Thursday, April 19, 2012

Women Are Raised to be Friendly

In yesterday's "Reader Success Story" where one of the commenters on my blog describes his experience with cold approaching women, there was an element that deserves further elaboration:

Over a period of 2 x months I approached 100 or so girls (all hot), on the street, nothing indirect about it at all. Here is what I experienced. 
1. 90% + of the girls responded in a friendly manner. The remaining 10+ brushed me off as quickly as they could. Noone was rude or abusive. 
2. All the girls who didn't brush me off loved the compliments and attention etc. 
3. 95% of the girls told me they had a boyfriend and made their excuses. 

Do you already see the big problem?

Obviously, a lot of PUAs and their sheep-like followers mistake friendliness for sexual interests. It's up to you to decide whether PUAs say this because they just don't know any better or because it's an easy way to trick people.

Think about it: If you taught "game", you could just send a guy to talk to some random girl on the street. More often than not, she'd be friendly, but would eventually decline his advances. But instead of telling him that she's just friendly and it is squat, he'll pat you on your back and say the overly clich├ęd "You are so money, bro!"

Women are usually raised to be friendly. They'll politely decline requests they are not comfortable with, or they will just flake. In fact, the whole flaking phenomenon can be explained by the woman wanting you to save face in public, which is why she'll give you her number. But later on, she finds it easier to just not show up. Being confrontational on the phone and saying, "You loser, stop calling me!" isn't something many women would do.

This is why aspiring PUAs find that "cold approaching" works, but it doesn't really. She's nice to you even if she's not interested because she thinks she has to be nice. Further, if you can interpret body language properly, you'll also notice that they position themselves defensively. Just look at this:

Vince Kelvin doesn't know that crossed arms isn't a good sign.
Does any of this sound familiar?

To any PUA shills who want to jump on this thread, please ask yourself whether you really have experience that contradicts my statement. Remember, Paul Janka has sex with ten percent of the women whose number he gets. Ten percent! And that's for a Harvard-educated guy who looks like a male model! (No wonder Vince Kelvin does not get anywhere with women.)

So, dear PUA shills, how are your success rates? And how often do you delude yourself into thinking that just because she's friendly, she's interested?

In this vein, let me close with a picture I found on the blog of "Superman PUA" on a short article where he tells people to read "Why Cold Approaching is Pretty Much Useless":


  1. The problem witg guys as "AFCs" and later as "PUAs" is that their idea of rejection involves getting yelled at or slapped, which probably stems from a general fear of people (which is why they were shy to begin with and why they remain so crippled by fear of approaching after); when they approach and meet friendly girls (which most chicks are as long as you're not a moron) and in the right setting, they don't come to the conclusion that their vision of rejection was flawed, but they conclude that the girl hasn't rejected them, ie was attracted. And when she doesn't show up it's because she "lost attraction".


    1. Right on charles.

      A lot of these internet alphas come from a background of social anxiety. This doesn't mean they're bad people.

      But they over-estimate their new-found skillz. Since they have little mating experience, they think that making a chick on the street chuckle, means that she wants to fuck your brains out.

      Hence, they go online and open game blogs preaching how game gives one super-powers.

  2. But for women of particular beauty you must neg them three times in order to lower their bitch shield in order to demonstrate your higher value. If he did that in his sets he would have went 5 for 5 instead of getting those rejections lol

  3. I really hope you're trolling caesar...


    1. It's obvious he's being sarcastic and mocking PUAs lol.

  4. Aaron, you still haven't clearly defined "cold approach" according to you brother.

    I asked you in a previous post but you avoided my question:

    A student approaches a girl at his university campus with no prior eye contact or approach invitations and with whom he shares no mutual friends. Is this a cold approach?

    1. Cold approach means approaching RANDOM girls in RANDOM environments and RANDOM situations.

      In your example it wouldn't be a "cold approach" because they are both students at the same unversity and thus have something IN COMMON and to talk about.

      In fact I know many people who met their partner at university...

