Sunday, April 29, 2012

Guest Article on Cliff's List: "Spotting Greedy Women"

I completely forgot to mention this article on my blog or the forum. "Spotting Greedy Women" originally appeared on Cliff's List in early January. The backstory is as follows.

When I was going through some of my writings last autumn, I came across notes I had made on dating. As I was sifting through some of my scribblings, containing anecdotes and some rudimentary analysis, it struck me that some of those thoughts should be polished and put online.

I don't plan to release a book on dating and relationship anytime soon, but the article on greedy women I wrote should nonetheless be interesting, and it certainly can stand on its own. It is based on my experiences with dates, and insights into selecting suitable girls for relationships, and on ways to figure out whether she has ulterior motives.

Here's a teaser from the article:
Most guys in the “community” sooner or later want to have a girlfriend. Hopefully, though, they won’t settle for any girl who wants them but make a careful choice instead. Since one of the main gripes with Western women is their rampant materialism if not downright greed, which makes them view men as walking wallets, I’ll give you some good tips on how to easily spot the greedy ones. After all, if her main interest is your bank balance, you better spare yourself the experience of entering a relationship with her.


  1. Great article and insights Aaron. It's great that the pick up community has a leader like you to speak out for the rest of us. Keep up the good work. By the way, I loved your book.

  2. Sleazy - you gotta check out the latest video on the forum page of - some kid talking about online game.

    COME ON, there is no way that fool in "mom" jeans and a exstra small t-shirt talking like a ladyboy gets laid. Who in their right mind would listen to someone that doesn't even look like he can get a girls panties wet?

    I am so baffled by these men being so disillusioned (is that a word?) and sold on the idea that these self proclaimed masters of ladies can teach you something.

    The best advice I ever got was, "only get advice from people that actually get laid. Don't listen to anyone else." I wish I could slap all of these guys at this mtg (in the video).

    Also, I've seen some comments from some new Asian Playboy instructor - Ben J PUA or something....he has a facebook page and LOL the girls he takes pictures with are hideous. I love this community for all its laughs.

    1. I doubt that Sleazy's gonna check out Casanova since J the Ripper and Sleazy has beef(or had minor beef).

  3. Hey Sleazy, about that last topic of unemployment, I am not quiet sure about that. One of the first things I do when I meet a woman, is try to figger out what she studies/works. This is because this is a good indicator of the social class she belongs too (influences financial independence, working hard for her own money,...). Given that you know her social class, you somehow have an indication if she is intelligent and has cultural values, which I truely appreciate in a girl.

  4. Intelligence is not dependent on social class. There are quite a few thick kids at Ivy league universities. Further, I rather talk to a girl that listens to classical music because she likes it than the daughter of some schmuck who thinks that you have to listen to it every once in a while to demonstrate how "cultured" you are.

  5. Men will continue to be duped by gold diggers, because they are easily enchanted by them. A woman with peroxide-bleached hair, tight black leather pants, breast implants and/or other plastic surgery, is very high maintenance for a reason: she is wanting to attract alpha, high earning males. She knows these types of men go for women like her. She knows these types of men won't date a a sweet, naturally pretty girl who wears simple clothing. Also, I believe many men can be golddiggers too. Men asking women their salary on the first date has become quite common, but its a straight up clue that the man is simply looking for a woman with a big paycheck. This is no better than a woman looking for a man with money.


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