Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guest Review of Minimal Game by TheLetter

The other review of Minimal Game I recently received was from TheLetter, whom some of you know from the old mASF days. He points out the dramatic differences between Minimal Game and your typical community dating advice book. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Aaron Sleazy is a personal friend of mine, and we've visited each other a few times and gone out. I've seen him pull off the kinds of seductions he wrote about in Sleazy Stories with my own eyes. As a courtesy, he sent me a couple copies, but given the price I would have probably bought it anyway. I bought a copy of the earliest print of Sleazy Stories. He's been a mentor and a friend in my development as a man and a seducer, so feel free to question my objectivity.

When I finally got around to reading Minimal Game, I basically went cover-to-cover in a pretty short amount of time.

Minimal Game really succinctly covers the fundamentals of seduction about being an attractive guy, geared more towards guys who just want to bang more girls, as opposed to guys who want to make their entire life about banging girls. I've met more than a couple guys who became totally immersed in mainstream PUA community crap, and they do not end up as all-around awesome guys. They end up as creeps, who underperform relative to their looks and occasionally get lucky on sheer numbers.

Reading the book reminded myself of some obvious things, that I learned and forgot in my history of following Sleazy's writings. I will probably re-read it every time I come back from a hiatus where I have to reboot my sex-life after spending some time in other areas of personal development. I do a similar exercise with Razorjack's mASF archives, but this is way, way, way more succinct. This is not a book about routines or gimmicks. It's about how to have the behaviors, fashion, and lifestyle of an attractive guy where women are open to meeting you or even approaching you themselves.

Most "pickup" books are embarrassing to own. If I owned a copy of The Game, I'd be mortified if a girl ever found it in my home. The philosophy behind Minimal Game is so natural, honest and forthright, you could basically flip open any page, show it to a girl, and she'd think something on the spectrum of "Yeah, well, duh?!" to "Oh no! Guys aren't supposed to know that about us!"

My one quibble with the content is that there are some very frank opinions about the bare minimum physique a guy needs to be really successful with women. Sure, more height and a better body can never hurt, but as a short-statured guy in rather mediocre physical shape, I actually well over-perform relative to my looks. Some of that has to do with making the most of what I've got, but a lot of that has to do with the mindsets and attitudes I've learned from Sleazy over the years; much of that knowledge is distilled in Minimal Game. But in fairness, I think the writing there is to limit false expectations and to push readers to better themselves.

Price is very minimal, too. Aaron Sleazy is basically giving it away.

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