  5. If you think cold approaching is useless, what do you think about guys on Simple Pickup? They have youtube channel /user/SimplePickup

    At the very least, they're entertaining to watch, but there's no doubt they're doing a lot of cold approaches.

    1. but there's no doubt they're doing a lot of cold approaches.

      That's all you need to know.

  6. To all the tards here

    People gave you a short list of warm signals before. Some of you whined "how are we supposed to know this shit".

    Well here's the deal you freaking tards, that stuff is part of normal human social skills. There is nothing wrong with not having basic social and mating skills and not recognizing who's approachable, who's sending mating signals and who's unopen to socializing.

    The reason we call you dumbasses tards, is because you have this arrogance of having no humility, despite the fact you don't heve even the social skills of a 12 year old.

    If you came here respectfully admitting that you're inexperienced and don't have basic mating skills, people would be nicer to you. But you dorks think you're grandmasters of the universe coz you did a dozen cold approaches and read game blogs. Go alpha go!! Internet wannabe-thugs.

    1. It's true that Aaron is very vague, because for him, like most humans basic social skills are innate. So yes you're right on that.

      You tards should see some documentaries on human mating where they talk about preening gestures, approachability signals, and mating signals in the female species.

      The book USS by Leil Lowndes explains most of them. And none of them includes a woman staring and smiling at you. A woman staring and smiling at you is not a warm signal, it's a hot signal.

      Seriously dorks, the first step to recovery is admitting how much lower you are than you care to admit. Most of you dorks, if you cant't read warm signals, that means you are way below the "betas" and "AFCs" that you derive pleasure from mocking.

      Again, the reason we treat you like shit is not because you lack basic social skills. If you admitted it, we'd treat you with compassion. Your lack of humility and faux alpha bullshit is why you're getting a shellacking of a life time. Drop the alpha personas. Creeping random girls in malls does not make you alpha, it makes you a fucking social retard.

    2. Unfortunately, Sleazy preaches a lot but cops out when people ask for the details to do the things that he preaches.

      That sucks because I like the stuff that he's been saying so far. If only he were less vague...

    3. I don't think that Aaron is being vague on purpose.

      He just happens to be "Unconciously competent". He reads warm signals well, like most socially competent people. Other people gave good recommendations on books that teach warm signalling though.

    4. I don't "cop out". I have stated repeatedly that you will find more details either in the forum, the interviews I gave, or in my books. You really can't expect any author to start with the absolute basics, and this applies in any field. Or do you want me to tell you to brush your teeth in the morning as well?

  7. As I told you on pua zone,you are not going to have much more then 10% success interacting with women anywhere,cold approaching or not. Are you telling us that a guy going to yoga/salsa class or whatever other social group is going to bang all the women there ? I guess not.
    He probably is not going to have much more success then 10%.
    Nobody can have sex with 90% or 70% of the women they talk to.
    You will probably,if you are social person,talk with all women in your yoga class.But you are NOT going to have sex with all of them.
    It's just that your are not going to see these interactions as "rejections". You are not going to count them,so they dont make it into your "lay ratio" so you think you are much more successful then guys who cold approach.
    If success rate is so much important to you,and you want to compare different methods of meeting women and success rate of those methods,then you have to do it fairly.
    In comparing cold approach with,for example,yoga class,you would have to take all interactions with women with whom you dont end up having sex into account.
    Because cold approaching is just another way to meet people,same as going to social groups,classes etc..
    Why should we only count "rejections" when talking about cold approach,and disregard rejections in other scenario ?
    Or maybe you do lay all the women who come to your yoga class ? Or atleast 70% of them ? If that the case,then congrats. I am impressed.

    Furthermore,thank you for proving that cold approach is very valuable for newbies,who don't have any confidence with women,have aproach anxiety,and are not really comfortable talking with women/strangers.
    Fact that 90% of the women will be friendly is GREAT FOR THEM. It will help them to get more comfortable talking with women and strangers in general. It will help them overcome approach anxiety,so they can be more comfortable and bald when warm approach or other opportunites present themselves.

