Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Mystery got his Ideas From

Last week I received an interesting email by Andras who has digged up a video that demonstrates how one is supposed to use magic to pick up women. The parallels to Mystery Method are more than obvious.

The marketing is unbelievable. My favorite part is when "Michael Jeffreys" sits in a hot tub with about half a dozen women and then tells the audience that they have "filmed" some of their students in night clubs, and how they successfully picked up women. This then leads to a staged scene, though, in which the actor even looks into the camera.



  1. This video has changed my life. That mullet on the bouncer at Zeldas deserves a video

  2. Great video Aaron.I'm glad we have an honest guy like you to tell us all the truth

    1. +1

      we can definitely be glad to have a guy like aaron around!!

  3. Nice video link.

    But to be honest,I was never really into that part of Mystery's method(the magician part).

    But Mystery's definitely congruent with it.

  4. The dumbest thing about doing magic or stupid games to get women is that it is stupid. These things are amusing maybe, but don't get women hot. You should be doing things that get women hot, like touching them or kissing them! Duh? That didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out!!!!


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