Your last paragraph his completely absurd. He is too vague with his system BECAUSE of a book he's working on? This statement doesn't make any sense.

      Hot girls? Again, one kinda cute one, the rest hardly average. If you think otherwise, maybe leave your mom's basement for half a day or so.

  21. Dude, Aaron, you need to get your stuff straight. In your book you say, approach girls based on what you find attractive. Here, you are judging Justin Wayne's girls' attractiveness. Can you atleast be somewhat consistent?

    1. Anybody who does mass approaches cannot possibly claim that he only goes for the kind of girls he finds attractive. Do you think they all make his heart beat in a very special way?

    2. And when you were laying chicks, you weren't approaching a lot of them? You do say it's a numbers game.

    3. Dude, there is a big difference between indiscriminate approaching and finding your niche. I have always advocated the latter. Of course, this doesn't mean that you'll get every girl you approach. Yet, even within your niche, you essentially play a numbers' game. But it's one in which the odds are much better.

    4. I find it funny when Just Wayne's people go around copy-pasting "Justin has proof"!!

      Proof of what? Proof that he is not a virgin? But nobody ever claimed he is a virgin. He needs to prove he gets Extraordinary Results. This means that he Gets results better than numbers game and coincidence.

  22. Sleazy,you're forever talking shit about the community and who you think have Game or not.

    Justin is official.Besides Paul Janka and maybe Rob Judge and I of course,Justin is next in line of the PUA's in NYC(where I'm from)who gets laid.

    So stop talking shit Sleazy.

    As much as you deny it,you're a PUA/Gamer as any other community guy.


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