    And thirdly,from you origanal post,I get the impression then you are also hating on stopping women on the street. I did ask you this on pua zone,you didnt clarify : What if these women are clearly interested in you ?
    I am not escpecially good looking guy,but I get eye contact and signals from women all the time just walking down the street. Do you think you should not approach because of the venue,even if girl is interested ?
    Because that's bullshit.

    1. It would help if you left the house you fucking moron.

      10% success rate on warm and hot approaches!?!?!?


      Once in a while. Block those PUA forums, gets some hobbies, get some friends, and start talking to the chicks that flirt with you in those hobbies. Please, please please please.

    2. Also PuaZoneHero idiot, read more, talk less.

      You are a fucking moron who's obviously not read what Aaaron has written.

      """""I am not escpecially good looking guy,but I get eye contact and signals from women all the time just walking down the street. Do you think you should not approach because of the venue,even if girl is interested ?
      Because that's bullshit."""""


      You have obviously not read anything, but you came here and posted a 2 page rant.

    3. Yep, just because you're less rejected in salsa club than on the streets that doesn't mean you're going to sleep with most of the girls there. That's the big fallacy of Sleazy's argument.

      And if you get rejected in salsa class, the rest of the sessions will be awkward since you'll be seeing them again. Approaching at bookstore or mall or bus? Not so much unless you live in small town.

      The only difference is that girls can reject you outright when you cold approach, but in warm approach girls reject you when you're making a move on them. Warm approach give you the illusion that you get rejected less. But the reality is that the rejection is delayed later.

    4. This is why Sleazy needs to be clear on the definition of "cold approach" and "warm approach". It creates confusion among readers.

    5. OMG People At Salsa Will Thinnk I'm AkwarddddddApril 20, 2012 at 5:23 PM

      Yep, just because you're less rejected in salsa club than on the streets that doesn't mean you're going to sleep with most of the girls there. That's the big fallacy of Sleazy's argument.

      He never said you will "sleep with most of the girls in a non-cold enviroment". Stop making shit up.

      And if you get rejected in salsa class, the rest of the sessions will be awkward since you'll be seeing them again. Approaching at bookstore or mall or bus? Not so much unless you live in small town.

      Do you realize what this paragraph says about you? Do you not get what you are admitting? Have you ever gotten laid in a social circle?

      Do you know that people who get laid all the time in social circles are reading what you wrote above and literally shaking their heads in disbelief?

      What awkwardness? Dude, have you ever had a date in your life? That's not how real life works. You don't walk up to a chick in yoga class ask her to marry you and get publicly embarassed.

      You flirt and escalate over time with getting more and more intimate and going into harder and harder flirting. There is never any public and loud rejections going on. It simply "doesn't work out". There's nothing to be akward about... it just "fizzles out".

    6. Yep, just because you're less rejected in salsa club than on the streets that doesn't mean you're going to sleep with most of the girls there. That's the big fallacy of Sleazy's argument.

      Of course you are not going to sleep with most of the girls there, but you will find it a lot easier. Seriously, people, think a little bit before making those inane comments.

      And if you get rejected in salsa class, the rest of the sessions will be awkward since you'll be seeing them again. Approaching at bookstore or mall or bus? Not so much unless you live in small town.

      This shows that you have either absolutely no social contacts or that you are a PUA shill. In a social context you don't say, "Hi, I had to tell you that you are gorgeous. Btw, can I ask you for a female opinion? Listen, a friend of a friend of a friend recently discovered that his girlfriend had a box of pictures of all her exes..."

      Instead, people look at each other, exchange smiles, talk a little bit before and after class, and if the women feel particularly daring, they will say, "Maybe let's hang out some time", or they look at you expecting you to say something. As a normal guy, you also only drop hints, like, "I'm going to do X this week etc." Also, it's quite common that people then begin to wait for each other before and after class, or reserve a seat for you. This goes on for a bit, and if you really like the person, you ask them out. Is this so hard to understand?

    7. Well not exactly. At least not all of us. I tend to be very crass and rude. I've banged some 12,13 chicks (some veeeery hot ones) in the past 3 years from salsa alone. What I do is just grab the chick, take her to the floor, get into her face and tell her also sorts of dirty shit like: you've got some nice juicy tits, I can't stop thinking of sucking on your nipples... or damn girl, I just wanna rip you up like a parking ticket and other retarded shit like that. So what happens? I'm known as a hard womanizer who doesn't give a fuck of what people think of me. Lot's of people dislike me, some like me a few are neutral. And that's just the way I like it. I don't waste time on chicks. I hit them hard and short and they either go for it or they don't.

      The chick I just started banging, also from salsa, told me she was warned to stay away and that I was a womanizer and still she lets me fuck her up the ass.

      Bottom line, if you want to preach being a regular dude to the beginner who is severely retarded I might approve. But concerning cold approach pickup, I love it. Wouldn't give it up even if I could get more chicks from social circle. Sometimes I go cold approach with my crew even though I know I could go salsa and get some ass rather easily. There's just something that jives with me in the "I don't give a fuck how unconventional my shit is, I'll still approach whom I want and where I want" type of attitude.

      And btw, on the note of being rejected in a salsa class, it's weird only if you play for the mister "normal dude". Because, of course, mister normal dude never gets rejected - he is always super cool and popular and everyone likes him. That's just a part of his image. With mister hardcore womanizer, a part of his image is that he just doesn't give a fuck. He don't give a fuck even if the whole social circle is directly listening to him hitting on a chick and getting rejected. Why? Because he knows 90% of guys watching are little bitches who laugh only because they think that the rejection they just saw justifies their mostly never doing any type of advance on chicks.

  8. Yeah,just because I disagree with some points,I must be some clueless virgin.
    Please read more carefully what I said. I didnt say "warm" approach has 10% success rate. I said you are not going to get laid with all women in your xxx class,because not all of them will be interested in you. Same as with cold approaching.
    If we are going to count every intereaction guy has when cold approaching which does not end up in sex as a rejection,I dont see why not do the same for every other method of meeting women.
    If,on the other hand,you will not socialize with any women in your xxx class other then the ones who are interested in you,then you are obviously not social guy and "getting laid" is your only goal and motivation. I dont see how this outcome dependency is healthy or how it will help you get laid.
    It can only repel women

    1. "If,on the other hand,you will not socialize with any women in your xxx class other then the ones who are interested in you,then you are obviously not social guy and "getting laid" is your only goal and motivation. I dont see how this outcome dependency is healthy or how it will help you get laid. It can only repel women"

      I don't mean it in an insulting way, but just saying that it would be good if you are open to what people are saying especially considering that no one here any commercial motive but most likely, other people who you might be taking advice from or maybe did take advice from. Of course, this doesn't apply if you sell PUA stuff yourself implying you have commericial motives to keep this stuff alive.

      Regarding your comment - I am a very low energy guy who hardly talks much. I also can't be bothered to chase women. As a result, I somehow only end up speaking to girls who show a lot of initiative herself. Its not a "technique" but just a natural extension of my personality.

      I spoke to probably 6-7 girls in high school. Out of those, I had 2 girlfriends. Apart from 2 of these, almost every one of them were interested in me. In college, I spoke to about 5 women wherein I went on dates with 2 of these women. When I am at dance classes, I barely talk to women (It certainly helps that Argentine Tango is a very quiet, intense dance). I only end up talking to women who show lots of initiative. Being a good dancer that I am who is fairly non-social, this aspect certainly does not seem to repel women, given how popular I seem to be at Milongas (Tango parties). As far as approaching strangers are concerned at bars - I have approached roughly 16-17 women in the roughly 4 months of this year, been on 6 dates from this and slept with 4 of them.

      Just be open to ideas man. We are not selling anything here. We have done the whole cold approach thing and realized it's BS and just trying to share this with others as well. Keep doing whatever you want if you are happy with it. If you are not, then maybe look into what people are saying here. It's not about winning some internet debate.

    2. Another serious suggestion dude - just completely drop all the PUA shit from your head. I am referring to "outcome dependency". Just try it for a while - do whatever the fuck you want. If you are outcome dependent, then so be it. If you are independent, so be it. If you go out with a girl, and just don't feel like fucking her and instead just want to talk to her, so be it. If the only reason you are going out with a girl is because you want to fuck her, but actually think she is a dumb bitch, so be it. If you don't feel like being social at certain times, so be it. If you want to crack self-deprecating jokes, so be it.

      Try it for a while. Drop everything which you ever ever read in a PUA book/site and just do whatever the fuck you want. I guarantee you - you will be much much happier.

    3. Of course they are not all going to be interested with you, but your chance of "success" will be a lot higher, and they'll make it much easier for you. Maybe you should practice your reading comprehension skills instead.

      Saying "hi" to people in a social context even if you don't want to fuck them is called "being normal". On the other hand, PUAs acting like panhandlers and approaching woman after woman do so with the explicit intention of "sarging". Is this so difficult to understand?

  9. It's weird that the guys that say that they know better in this blog like to call names and accuse anyone who doesn't get it as social retards. And they make random assumptions instead of have proper intelligent discussions.


    1. It's also ironic that a lot of the different "anonymous" users have a very similar syntax, especially those that pretend to support each other. It's not ironic that people at one point simply get fed up explaining the same very basic thing over and over.

  10. Actually I just read this blog,and he seems to have a problem with daygame/streetgame,thats why I asked the question. In one of his previous blog posts,he said that women would "feel like a cheap whore" if approached on the streets. This clearly shows some limiting believes. So what's wrong with asking the question ?
    I personally have not seen any difference regarding closing rate and so much imprtant lay ratio when approaching girls on the street or any other venue,IF its not "cold approach"
    If woman is interested,she is interested. She is not going to care where you approach her.

    1. But if you have to go through 100 women to find one who's interested, then maybe there is something wrong with the method.

  11. Vince Kelvin is weak sauce. You should use Simple Pickup videos instead.

  12. You know what guys - I don't know about Sleazy, but I have had enough of this stupid debate. If you guys think approaching chicks on the street is better than spending the same time at dance classes - sure, go ahead. You want to debate on irrelevant technicalities whether an approach on a college campus can be classified as a cold approach or not - go ahead. If you want to continue to approach your "dream girls" on the street when you have no clue about her - go ahead. You want to debate about exceptions, what is the exact definition of cold/warm/hot/burning hot approach, go ahead.

    In the end, you are the one who has to be happy with your lives. I am very very sure I don't need any more dating advice.

    I am just surprised that a group of people who are supposedly looking for ideas on how to improve their love lives are so cynical about simple common sense which people are proposing here. I promise to not engage in any of the debates anymore.

  13. I made a long post agreeing with Johnny, but since my browser fucked up, I can't be bothered repeating it.

    Bottom line for Aaron - There are questions that don't deserve to be answered (because they are innapropriate). Don't feed these brainwashed sheep anymore.


    1. The cold/warm approach definition definitely needs to be addressed since a lot of the argument here stem from the fact that people misunderstood cold approach as approaching a complete stranger, period. But what Sleazy means by cold approach is that if the girl is not giving him any signal that she's interested, then he's just wasting his time. So in Sleazy's case, it doesn't matter where/when he approaches her. As long as she gives him the warm signals, it's okay to approach her.

      Of course since he doesn't bother addressing this, a lot of mess happened that may or may not be related at all to the context of the original post. It's like cleaning your dishes. The more you postpone cleaning the dishes the more it's going to pile up your sink, making your kitchen stink, attracting cockroaches, building up bacteria, making you allergic and sick etc. So now you have to clean up massive dishes, see doctor, clean up the sink, buy room deodorant, buy anti-cockroaches spray etc. You end up wasting more time cleaning up the mess than if you just clean the dishes early on.

    2. I'm not sure if they misunderstood or if they are using it to completely disprove the whole point Aaron was trying to make. But you might be right. You got it, I got it, and it is rather coincidential that people that didn't get it were defenders of "game".

      But I don't know everything. If you're right, I hope they read your comment and finally understand it.


    3. AlekNovy (cellphone)April 20, 2012 at 4:24 PM

      While we can blame Aaron for not having precise language, let me ask you something...

      Why is it that those of us with experience knew what he meant? And game defenders were those who miss understood him? Is it a coincidence?


      I've criticized Aaron myself on this topic months ago.. His languaging is not precise enough for inexperienced people.

      If you don't believe me, look at the forum, the topic where I point out he's not precise enough in his language is now locked lol.

    4. Alek, I'm not sure if you are answering to me or to the Anonymous, but that was precisely my point :)


    5. Simple, that's because the guys who don't get him are relatively new.

      Guys like AlekNovy and other veterans have been around his forums and read his older posts so they know what he's saying.

      New guys who just came into his site and blog? Not so much. And coincidentally, most of them came from community.

      No offense, but the veterans on Sleazy's ideas who keep flaming and calling newbies as retards or socially stupid are not going to entice people to join his idea. Why should anyone agree to a person that keeps insulting him/her as retards? It's retarded.

    6. @Anonymous

      Actually, I knew exactly what he meant the day I read his book. I immediately went and opened a topic criticizing him for the imprecise language, right after buying and reading the book. I have no former knowledge of Aaron.

      It has to do with experience with approaching, women and life, not "experience with Aaron".

    7. Fair enough, but how about guys who come here without ever reading his book? I'm one of them. I don't get a lot of the thing he's saying and I haven't even lurked into his forum yet.

      Maybe after spending some time here and his forum and read his book maybe I get some ideas. But I can assure you that many new guys who stumble upon this site come in with clean slate like I do.

    8. I'm not defending Aaron. Don't misunderstand :) His vague languaging sucks at times, and he's not always good at explaining things to inexperienced men.

      I just think the gamers who misunderstand what he means are indirectly admitting more than they care to realize.

      Newbies will be able to get good clarifications if they keep reading. In every one of these posts there have been dozens of commenters who filled in and clarified the blanks left out by Aaron. Also try the forums.

    9. I took a little snip to forum posts and kinda get some idea what he's all about. I like what I'm reading so far.

      For constructive criticism, Sleazy should put more effort in considering his audience when writing blog posts. I'm not about kissing ass or anything. He'd just need to be a lot less vague and explain more to avoid confusion :)


  14. Johnny explained it well, but here is the point again...

    Nobody stops you from never ever talking to a woman on the street.

    If you see a really rare exceptionall gem and go "OMG she is amazing, I have to meet her", and she's running the other way, feel free to sprint up to her and say "I had to meet you wow, I don't ussually do this, but I had to meet you"

    I'm sure Aaron wouldn't mind this sort of thing, if you genuinely only do it for the exceptionally rare gem.

    But 20 indiscriminate chicks a day!?!?!?!?! Come on seriously people!!

    Here are some facts for you...

    If you look even semi-decent, well put together, you will get warm and even hot signals in supermarkets, malls anyway. If you're not getting at least 2-3 warm signals each time you go to a supermarket, something is wrong with how you look - fix it.

    Secondly, if you ***have a life*** with social hobbies, you should be getting dozens of new warm and hot signals anyway.

    Thirdly, if you make use of all the warm and hot signals you get by just looking decent and having a life, you should have more dates then you could use.

    You literally would not have time to bother random chicks indiscriminately. If you had basic social skills a... a life and an ability to read signals... you would be overbooked anyway!

    You guys debating this are literally admitting to either having no life or basic social skills. It literally makes no other sense to defend indiscriminate approaching. You literally would have no time for it - save the one special gem you see once a month.

    1. Nobody stops you from never ever talking to a woman on the street.

      That's it. End of discussion.

      Do what you wanna do. It's your life. Don't let some dudes online tell you how you run your life, even Sleazy. Noone is perfect.

      Even Sleazy doesn't know the type of environment you're in, the type of culture you're in. People might be vocal and rude in New York City but if you go to New Orleans people are down to earth and friendly. Girls may not like being approached on the street in Europe (who knows, I've never been there) but they're friendlier in Asia.

    2. AsianAnonymous

      You don't get it... It doesn't have to do with friendliness. Chicks in Asia might be friendlier on an indiscriminate cold approach, but it will still lead nowhere.

      The point is simple - of you have time and motivation to do tons of indiscriminate cold approaches it means you have a serious problem.

      You either lack basic social skills or lack a life. If you had a life and basic social skills, you would have more chicks than you can handle by just going for warm - the low hanging fruit.

      Cold approaches would be a rare thing reserved only for the most exceptional women

    3. Guys who have a life and use low fruit effectively, don't even have time for cold approaching.

      Warm signals will give you more pussy than you can handle.

  15. Charles posted this good comment on the other post. Reposting in case someone misses it.

    Come on people. If you can't tell the difference between going deliberately on the streets to approach any hot chick, and just happening to strike a conversation with a chick the vibe of whom you like, nobody can do anything for you.

    1. You guys do realize that the reason many men join pickup community because they are socially awkward to begin with, right?

      Why suddenly you, the veterans, expect them to be "normal" and magically be able to read women's signals just by going out and find out for themselves?

      Here, right now, there is a huge clash between the veterans vs newbies. The newbies have no idea what the veterans are saying and ask for more explanations so they get the ideas what they're trying to say. The veterans, however, are extremely arrogant because "they get it, others don't", insulting the newbies to extreme yet make no effort to help them out and inspire them to change their ways.

      I bet if all veterans here are high school teachers, their students will fail the class because they're punished for asking questions.

      It'll be a tough sale for Sleazy to deliver his messages to his audience if there's so much disconnect between him and them. He doesn't even understand where they're coming from.

    2. Anonymous, there is no problem with men being socially ackward and inexperienced. Some of us veterans were there years ago.

      The problem is that these people have no humility and act alpha on the internet.

      If they asked the questions with humility, they will get a respectful answer. But they come in and yell at the teacher that he sucks, is "afraid of rejection" and "stoopid".

      If they drop the alpha persona, us veterans will be more willing to explain basics. They have to let go of this alpha-gamer-macho persona first.

    3. I guess I can see why you're saying that. It's just sometimes Sleazy doesn't give straight, detailed answers that we asked for and that makes us (or at least me) very agitated and rather hostile :)

      I'd just lurk around and read some more.

    4. Dude, maybe you should make an effort reading up on things before you come here and pull some accusations out of your furry hat. I have clarified the same few things over and over, and plenty of others have chimed in as well. Yet, there are some anonymous users who nonetheless just completely ignore that and raise the same objections that had been dealt with again and again and again.

    5. What are the URLs where you clarified these? This is what I mean by you being vague. It'll be much clearer if you provide links. Remember, there are audiences out there who have no clue who you are and what you do. Don't flame them just because they're not up to snuff with your stuff. Sometimes, you can come across as being lazy and arrogant.

      For God's sake, your selling books on Amazon. At the very least, you have to have some humility for FAQs to potential readers.

    6. On the top right corner, there is a box that says "Important!". There, you will find links to my website and forum. All the info you seek is just a few clicks away.

  16. I am not sure what do you mean by that. I literally get eye contact and other signals from women every time I walk out the door. If you mean how many woman I pass on the street before one checks me out-its nowhere close to 100. Maybe 10 max.
    Have you payed any attention to women just doing your thing during the day,walking somewhere ? Because I cant belive I am the only one who get these signals :)

    1. Ok,I admit I am IT challenged lol.
      The post I just made was meant as I reply to
      "But if you have to go through 100 women to find one who's interested, then maybe there is something wrong with the method"
      but for some reason it showed up on its own,eventhrough I clicked "reply" button

    2. Wait, are you a PuaShill sent here to confuse readers on purpose, or are you retarded?

      Aaron specifically said


      You are now responding AS IF he said to not approach women checking you out. If you're not a paid shill, than who is?

      Are you paid to confuse non-pua readers by constantly mis-interpreting everything Aaron says?

      Aaron, can you check if SexualHero's IP is not coming from a PUA company headquarters?

    3. Hahah,no I am not "pua shill". I am just some guy reading pickup advice on the internet and sharing my experiences. I am from small european country,I dont know anybody here who actually teaches pua.
      I know what Aaron said,but if you can read between the lines its clear that he is against approaching women on the street,period. Atleast,that's impression I got,so that's why I asked for him to clarify.
      I dont know what so hard for you to understand ?

    4. Do you understand why people think you are a PUA shill?

      Let me just quote from the reply you just received:

      Aaron specifically said


      But you just don't care about it. You ignore this yet again and repeat the same lame assumption over and over. You are obviously not here to learn anything or to just listen to what people say to you.

  17. Wow, some priceless tard comedy here.

    Everyone should see the tard some comments above talking about how it's akward to get chicks in salsa class ahahahahhaha.

    I would wager a bet that this tard is either a game guru, or holds a game blog where he dishes out secret game advice ahahahhahaah.

    And then next Aaron had to explain it to him step-by-step how you meet chicks in social circle, like to a 12 year old. Wow, just freaking wow.

  18. A note to everyone following the comments: What you witness from some of the anonymous commenters, and some of the trolls are techniques PR companies use as well.

    It goes as follows: You identify a blog that spreads a message that opposes the business interests of your client. To create the impression that things are not quite as clear as that source says, you jump on the thread with a couple of sock puppets. If the blog allows anonymous posting, you just make anonymous posts. After a first post setting up a straw man, you wait a bit and then you reply to the very same post with something like, "Yeah, I was wondering about that as well..:"

    The aim is not necessarily to refute the arguments of the source (in this case, me), but merely to lead the casual reader to believe that there is "another interpretation" as well. Just look at any article that disputes "intelligent design". It won't take long until a "curious girl" shows up and asks something inane like, "how come deep water fish that are alleged to have been around for much longer than humans have such underdeveloped eyes compared to yours." Etc pp.

    If you now wonder why some PUA companies should bother sending shills to blogs like mine: the seduction industry is highly concentrated, and the top players (who all spread the same bullshit message) all cooperate. Their hope is that by discrediting alternative views, they strengthen their own position. This is also how many "think tanks" operate. They get funding from a number of companies within one industry, and then they turn out "independent research" that is supposed to help the industry in general.

  19. BTW, girls eye contact is not a great indicator if she's warm to your approach: /watch?v=zVeQ6Vk8y7M

    I found this to be true since I've experienced it a lot myself. Just because she looks at you doesn't mean she's interested.

  20. Can't see video, but I will reply on your general point.

    Of course there are no guarantees. Neither Aaron nor his folks have ever said that warm signals guarantee succes. Also, this is why you need to look for what Leil Lowndes calls "clusters". This means a group of 2 or 3 warm signals.

    As for why some women don't respond warm despite eye-ing you.

    Some women are shy or akward, so they might be shy when you say hi. Otherwise it's very rare for women to look at a guy if they have zero interest in talking to you.

    Solution is to smile and grin before you approach her to make sure she's ready.

    Another reason is that some women have a boyfriend, and we're only looking out of a knee-jerk instinct. When you approach her concious mind kicks in, she feels guilty due to boyfriend and becomes cold. Solution is the same, just smile before approach, give her a chance to smile at you from a far first, and then approach.


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